New Year, New Look: Tile Ideas to Refresh Your Home

New Year New Look : Tile Ideas to Refresh Your Home

Happy New Lunar Year and welcome to 2020, the Year of the Metal Rat!

Tile Ideas to Refresh Your Home for the New Year


As the calendar turns over to a new year, our thoughts often turn to new beginnings and fresh starts for ourselves. But this year is also an ideal time to take action for that remodeling project you’ve always dreamed of, while the Chinese zodiac of 2020 has the inspiration and creative energy you need.

Have you been thinking of updating your kitchen since last year? Or do you keep delaying a bathroom project? Success and wealth are what this year awaits. You’d better start planning a new chapter for your home, because new beginnings will be supported by that clever, quick-witted energy of the Rat! Whether it is a big kitchen renovation or a quick update for your laundry room or bathroom, we are here to give you inspiration for your next project featuring the latest tile trends, colors of the year… and no rats! 

Metal Tile for Edgy Walls

Golden Stars Calacatta Gold and Brass Mosaic Tile
Don’t worry, this year’s Metal Rat is non-scary and squeaking cute!

Known as the leader of the Chinese zodiac, this year’s Rat is a mover and shaker. Every 12 years is the Rat year which symbolizes renewal and wealth. And associated with the Metal element – the element of production, 2020 is meant for dreams coming true.

Your dreams can also come true this year with quick updates to give your home the look it deserves. Making small changes in your living space such as a simple tile remodel will give you a home that is not only functional but also a place that is aesthetically pleasing to the eyes.      

Silver Cross And Mirror Squares Mosaic Tile

Silver Cross And Mirror Squares Mosaic Tile

This year, expect to see the element of the year – metal, popping up all over the place in forms of metallic accents, accessories and tiles.

Metallic tiles will be the shining stars of our walls to create ultra-modern, edgy designs. Shiny and highly reflective, metallic tiles provide great texture and add visual depth, and has the flexibility to be used either alone or combined with other materials. If you’re afraid of going too edgy with a metal tile wall, consider using it as a striking metal border instead, that can easily upgrade your decor, serve as a divider between tiles and provide a visual break.

Keep in mind that tiles are composed of stainless steel which allows them to be used in a variety of settings including kitchen backsplash areas, accent walls and even bathroom walls.

Be Bold with Blue, Green and Gold

Having a tough time deciding among different colors? Don’t worry, this year’s hottest colors spotted here will inspire your creativity and help you find the color that best suits your design needs. Well first of all, 2020 will be the year for bold and natural richness in color. Get ready to dress your home with the classic blue, green and especially gold tile, because the rat loves opulence too.     

Golden Arrow Marble Mosaic Tile

Golden Arrow Marble Mosaic Tile

Did you know that blue color helps lower heart rate and blood pressure? As Pantone’s 2020 color of the year, deep classic blue is one of our favorites in tile design because it stands for serenity and calmness. Meant to evoke a sense of peace in home, blue is also great alternative for those who like a bit of darkness but afraid of going with the black. For a peaceful bathroom retreat that reminds of a Caribbean ocean, blue tile is a great option to go with. You can also have an exciting kitchen backsplash by adding a punch of blue color to keep your room feeling active and engaging.

Ocean Glass Louvre Blue Mosaic Tile

Sea Glass Louvre Blue Mosaic Tile

Green on the other hand is associated with renewal and good luck that the New Lunar Year brings. The color is known to promote harmony and balance and it reduces eye strain. Imagine feeling like you’re bathing in a tropical rainforest... Or what about an earthy ambiance in your kitchen with green tile backsplash? This year is the resurgence of nature-inspired greens in living spaces. Whether you choose to lean a bit retro with deep tones or stay with softer lime greens, this color has all the options to embrace the spirit of nature in your home.

White & Green Bricks Carrara & Glass Mosaic Tile


White & Green Bricks Carrara & Glass Mosaic Tile

Gold fixtures are back so is the gold tile! Shades of brass and gold will be taking over accessories and traditional shiny chrome will be replaced with these warmer tones in 2020. You will also find exciting gold tile options to choose from – an opportunity to bring a more luxury feel to your interiors. Consider installing a kitchen backsplash tile that has gold accents or go with the gold on the entire surface which will catch everyone’s eyes.

Gold Arabesque Mosaic Tile

Gold Arabesque Mosaic Tile

Traditional is Out, Unconventional is In

No surprise that a year full of bold colors also brings in the unconventional patterns. Thanks to the new technology, traditional tile shapes are changed into something more interesting, more eye-catching giving us more options in tile decor. This year is the time to make that bold move and create a statement with your tile pattern. If it’s a dramatic pattern you’re after, we’ve got a ton of options for you.

Sand Valley & Thassos Piquet Mosaic Tile

Sand Valley & Thassos Piquet Mosaic Tile

2020 is the year for new and improved shapes of hexagon, arabesque, fish scale tiles and other new patterns with different textures. You’ll also have a lot of 3D tile options to choose from. Ever-classic shapes will come with an extra level of detail and will be your perfect choice if you’re keen to make even bolder statements in your home. Consider pattern tiles to create statement walls in small spaces such as powder rooms or add some interest to a room that has a very neutral color palette. Use the power of shapes with tile to give a show-stopping effect without having to remodel the entire space.

Taco Melange Black

Taco Melange Black

These unconventional tile shapes will not only grace the walls but will also be on our floors including bathrooms, laundry rooms or even entryways. A quick tile remodel can give that rug effect on your floors and bring a very edgy statement under your feet.

A simple tile remodel can easily alter the look of your décor and give you the functionality that will last for years. As the Lunar Year herald new beginnings, now is the time to start planning your tile remodel and give your home the look it deserves!

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