Kid's Bathroom Design Ideas with Tile to Grow Into

Let’s face it: kids LOVE having their own bathroom! They can go about their daily routines with a sense of independence and their parents can keep the master bathroom pristine - it’s a win-wine! Naturally, we all want to invest some creativity into our kids’ bathroom remodel. Whether they’re a youngster who adores ships and sea creatures or a teen ining for a trendy upgrade, we’ve got a bunch of design ideas for a kids’ bathroom that they can grow into. Your little one (and your inner child) will love these fun and kid-friendly bathroom design ideas and the perfect materials to stand up to little feet and big messes.

Princess Girl's Bathroom Design Ideas with Sparkly Glass Diamond Tile

Fit for a princess! Give your kids’ bathroom the VIP treatment by going for girlie glam! This glittery and magical Diamond Mauve Mosaic Glass tile twinkles with bubble gum colored glass gemstones that are prettier than any photo filter! These unique-cut shapes have a crystal-like surface that reflects light, making the bathroom look brighter! Compliment this tile with other pink and purple add-ons like a pink mirror frame and painted tub.

There are three key components to creating a successful kid’s bathroom: you want it to be safe, you want it to be easy to clean, and you want it to be fun! 

Basement Bathroom for Kids with White and Gray Farmhouse Decor

We love how House of Jade combined our white ceramic La Riviera Blanc tiles for a kid-friendly vanity backsplash with a checkerboard floor in white Thassos field tiles and Carrara marble squares.

Since we’re highly visual, let’s dive right in to some of the cutest design ideas for a kid-friendly bathroom, then we’ll get into the nitty gritty of anti-slip tile floors and easy to clean bathtub surrounds.

Farmhouse chic bathrooms aren't just for adults!

Capture the magic of country charm a kids bathroom idea that’s trending in 2020! The general theme includes wood furnishings and a white color palette with pops of pastel, keeping things fresh and light. 

Boy’s bathroom design

Kid-Friendly Coastal Farmhouse Bathroom with a Marble Mosaic Tile Floor

What about a coastal farmhouse theme? The shiplap wood panel backsplash and round porthole style mirrors create a breezy maritime vibe. 

For tonal variety, introduce some grey tones like a vanity countertop in Carrara marble and a patterned floor covered in an Azul Cielo and Thassos tile. This tile features alternating grey and blue octagons, uniting the colors in the rest of the bathroom design in a fun geometric floor!

There’s plenty of room to grow into this design since simple details like cartoon pattern shower curtain liners can be easily swapped out for a more teen-friendly style that will mesh with the rest of the decor! 

Girl’s bathroom ideas

Adorable White Vanity with Gold Framed Mirrors and White Glass Subway Tile Backsplash

Turn the farmhouse theme into a dreamy cottage-inspired bathroom for a girl! Karianne from Thistlewood Farms shows off how she upcycled this 80’s bathroom into this charming white, marble, and brass design in her blog. 

Create a similar backsplash with the Stardust White Mosaic tile — a glam version of subway tile. It sparkles with a pearly white sheen to brighten the room! 

Whether you’ve got a little girl, a teenager, or just a girl at heart at home, this fresh and pretty vanity design is going to be a hit! Playful elements - like the tasseled towels and crystal shades on the hanging pendant lights - amp up the fun in this petite powder room. It creates the perfect transition from a place to potty train to learning how to put on makeup!

Teen Bathroom Design

A Floral Dream Teenage Girl Bathroom with Marble Tile and a Chandelier

Teen girls will love growing into this floral-kissed bathroom! Soaking in a princess tub under a crystal chandelier is pretty much the dream! Just add some potted plants, tile wall art, and a freestanding tub, and you’ll create a fashionable yet calming space so she can disconnect from her #InstagramLife.

To create this tiles bathtub surround, Floral Eternity Mosaic tile covered half the wall. The blooms are made from Bardiglio marble on a backdrop of white Carrara. These tiles are easily interlocked together for a fast and easy installation process, and the matching floral tile trim creates a seamless transition into painted walls once you’re clear of the splash zone.

Modern cool

Geometric Porcelain Tile is a Kid-Friendly Bathroom Design Idea

Play with shape and pattern for a whimsical approach to a kid’s bathroom design. This triangular color blocked porcelain tile is a clever way to combine fun patterns and kid-friendly bathroom materials! With the floors, walls, or even the counters providing a focal point, you won’t feel the need to add as many details that can get in mixed up with bath tub toys. This pattern is a great one to grow with kids, since porcelain tile is highly durable - with one design element you’ve added a fun backdrop, a waterproof surface, and a slip-resistant floor for added safety! 

The design resembles a Picasso painting for an artsy decorating idea. If you look up close, these tiles have wood-like textural grooves, giving their surface an organic quality. Keep in mind, this pattern is a strong attention grabber, so keep the other bathroom features neat and neutral. For a safe bet, go with white glass subway tile backsplash and a minimalist sink basins.

Cozy yet Chic

Jillian Harris combined Cottage Chic with Nautical Details for her Kids Bathroom

For a small child’s bathroom, keep things feeling fresh yet cozy!. Stick to a white base for your color palette to open up the space and consider rustic design patterns that feel warm and familiar. This also makes it easy to restyle their bathroom as they age out of rubber ducks and bath crayons.

Jillian Harris champions this home design trend in one of her favorite decor projects. She introduces rural motifs like a gingham shower curtain and wicker storage baskets, focusing on elements with a cozy, country appeal that are kid-friendly. A large mural on the wall is a fun detail that will capture a child’s imagination at bath time! 

For the floor, Jillian selected a basket weave pattern similar to the Nova Basket Bianco Carrara & Thassos tile. The interlocking rectangles increase the grout lines, which decreases the likelihood of slips and falls - perfect for a bathroom floor where little kids are likely to splash water around!

Classic cute

Whale Details made this White Marble Bathroom Kid-Friendly

Interior designer Jaimie Lundstorm showcased this adorable bathroom remodel as she shared her must have design tips for a kid’s bathroom. 

She keeps things classic and simple with a monochrome palette (and a whale motif that youngsters love!). The black-and-white floor tiles are a brilliant choice to harmonize all the grey tones in the bathroom. 

Basket Weave Tile Floors with Cute What Details for a Kid's Bathroom Design Idea

For a similar effect, Basket Weave Carrara tile is a timeless design that never goes out of style!  Made from interwoven marble mosaic tile pieces, this tile not only durable and easy to clean but its polished surfaces lends a fresh finish. Jaimie used a dark gray grout that nicely balanced the black and white elements of the floor tile - the white marble rectangles pop but you don’t have to worry about grubby-looking grout lines against the stone.

Her other must haves for a functional yet friendly kid’s bathroom design? Lots of storage, a smaller sink to maximize counter space, and the more tile, the better! Increasing tiled spaces - over painted walls or wooden design - means you can more easily swipe them dry and clean after bath time.

What are the best tiles for a kid's bathroom?

Tiles play many roles in design. Not only can they provide a decorative detail, but they also have functional use  —  like protection from water damage, reducing slips and spills, and making clean up easier. So before you start your kid’s bathroom remodel, you should consider your material options and tiling locations. The biggest question of course is, what materials are best for designing a kid’s bathroom?

Beachy Bathrooms are Kid-Friendly - and Parents Love Them Too

And of course, we’ll talk about the fun part: choosing tile designs! Since you’ll be juggling a few different components (the vanity backsplash, floor, shower and tub walls and more), you need to be strategic about your design plan and make sure everything harmonizes properly.

Thinking about a coastal bathroom theme? These Villa Pyramids Blue Glass & Marble Mosaic Tile add an ocean touch while offering a blue, silver, and gray color scheme to play with!

Here’s some key guidelines to help you along.

Kid’s bathroom wall

No kid gets excited about blank bathroom walls. By introducing some interesting patterns and texture with tiles, you’ll infuse personality and charisma into your walls.  

Cherry Blossom Tile for a Porcelain Shower Wall

Our flower patterned Kasai Carta Sakura tile features Japanese-inspired florals on porcelain - not only are they attractive, but they’re extremely durable! The zen-inspired touch they bring is a great choice if you’re sharing a bathroom with your kids - they’ll adore the colorful pattern and you’ll enjoy the charming calm.

Glass tile is another  practical choice for bathroom and shower walls, thanks to its shiny surface and rich, saturated color. Unlike stone, which is porous and can absorb moisture and bacteria, glass tile is smoother and easier to maintain. 

 Diamond Aqua Glass Pebble Mosaic Tile is a great bathroom wall tile that’s easy to clean and offers a colorful design!

Diamond Aqua Glass Pebble Mosaic Tile is a great wall tile that’s easy to clean and offers a colorful design! 

Have you considered an accent tile? Instead of using the same tile throughout the entire area, you can break up the pattern with a statement tile, usually along the width of the wall at the midway point.  Mosaic tiles make fantastic wall accents because they add depth and complexity to the area.

Bubble designs are a fun choice for kid’s showers and bathroom wall tiles!

Bubble designs are a fun choice for kid’s showers and bathroom wall tiles! Our Sparkly Spheras Glass And Stone Tiles is a playful design choice that can create a kid-friendly tiled accent wall or shower niche with a little sparkle and detail! Add a colorful shower wall tile pattern with Mixed Color Bubble Mosaic Tile!

Add a colorful shower wall tile pattern with Mixed Color Bubble Mosaic Tile

Kids bathtub area and showers

Imagine a bathtub area that gets kids excited about scrubbing. Wouldn’t that be something? 

Before worrying about visuals, your first priority should be choosing a tile that’ll stand up to water. 

The pop of color from our White & Green Bricks Carrara & Glass Mosaic Tile is a great choice for a bathtub surround

The pop of color from our White & Green Bricks Carrara & Glass Mosaic Tile is a great choice for a bathtub surround! It’s fun, easy to clean, and can be sealed to keep it fresh!

The best bathtub tiles, such as ceramic or porcelain, are strong and moisture-resistant. These materials won’t absorb residue and other bathroom grime, making them easy to sanitize and protect.

A good way to gauge is by checking the Area of Use for the tile you like - can it be used on shower walls? Then it’s a good bet you can use it on a bathtub surround that’s going to get splashed! 

Kid-friendly bathroom floor

When you design the kids bathroom floor, go for an anti-slip tile. Since wet feet tend to slide around, safety comes before style! That’s why slip-resistant marble or porcelain tile is ideal for a bathroom floor to provide grip and grout lines.

Jillian Harris picked a marble mosaic basket weave tile floor for her young child's bathroom

Jillian Harris picked a marble mosaic basket weave tile floor for her young son's bathroom - those grout lines are safe for kids!

In terms of style, bathroom floor tiles can be as creative or as classic as you'd like. Word to the wise: don’t get crazy with complex patterns or the visual effect may feel too dizzy for the floor. Save the flashy tiles for the backsplash to create a focal point!

Alternatively, natural materials such as granite and marble also offer water-resistant qualities, although they do come with a higher price point. Another thing to keep in mind is that a kid’s bathroom needs to be able to grow and age with them, so it’s important to factor in long-term wear and versatility of design. You can consider a cost-effective option, like ceramic or porcelain tiles that are durable, reliable, and low-maintenance.. 

Kids’ bathroom tile guide 

It’s amazing how some new, cleverly-chosen tiles can transform your kids’ bathroom. From sweet florals to trendy glass tiles, the possibilities are endless! Let’s go over some simple planning guidelines to ensure a gorgeous result.  

Now for the fun party: planning a decor motif and color concept. Having a design plan will ensure you choose tiles that coordinate well with other elements in the bathroom. For example, if you want something fun and flashy, like an “under the sea” theme, you might consider blue glass tile or ocean mosaic tile, along with white floors and countertops. 

Keep in mind: you can only have one main focal point in your bathroom. So, when choosing an eye-catching tile such as multicolored glass, the surrounding elements in the bathroom should be kept plain or neutral. Otherwise, too many competing colors and decor will look messy. 

Glazed Ceramic Tile adds a Turquoise Pop to this Modern Kid's Bathroom Design

Elle Decor featured this coastal home that used ocean-inspired details throughout the interiors - translating that into the bathroom included a glossy ceramic tile in turquoise green that’s both fun and functional! The earth tones and gold details kept the bold tile as the focal point - wood block vanity counters and woven baskets provided detail while keeping things neutral and allowing the green to stand out.  This would be a playful pick for a kid’s bathroom with a stylish flair and our La Riviera Quetzal tile!

If you prefer to play it safe, go for a theme with a simpler color palette. A cheerful farmhouse concept or a woodsy country theme will feature earth tones, letting you choose monochrome or rustic tiles that blend easily with other bathroom features. 


Black and White Marble Star and Cross Tile Floor for a Teenager Bathroom

When in doubt, go for a classic! These black and white Moroccan Star & Cross Tiles can be mixed and matched to create the perfect look for a marble mosaic bathroom floor tile.

Your kids will be grateful for the bathroom tile choices you made as they grow into teenagers with a beautiful bathroom that stood the test of time!

With countless kids' bathroom ideas available online, it’s hard to settle on just one. So when in doubt, trust the expert: your child!  After all, this creative project is about celebrating their personality. From there, make choices that are easy to clean and have room to grow into, and you’ll be happy with your bathroom choices even after your kids are grown!

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