Mediterranean Kitchen Design

Evoking an abundance of relaxed warmth and visual richness, Mediterranean design style is reminiscent of idyllic seaside retreats, sandy beaches, plenty of sunshine, and the delicious aromas of natural foliage. 

Wood look porcelain hexagon kitchen backsplash tile over the stove

What’s fantastic about Mediterranean-inspired design is that you can effortlessly add little touches to create an impactful atmosphere. Our Painted Wood Hexagon Porcelain Tile is the perfect floor finish to create a coastal kitchen design or a quintessential Greek feature that’s sure to wow your guests. 

When integrated into the interior environment, the Mediterranean aesthetic is deeply rooted in eclectic diversity and a holistic blend of various culturesparticularly contrasting and complementary design elements that reflect the magic and charm of Spain, Italy, France, Greece, Turkey, and Morocco. 

blue glass mosaic tile kitchen backsplash with white kitchen cabinets

In a contemporary kitchen design, backsplash tiles in a bold Mediterranean-inspired color, such as these gorgeous Sea Glass Cloud Blue tilescan infuse a vibrant and bright touch that effortlessly draws the eye. 

The kitchen is especially amenable to the beautifully timeless Mediterranean design style. And while it tends to weave its way in and out of the trend reports, its tried-and-true quintessential design components make for a lasting appeal that pretty much fits in with any theme that you may have going in your home. 

Dreaming of a sincerely unique Mediterranean kitchen but not sure how to bring its laid-back, easygoing vibe indoors? Ahead we share kitchen design ideas to help you get started on creating an interior space that encourages family togetherness, 

Mediterranean kitchen styling: focus on aesthetics

To achieve a long-coveted, timeless kitchen aesthetic, a strong appreciation of bold colors, intricate details, and natural textures come into play. The intense use of nature-inspired colors such as the blues, greens, and yellows of the sea, sun, and natural foliage stand in stark contrast with soothing creams, whites, browns, and earthy reds. 

Tan marble basketweave kitchen tile

Influenced by Spanish and Tuscan design styles, Mediterranean kitchen design embraces contrast between different design elements to keep things modern. The dark cabinetry allows the monochromatic patterned backsplash tile and neutral kitchen island to be appreciated individually while maintaining its timeless charm.

Natural materials like wood flooring in both darker and lighter shades, earthy terracotta and hand-painted backsplash tiles, textured stone wall surfaces, brass hardware and fixtures, and accents of wrought iron lend an elegantly casual vibe to modern kitchen design.  

What are the essentials of a Mediterranean kitchen?

Whether you’re planning a large open-plan kitchen or a more intimate space, having the right design elements can make all the difference in crafting an aesthetically pleasing and functional interior. 

The key to achieving a European kitchen style is to harmoniously combine all the design elements in a way that creates an atmosphere that’s exciting but equally inviting, cozy, and easy on the eyes. Below are the design features that make up a Tuscan-inspired kitchen:

  • Add old-world charm with unique architectural features 
  • What makes a Mediterranean kitchen truly distinctive is its curvy and swooping architectural features that are unlike the straight, clean lines of modern design. The original Mediterranean kitchens typically had arches in walls, niches, and hearths over top of the stove. 

    In modern kitchen design, European design elements such as arches, exposed beams, wrought iron, and wood can be combined to craft a charming and characterful aesthetic. Combine with a stunning floor like our Calacatta Bluette And White Marble Stellar Diamond mosaic tiles for added pizzazz!

    The same can be implemented in today’s kitchen to bring forth that old-world feel. These graceful features add a sense of movement and enhance the oceanic vibe—tying the entire space together in a way that feels cohesive. 

    With a Mediterranean kitchen aesthetic, details are simply everything to really get the feel of an eclectic yet sophisticated style. Detailed ceiling—think tray ceiling, vaulted ceiling, tiled ceilings, exposed beams, painted ceilings—easily infuse a unique and lively flair. Depending on how intricate you choose to get, these statement details can effortlessly turn any kitchen space into a work of art. 

  • Use natural elements to add textured canvas
  • The authentic and timeless presence of this laid-back aesthetic comes from the down-to-earth natural elements that add to its grounding and comforting ambiance. To create an organic sense of unmatched charm, we recommend incorporating various textures through flooring, wall surfaces, cabinetry, and fittings. 

    Blue and white cottage kitchen with Chateau White Square Ceramic Mosaic Tile backsplash

    Bringing forth the old-world charm that the Mediterranean style is known for, wooden beams, floors, and cabinets lend a timeless touch that’s both comforting and inviting. In this classic kitchen, the cabinet in soft teal adds lively fair to a space dominated by brown wooden tones. 

    What’s more, the addition of natural textures adds visual weight and depth throughout the space—at the same time allowing the eye to travel from one design element to the other—and admire the style of each and as a whole. 

    Instead of a cookie-cutter kitchen that features sleek white countertops, chrome fixtures, and stainless-steel fittings, consider incorporating wood floors, exposed stonework, marble countertops, terracotta backsplash, as well as cast iron finishings to create a juxtaposition that looks fresh and organic. Natural elements combined with natural light are the perfect combination for crafting a lived-in feel. 

    Who says indoor kitchens have to have all the fun? Create a beautiful statement wall for your outdoor kitchen design with blue and white Moroccan Star And Cross marble mosaic tiles!

    Wood-look porcelain tiles in dark and rich or lighter and more pale shades can help continue an airy, bright, and welcoming feel while also enhancing the rustic design of the space. They merge the timeless appeal of real wood and the many practical benefits of porcelain, which makes them an ideal complement to a room that experiences high-foot traffic. 

    Unlike hardwood, which is prone to scratching and staining and requires some serious care and attention, wood effect tiles are incredibly durable and hardworking, scratch-resistant, and require minimal maintenance to keep them looking new for many years. 

    Entryway Moroccan tile flooring

    Natural stone floor tiles are a brilliant way to add a warm ambiance and set the tone for a Mediterranean vibe. Their neutral tone and luscious earthy texture instantly evoke feelings of comfort and pair exceptionally well with soft neutrals, wood tones, as well as rich colors. Our Babylon Grey Star + Cross Marble mosaic tiles are the perfect way to bring in Old World charm!

    Warm neutral terracotta floor color offers a natural canvas, especially if you intend on adding bold hues through accents. If you prefer sticking to wooden floors, terracotta tiles can be laid on other surface areas like an accent wall or a backsplash.

    Stone finishing on walls and floors is a dominant feature that easily finds its way into the Mediterranean kitchen interior. However, natural stone, while charming, has characteristic divots that can trap in dirt and make upkeeping time-consuming and stressful. 

    Stone effect porcelain tiles, on the other hand, offer the best of both worlds. Not only are they resistant, durable, long-lasting, and lower ongoing maintenance, they deliver all the charm and natural appeal that’s perfect for homeowners looking for a refined sculptural impact.

    Organic modern kitchen style with gray and white marble lantern tile on the backsplash and island

    Create a stunning bar with natural stone Carrara Chic With Thassos Dot marble tiles. These beautiful waterjet evoke a Moroccan style with their diamond pattern and earthy tones.

  • Create golden hour with characterful lighting
  • It's not just the distinctive architectural features and the richness of natural textures that a European style kitchen demands. The abundance of natural light accentuates the expressive capacity of your kitchen space and aids in creating the infamous “golden hour” that evoke a myriad of different moods and sensations.

    Nothing introduces timeless pizzazz quite like a large-scale wrought iron chandelier in a stunning bronze and amber glass finish above your kitchen island. Just this element alone can create a compelling focal point that is reminiscent of old-world charm.

    Wrought iron pendant lights can be installed to complement the chandelier while infusing their own sense of flair and tying the entire scheme together. For a cohesive look, we recommend matching your light fixtures to your faucets and hardware. 

  • Add visual interest with sunny colors
  • An exciting way to create an air of eclectic vibrance in Mediterranean kitchen design is the use of bold colors. For a classic look, a base of neutrals provides the perfect backdrop for bold accents and intricate patterns. Here, floors and cabinets act as a canvas and are typically understated in shades of beige, off-whites, tans, and light-colored wood and stone tones. 

    Spanish kitchen decor with colorful tile mosaic backsplash

    There are no rules when it comes to adding bright colors and beautifully patterned tiles to your kitchen design! Just take a look at our Spanish Siesta Mosaic tile in this gorgeous install.

    In terms of the right color palette… vibrant shades of blues, greens, and yellows are a common sight and shine even more when contrasted with rustic reds, mellow creams, and warm sandy hues. The best part about injecting color into a kitchen is that there aren’t any set rules.

    If you desire a plethora of vibrant and punchy colors—everything from the larger elements like cabinets and backsplash to the smaller features like rugs and glassware—you don’t have to be too hung up on neutral shades. When blended cohesively your space is sure to instantly uplift both you and your guests. Best of all, you can immerse yourself in the warm, cozy feel of sunny colors even on the gloomiest of days!

  • Introduce natural cabinetry with detailing
  • The visual interest and depth of large design elements like cabinets constructed from high-quality wood can be what sets apart your kitchen design. Cabinet work in its natural state, stained, or painted will fit the design  style perfectly.

    Because cabinetry tends to take up the most visual space, a lighter-colored wood tone or plain white finish can contribute greatly to a more expansive, light, and airy feel. 

    Giving a Moroccan touch to a contemporary kitchen design with a stunning backsplash tile can add depth and dimension to a neutral décor scheme. Here, Moroccan White Star & Antique Cross Etched Marble Mosaic Tile, with its star and cross pattern, beautifully complements neutral cabinetry work and adds both visual interest and texture to the scheme of things. 

    Floor-to-ceiling cabinets can also be a place to add color. In fact, they can become the focal of the room should you decide to keep all other design elements neutral. Rich, warm shades of burnt orange, spicy red, olive green, cobalt blue, and mustard yellow can boast the effortless elegance of your cabinetry work. 

    Alternatively, you can create a spacious feel by stripping off some of the doors to existing cabinets or forgoing upper cabinets completely in favor of new open shelving if the space allows. The idea is to avoid the feeling of being boxed in by cabinets, and instead, show off porcelain tableware collections and colorful ceramic accessories that are often tucked away in closed storage for purely functional use.

    • Create a focal point with a statement island 

    Life in the Mediterranean is all about food preparation, casual dining, and entertaining; hence a kitchen island is a perfect place to gather the whole family. 

    white kitchen with gray glass wall tile backsplash

    A fresh paint of vivid color on the base of the kitchen island can add an element of interest and accentuate the look and feel of the overall space. Image via Style Motivation

    If your kitchen interior is large enough to hold a kitchen island, not only can it be an extra spot for meal prepping, hang a pot rack above to streamline your cooking process, or hold stylish seating but it can also transform the space into a style melting pot that perfectly highlights this beautiful European style. 

    A fresh coat of cheerful paint or added decorative accent tiles on the base of the island lends just the right amount of instant color and visual appeal. For example, mosaic tiles in rich hues are a fantastic way to make the island the star of the kitchen and wow your guests! 

    Carry the same tile design onto your backsplash or accent wall to create a sense of continuity. Alternatively, you can opt for tiles that differ in style, color, and size for some truly unique contrast. For a compact kitchen, dress the base of the island with glass tiles in lighter shades to open up the space and make it feel brighter. 

  • Add unique personality with eclectic backsplash tile 
  • As mentioned earlier, tiles are a brilliant way to infuse personality and create a show-stopping focal point. Dazzlingly beautiful mosaic tiles are key essentials of Mediterranean kitchen design—and there are tons of different types to pick from to make your space shine. 

    Spanish patterned tile kitchen backsplash

    Combine a statement backsplash like our Spanish Grey Siesta mosaic tile with colorful appliances to give your Euro-style kitchen a color boost!

    A backsplash of deep blue and white mosaic tiles is a quintessential Greek feature, the combination of blue and turquoise creates a Turkish-inspired look, a mix of red, orange, green, and yellow offers Moroccan eclectic flair, earthy terracotta and olive green depict a strong Italian design attitude, while a blend of orange and yellow can be used for Tuscan design. 

    Intricate and flamboyant tile patterns that go beyond the usual squares and rectangles in enveloping color choices effortlessly add distinctive visual allure and dimension throughout the kitchen. Mosaic tiles can be installed around the working surface, as a decorative panel highlighting one particular area, or on the wall running all the way to the ceiling for greater impact. 

    Add some interest to your kitchen backsplash with Carrara Arabesque Tile With Wooden Beige Lines for a neutral palette.

    Consider glass mosaic backsplash tiles that joyfully reflect natural light in a way that results in a harmonious union of the interior and the horizon. If you fancy a more earthy look, natural stone backsplash tiles fit seamlessly with the style and can really accentuate the old-world vibe we mentioned. 

    If you’re drawn to a unique aesthetic that delivers an elegantly laid-back and down-to-earth aesthetic, a Mediterranean kitchen style is for you! With a focus on distinctive architectural features, intricate tile work, natural finishes, and casual simplicity, this design style is a great way to create a space that feels cozy, intimate, and inviting. Tiles club offers a variety of tiles that reflect the design style story and offer a great opportunity to inject warmth and personality.

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