Self Spaces: The Most Underrated Trend of 2022

Who doesn’t love a good self-care session at home? We know we sure do. That’s why when we heard about the latest interior design trend 2022, self spaces, we immediately knew that we had to share the news with you! 

Bathroom Wall with Fabrique Blue Grey Chevron Glass Mosaic Tile Behind the Floating Vanity

Featuring a ton of natural light, this home’s primary bathroom is a prime example of a self space done right. The double mirror bathroom vanity creates the perfect spot for a morning routine and the ample natural lighting makes the room feel fresh as well as bright. We love the way the design incorporates our Fabrique Blue Grey Chevron Glass Mosaic  Tile as a backsplash. It gives visual interest and movement that’s awe-inspiring!

So, for all of those who may have been left in the dark on this new, up and coming trend let us fill you in. We’ll go over what self spaces are, how to create them in your home, and how to indulge in them properly.

What are self spaces? 

Self spaces are exactly what they sound like: a place designated for self-care rituals. They are corners of your home where you can go and find solace or respite from a long, crazy day or week! They provide you with a sense of comfort.

While these self spaces can be any room, the most popular room in the house for them is the bathroom. Coincidentally enough, the concept goes right along with the “spathroom” (turning your bathroom into a spa) interior trend we’re seeing this year, too. 

Green bathroom accent wall with ceramic subway tiles in a herringbone layout

When it comes to creating a self space, personality is key. This trend invites you to really cultivate a space with meaning and personal pride. A great way to do this is with a statement wall tile. This beautiful bathroom included our La Riviera Quetzal Ceramic Subway Tile behind the bathroom vanity in a stunning herringbone lay pattern. It uplifts and impresses all at once!

This trend takes it one step further and makes your designated space a little hideaway from the stressors of the world. Plus, the style of the space is totally up to you! Bold colorful tiles, neutral tile colors, or rustic wood look tiles…anything you want in here, go wild!

How do you hop on the self space interior trend? 

Reading and getting excited about this interior trend? We know the feeling! That’s why we’re going to tell you exactly the ways to create the ideal self space in your home’s bathroom right now.

Keep the design personalized to your likes and dislikes

It is ‘self spaces’ for a reason! Tailor your bathroom to your own personal design tastes.  The goal is to create a sanctuary where you can kick back, relax, and ease away from the stressors of everyday life.

Looking for some tips on how to do just that? Here are a few of the most important things to keep in mind:

Modern White & Gold Bathroom with White And Beige Mix Leaf Recycled Glass Mosaic Tile Wall

When it comes to making a personalized design, don’t be shy! As you can see in this home’s primary bathroom, a modern spin on a country interior makes for a soothing yet bright room. The use of our White and Beige Mix Leaf Recycled Glass Mosaic Tile for the backsplash adds a sustainable touch that is both mesmerizing and chic. We’re obsessed with the outcome!

Design style comes first. What is your interior design personality? Do you find comfort in a soothing, Zen interior, or is a more sleek, contemporary interior more your vibe? Knowing what your personal style is and what brings you the most balance is the first step towards creating a true-to-you self space. 

Keep your color palette in mind. It goes without saying, colors are the make or break part of your space. Colors have a significant impact on your mental state and when used correctly, also can have a powerful impact. If you like the way gray makes you feel, aim for a gray herringbone glass tile as an accent wall in your bathroom. This will give your self space a lazy, laid-back vibe with ample visual interest and movement. 

Cool Gray Herringbone Glass Tile for a Modern Bathroom with a Glossy Finish

A great example of why color palette matters is shown in this home’s wet room design. An all-white tile design may have been a little too much in this room and led to a washed-out look. So to bypass that, the designer added a nice contrast accent wall tile in a dark gray. The space now has depth, which is soothing and relaxing. Plus, how pretty does our Cool Gray Glass Herringbone Mosaic Tile look here?

 Know if you prefer a bath or shower. It may sounds simple, but knowing this will help you in the later stages of creating your self spaces. Why? It’ll help you decorate the primary area that you’ll be relaxing in! 

The need for decor around the tub is very different from the needs around a shower. If you’re a bath person, for instance, you’ll want a side table nearby to keep your glass of wine or book. If you’re a shower person, then a shower seat will help you take a moment to yourself as you chill out.

Make sure to have decor touches that ignite your soul 

Of course, outside of just knowing what your personal likes and dislikes are, you should also consider your decor touches! 

There is plenty to keep in mind as you build your perfect interior self space or personal sanctuary in your home. 

Grey kitchen with Gold Glass Penny Round Mosaic Tile backsplash

The first thing to consider when it comes to design is storage. Obviously, the more cluttered your space is, the less relaxing it is. After all, cluttered spaces are impactful on our mental wellbeing, and anything less than nourishing should be avoided. Ultimately, you’ll want to find storage options that suit your lifestyle like wicker baskets, plastic cubbies, woven bins, etc. Find what complements your interior style and get organized! Trust us, it’ll make unwinding so much easier.

Patterned Marble Hexagon Bathroom Floor Tile

This bathroom sanctuary is equal parts functional and relaxing! With the deep, high gloss navy blue subway tiles on the wall and our Victoria White Carrara Hexagon Marble Tile on the bathroom floors, this space is the definition of personal retreat worthy. We love the use of a wooden bath tray and nesting side tables for storage as well as ease of use while soaking around. 

The next must-have on your decor list for self spaces is a signature scent! Oh yes, we’re talking candles and aromatherapy sprays. You know when you enter a spa and you’re greeted with the scent of fresh lavender or eucalyptus? That’s what you need in your home’s spa bathroom. Explore different scents and land on one that feels soothing and beautiful to you

Outside of storage and aroma, also consider bathroom vanity decor. Yes, your main moments of relaxation will be soaking in the tub or steaming it up in the shower, but after that you need to be greeted with a lux spot to get ready for the day or bed! Make sure that you have the right decor to pamper yourself. Containers for your makeup or skincare, glass dishes for fancy soaps, or a personal mirror with gold accents

Sea Glass Louvre Blue Mosaic Bathroom Vanity Tile with Brass and Marble Details

With high shine, a swirling facade, and a light-reflective body, our Sea Glass Louvre Blue Mosaic Tile showcases how big an impact the right tile can have on your room. The arabesque shape tile creates a fun splash that’s still sophisticated enough to flow with the luxury marble-and-brass bathroom vanity countertop. 

Finally, don’t forget your tile. Tile can make a huge impact on your self space, and you want to consider every touchpoint along the way. In your shower, you may choose to have a feature wall tile to add visual interest. 

Then, your bathroom vanity backsplash may crave a color pop tile or glass tile to make a bold statement. When considering the right tile for your space, keep in mind that different tile types require different levels of maintenance. You may love the luxury ambiance of marble tiles, but not want the fuss of having to use a special sealant. In this case, you’d be better off with a marble look porcelain wall tile. Equally beautiful, and far fewer chores!

Bianco Carrara Honed Marble Subway Tile for a bathroom vanity backsplash

Make sure to have plenty of natural sunlight 

If there ever was a time to favor the sunlight in a home, it would be with self spaces! Filling a room with lots of natural light will give it a beautiful look and make it have a fresh feeling that will calm you. 

If you’re lucky enough to have floor-to-ceiling windows, use them to your advantage. Instead of using heavy curtains or covering them up with blinds, keep it au natural! Either leave them bare if you live somewhere that allows this with privacy (see below for a countryside residence that does this!), or use sheer curtains that amplify rather than trap the light.

Neutral Bathroom with Free Standing Tub and Slip Resistant Mosaic Tile Bathroom Floor

Having great natural lighting is one thing, but to truly capitalize on its benefits, you need to decorate your space to be light reflective. Using light marble floor tiles, like our Sand Valley and Thassos Marble Mosaic Tile, as the above space did, and pairing them with neutral furnishings will make the most of the light that flows into your home. 

Even if you don’t have large, expansive windows in your bathroom, you can still take advantage of natural lighting. There are plenty of hacks to make the most of even just windows in your bathroom!

You can use strategically placed lighting pendants, lamps, and overhead lighting to create a bright atmosphere even in spite of minimal window coverage. 

Or you can play off subtle, light-reflecting materials to create the illusion of more space. Seamless, large format marble floor tiles are a great option for this since their polished surfaces shine and minimal grout lines give off a smooth, endless floor surface. 

Bathroom with Nova Herringbone Beige Marble Tile Walls instead of Patterned Wallpaper

Making use of a single window, this design showcases it’s not impossible to amplify a home with minimal natural lighting. To make sure that they make the most of the window situation they have, they chose to opt out of curtains, chose a bold, light bouncing polished marble floor tile, a fluid movement accent wall tile using our Nova Herringbone Beige Marble Tile, and topped it all off with some metallic, brass accents that playfully reflect light perfectly. The result? It feels light, always. 

How do you create a self-care routine fit for self spaces? 

Sospiro Smoke Porcelain Tile Bathroom Floor and Walls  in Gray

Who wouldn’t be able to unwind and relax in this amazing neutral primary bathroom design? With a soaking tub and seamless floor-to-ceiling tiles, it’s practically begging for a morning and night routine! We love the use of our Sospiro Smoke Porcelain 24x24 Tiles here, too. Just fabulous! 

It feels only natural that we tie this all together with a nice self-care routine for you to have in your self-care space! 

When it comes to unwinding and recharging in your personal sanctuary, here are a few things to keep on hand to really make the most of the moment. 

A good podcast or music playlist. Yes, audio is key when you’re soaking in a tub or standing in a shower. Find a podcast or soothing playlist that you enjoy, and tune in so you can tune out the rest of the world 

A candle that smells like home.  Scent is powerful, and having a designated scent for your self space will make a huge impact. Find one that instantly smells like home for you and burn it freely as you take some ‘me time’ for yourself. 

A nice bathrobe and some soft towels. Indulge, indulge, indulge. That is the motto we love to drive home for you today. Indulge yourself in linens that feel as soothing as the self-care space you’ve created. Get a soft robe, some matching towels, and slippers. Trust us, if you don’t have heated tile flooring yet, this is the next best thing to keep yourself warm post-soaks.

White and Neutral Bathroom with Plaza Wooden Beige Marble Mosaic Tile Slip Resistant Floors and Shiplap Walls
Happy to know about the self spaces trend? We sure hope you are! When it comes to making your very own little sanctuary in your home, just remember the end goal is to make something that feels right. You don’t have to go crazy, or spend your savings! Just little tweaks and you’ll find solace in no time. 

Want some more inspiration? Explore our bathroom or shower lookbooks and see how you can define your style today.

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