Corazza Shell Terrazzo Tiles

Dive into the beauty of the sea with our exquisite Corazza Shell Terrazzo Tile Collection! Inspired by the tranquility of coastal living, our collection seamlessly blends the natural allure of seashells with the contemporary sophistication of terrazzo tiles. These 70’s inspired tiles are making a major comeback, and we’re delighted to add this fresh spin 

Featuring a stunning array of hexagon and subway tile shapes, our new Corazza tiles offer endless possibilities for creating captivating and stylish interiors. Here's what makes our collection truly special:

🌟 Seashell Infusion: Crafted with authentic seashells, each tile is a work of art, showcasing the unique textures and iridescent hues found in nature's bounty. These shimmering tiles will add beautiful texture to floors and walls throughout your home.

🌟 Terrazzo Elegance: The addition of terrazzo brings a modern twist to traditional seashell tiles, with subtle speckles and aggregates adding depth and character to every piece. 

🌟 Hexagon and Subway Shapes: Whether you prefer the sleek lines of subway tiles or the geometric charm of hexagons, our collection offers the perfect shape to suit your design vision. 

🌟 Diverse Color Palette: From calming blues and greens to warm neutrals inspired by sandy shores in tropical locales, our tiles come in a range of colors that evoke the serenity of coastal landscapes. 

🌟 Durability and Sustainability: Made from high-quality materials, our tiles are not only visually stunning but also durable and environmentally friendly, ensuring a lasting impact both aesthetically and ecologically.

Perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, accent walls, or any space in need of a coastal touch, our Corazza Shell Terrazzo Collection is sure to elevate your interior design to new heights of elegance and charm.