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Adding eye-catching depth and dimension to your interior spaces is easy with mirror wall tiles! Our gorgeous selection of uniquely shaped glass mirror mosaic tile will be the focal point of any room and conversation by creating a mirror backsplash! Subscribe to our newsletter today to start receiving 5% off your orders of mirrored wall accents!

Where to Install Mirror Tiles

Mirror tiles are made with a polished finish, making them more prone to be slippery when wet. For this reason, they are not recommended for use as floor tiles but are recommended as indoor bathroom wall tile, shower wall tile, and kitchen backsplash tile. Adding a mirror backsplash not only adds a beautiful interior detail, but the reflective surface can enhance natural light. The airy result creates a feeling of spaciousness and openness in even a small room. For this reason, mirrored tiles create a visual illusion, expanding the borders of a small powder room, adding an eye-catching detail as a bar backsplash, or bouncing light out of a narrow coffee nook to open up your room! Pair them with stainless steel appliances for a fresh and modern kitchen design.

Mirror Wall Tile Designs

Just like traditional glass tile, glass mirror tiles are available in several classic, unique, and intricate patterns, and infused with different tile materials, making it easy to find the right look and feel for your space. 

Subway Mirror Tile 

If you want a modern take on a timeless classic, the Beveled Antique Glass Wall Tile offers a charming antique glass tile design on subway tile. You’ll love how this mirror subway tile’s beveled edges reflect light and make any wall pop, and how perfect it looks on your bathroom and shower walls, or as your new kitchen tile. The antiqued finish makes it perfect for a retro or vintage home, but adds flair to any interior style!

Mosaic Mirror Tile

If reflective mosaic tiles are more your style, we’ve got an incredible selection for you to choose from! The Arrowhead Antique Glass Mosaic Tile will bring sophistication and refreshment to your walls with an incredible infusion of white natural stone tile accented with glass mirror arrowheads.

Want a shiny, shimmery flair wrapped up in a stunning design? Then the Ribbon & Carrara Mosaic Tile is for you. This elegant patterned design inlaid in beautiful polished white Bianco Carrara marble creates an eye-catching mirror mosaic tile.

Few things are as beautiful as natural stone, so adding gorgeous mirrored glass to make a good thing even better! The result? This marvelous Etched Marble Antique Diamond Mosaic Tile! This captivating limestone and polished glass design becomes the focal point of any room. It looks just as incredible on large wall surfaces as it does in small accent areas.

Complement modern and contemporary interior design styles the Silver Cross Squares Mosaic Tile. This wall tile is designed with three materials: glass, resin, and stone, to create mirror wall tiles that make a statement.

No matter what your design style, we have mirror tiles to elevate your next home or office improvement project. Shop our incredible selection of mirror backsplash tiles today and start planning your next renovation!

Mirror Tile FAQs

Q: How do you install mirror tiles?

A: Mirror tiles are installed in the traditional method with thinset and grout between the tiles. Tile Club recommends installing your mirror subway tiles with spacers for a minimal grout join line of 1/8” to allow tiles to flex as walls settle and avoid cracks over time. 

Q: How do you stick mirror tiles to walls?

A: Use a glass adhesive on a clean, dry, and smooth wall. TIle Club recommends using a white thinset with glass and mirror tiles to emphasize their bright and reflective surface. 

Q: How do you grout mirror tiles?

A: Tile Club recommends using a non-sanded grout to avoid potential scratches to the mirrored surface while grouting. Bright white grout is ideal since mirror tiles are highly reflective and white grout helps brighten up the installation area.

Q: Can mirror tiles be cut?

A: Yes, you can cut mirror tiles. Tile Club recommends using a glass cutter or a wet saw with a diamond blade intended for cutting glass tiles to ensure the cleanest cuts to your mirror tiles. 

Q:  Where can you use mirror tiles?

A: Most mirror tiles are intended to be installed on indoor walls only. They can make for beautiful decorative accents on a kitchen backsplash, fireplace surround, shower, or many other applications throughout your home or business. Check the Area of Use to check if a tile can be used for your preferred location.