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Best Penny Tiles for Floors, Walls, Backsplashes, Showers, and more!

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Find the perfect round tile for your next floor, wall, or shower remodel at Tile Club! Whether you prefer to shop penny tile by color, or penny tile by material, Tile Club is sure to have the perfect color penny tile in glass, marble, shell, or metal materials. Who knows? You may even find that one of our classic penny round white tile or daring penny round black tile makes the perfect kitchen backsplash tile or floor tile to make your space pop.

What is Penny Tile?

Penny rounds are sheets of small, round, or hexagonal chips adhered to a mesh backing for easy installation. The combination of small round or uniquely shaped tiles and multiple grout lines make most penny tile a slip-resistant option for wet or low traffic areas like bathroom or shower floor designs or a trending tile rug or lettered floor detail. As with any tile, check the Area of Use before installation to ensure your choice is safe to use. Penny tile floors, walls and backsplashes are a great way to add a nice accent to any room in your home.

Our wide selection of glass penny tile is available in a rainbow of available colors and frosted or polished finishes, helping you create the perfect look for your penny round tile backsplash installation. Penny round mosaics can be easily trimmed into colorful borders to add detail and charm to any space.

If you love a mix of colors, choosing from marble penny tile or natural textures like shell is a great way to add a multicolor mix to your tile installation. Our Mixed Color Bubble Mosaic Tile is a fun spin on classic round tile styles and is ideal for creating a whimsical shower wall design or kid-friendly bathroom wall tile sure to make their eyes big with excitement. 

Penny Round Ideas

While generally considered a staple of traditional home design, metal penny round mosaic tile like our Stainless Steel Round Tiles are a perfect way to add a modern industrial look to your commercial or residential space. Or, add to your glamorous home decor with silver or Gold Glass Round Tile that will give your room an illuminated finish for a luxurious shower wall design or gleaming kitchen backsplash tile.

If you’re a fan of classic penny round white tiles, you can find stunning round white tiles in Mother of Pearl, ice white tiles in frosted glass, or the timeless tile material of marble. Pair with matching Carrara marble subway tiles to create a gorgeous walk-in shower, or a penny tile floor and wall design you can’t help but love. How captivating a black tile floor and marble white shower wall would look in your upscale, contemporary design!

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Penny Tile FAQs

Q: How do you install a penny round tile floor?

A: Penny tiles are easy to install, thanks to their mesh backing! Our mosaic-style sheets make it simple to cover your floor with these round designs. First, prep your floor space. Next, lay out your sheets ahead of time to ensure you have full coverage or cut tile sheets to fit. Then spread out your thinset in a small area to start. Use a light mallet or wood block to smooth out your sheets remove air bubbles and ensure the adhesive fully covers the back of the tile. Follow the curing instructions on your thinset before applying grout and tile sealer! We have a guide to installing mosaic tiles for more info!

Q: Can you use penny tile on the floor?

A: You can absolutely use round tiles on the floor! Check the Area of Use to make sure the material and design are approved for floor use and foot traffic. Many of Tile Club’s tiles can be used on indoor flooring, including glass and marble designs. Others, like our porcelain button tiles, can be used for interior and exterior floors in both residential and commercial settings. There are a few, like our Stainless Steel metal penny tiles, that will specify they should not be used for floors but can be used to decorate your wall and backsplash installs.

Q: How do you cut a penny round tile?

A: These small tiles are backed by a flexible mesh mosaic to make it easy to install the circular pattern. The best way to cut mosaic tiles is to lightly tape the tile sheet to a board in order to keep it from moving while you cut. Choose the best blade for your material type. We typically recommend a wet saw with a diamond blade. Then, set the cut depth to cut your tiles and not the board underneath. Check out our guide to cutting tiles for the best saw recommendations and techniques for mosaic designs.

Q: What are penny round tiles?

A: These popular rounds take their name from their size - approximately the circumference of a penny coin! They're a fun design that can cover floors and walls with fun designs, bright colors, and beautiful materials. They come in in marble, glass, porcelain, shell, and even metal.

Q: Are penny round tiles slippery?

A: Thanks to their small size and the abundance of grout lines, they provide excellent grip underfoot. Penny floors are a popular choice because they help reduce the risk of slipping in wet areas. This makes them ideal for shower floors, bathrooms, mudrooms, and other areas that get wet underfoot.

Q: Can Penny tile be used on a shower floor?

A: Yes, most of our penny tiles are approved for shower floors. The small size of these tiles reduces the possibility of slipping and falling in wet areas. Double-check that the Area of Use specifies that your tiles are approved for shower flooring.