Colorful Kitchen Cabinetry To Inspire Spring Renovations

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in any home and the trend of colorful kitchen cabinetry has been gaining steam. From bold hues to more subtle pastels, bright shades are being used both inside and outside cabinets to create a vibrant atmosphere that is sure to inspire your next renovation. Whether you are looking to make a statement with vivid teal cabinets or add a subtle pop of color with pastel green accents, there is an array of options for making your dream kitchen come alive. With so many stunning possibilities available, let's explore the world of colorful kitchen cabinetry and get inspired for spring renovations!

Green kitchen cabinets with gray wood slat wall tile backsplash

Spring renovation season is the perfect time to refresh and renew your kitchen. This year, to complement the floral blooms and sunshine outside, bring some color inside – straight into your kitchen. These deep green cabinets and smoke gray slat wall tiles are a chic combination that combines color and style!

Why are colorful kitchen designs on the rise? 

After a rather solemn few years, it seems the world of interior designs are trying to add a sparkle of happiness to daily lives.  A report by Houzz showed that when it comes to homeowners and their preferences in the kitchen – nearly 46% of them are looking for colorful contrasts within the kitchen. It’s with little wonder why– It’s time for some excitement!

This kitchen is a great example of why people love the colorful kitchen cabinet trend. The combination of moody blue cabinets with a Geometric Pearl White Thassos Tile Backsplash is visually stunning and creates an atmosphere that feels warm, inviting and modern. The white countertops and classic hardware balance out the look, making it appealing to look at. 

We’re happy to see that the consensus is that everyone, including us, are ready to add some personality back into their homes, and the kitchen is the perfect place to start. It’s the heart of the home, where family and friends gather to cook, eat and socialize after all! By adding pops of color to kitchen cabinets, tile backsplashes or even wall paint, you can inject a sense of joy and vibrancy to your home décor.

The best part is that there are endless ways to incorporate colors into kitchen designs – from bold hues to subtle pastels that blend in nicely with neutrals. And, more importantly, you don’t have to commit to one color.  You can mix and match different shades for a unique look in their kitchen.

Curious how this would work? Let’s hop into the way colorful cabinetry styled with tile will get you the best results.

How can colorful kitchen cabinetry work with tiles?

Glad you asked! There are so many ways to make colorful kitchen cabinetry work well with the tiles you have or the tiles you’ve been eyeing for your new year kitchen renovation. 

Whether you’re erring on the side of caution or going bold as can be – there’s a tile to help! For instance, you can use neutral tones such as beige mosaic tiles, white subway tiles or gray penny glass tiles to blend in with more intense shades. This is an excellent option for those who want a bold look but don’t necessarily want it to take over their kitchen area.

If you want to spruce up your kitchen with a stylishly modern wet bar-meets-coffee bar, this is the one for you. The statement tile is an eye-catching element that will transform the room, while the cabinetry color, a beautiful spring blue, provides just the right pop of color to completely revitalize any space. Plus, if kitchen coffee bars are more your style; this design above is perfect for creating warm and inviting living spaces with a relaxing yet sophisticated atmosphere. 

If you’re feeling even more daring, why not consider matching the cabinetry and tiling? This can be a great way to bring out the color scheme in your kitchen and make it cohesive – especially for those who are looking for a harmonious look. 

Finally, for our real risk takers out there: Why not try pairing two bold shades together, like deep blue mosaic tiles with some vibrant green cabinets? Trust us, it will look marvelous

This design shows just how stunning a blend of light green cabinets with a green-and-white recycled glass subway tile can be. The choice of white countertops and modern classic hardware completes the look, creating a bright and inviting atmosphere perfect for cooking up memorable meals!

Outside of choosing the tile and colorful kitchen cabinetry combination, there are a few more questions to ask yourself.

When it comes to kitchen colors, the sky really is the limit. You can let your imagination run wild and have fun with different shades and hues, as shown above. 

But, as with any design project, it’s important to keep a few things in mind for best results. After all, planning is succeeding!  

First, consider the overall feel you want for your kitchen. 

When it comes to making your kitchen look inviting and cozy, color matters. Pick the color of your cabinets with those feelings in mind - whether you're going for a warm, homey vibe or something more sleek, there are plenty of options! Have fun and get creative - after all, color makes all the difference.

A pop of yellow? Yes, please! Cheery, bright, and not overdone, this kitchen combines textured backsplash tiles and vibrant colors for endless inspiration for the colorful cabinetry trend. 

Second, think about what colors will complement the rest of your home. 

Deciding on the colorful kitchen of your dreams can be a tricky task, but it doesn't have to be overwhelming. After deciding on the vision for your space, the next step is all about creating a cohesive atmosphere with complementary colors that work with your existing decor. This could range from a colorful kitchen featuring vivid hues or a more subtle palette utilizing shades and tints of familiar neutrals. Whatever you choose, you are sure to end up with a perfectly palatable kitchen that will bring friends and family together over delicious meals for years to come!

Finally, don’t forget practical considerations.

Before you rush off to renovate the colorful kitchen of your dreams, take a few steps back and consider the practical side of things. Will that bold orange cabinetry make a small space look and feel messy? Is your adventurous green going to be a bit of an overload, coming across, zombie like? Making sure the color won't obfuscate the light or create navigational hardship is just as important as having fun with bright hues. 

So remember, planning is key - because bad vibes in your kitchen will most definitely ruin your colorful dreams.

Now for the best part: Daydreaming designs with some inspiration!  

It’s time to dive in and explore some designs that will inspire your spring renovation. Below you’ll find  five colorful kitchens, all unique and absolutely beautiful in their own way.  We’ll break down each style and discuss the best features of each, along with the materials used.  Ready? Let's go!

50’s Nifty Mint

This 50’s Nifty Mint kitchen is reminiscent of the classic mid century kitchens, but with a modern twist. Our Palisades Mint Picket Ceramic Tile and matching cabinets provide a timeless yet refreshing look to any kitchen space. The combination of light colors creates an airy atmosphere that invites you in while also providing plenty of  storage. Other features like the farmhouse sink, open shelving, and white block countertops add a touch of modern sophistication to this vintage look kitchen. For those seeking a vintage-meets-modern look, mint tiles will work wonders.

Farmhouse Fields Fresh In Style

Want to be timeless yet trendy? Then allow this kitchen to inspire you! Using the Bardiglio Penny Rounds Marble Polished Mosaic Tile on the backsplash, it’s giving off luxury vibes. As for the kitchen cabinetry; it is totally on trend with its light green color pop.. To complete this look, choose white appliances to give your space a clean and bright feel or mimic the home above and go for a marble countertop. 

Boundless Sky Blues 

This traditional farmhouse kitchen is the perfect timeless design. The light blue cabinets are a classic color choice that provide a clean, bright look to the room, while the Thassos Octagon With Azul Cielo Squares Marble Mosaic Tiles used for the backsplash add a touch of luxury with their unique pattern and warm, inviting color. Together, these elements create a kitchen that is both comfortable and stylish, perfect for relaxing with friends and family or creating delicious meals. Whether used as an accent piece or the focal point of the room, this traditional farmhouse kitchen will bring warmth and charm to any home.

Bunny Approved Blues 

Seasonality really shines in this kitchen! A little easter bunny, some bright eggs, tulips, and of course some bright blue cabinets to top it off! We love how the Mixed Gray Glass Penny Round Mosaic Tiles are styled in this spot. The subtle gray glass tiles against the vibrant blue cabinets create an eye-catching contrast that instantly brings color and personality into  the room. 

Bamboo Beauty

This kitchen shows how stylish and modern a kitchen can be with a few simple touches. By combining a bright, sky blue cabinet color, paired with copper drawer pulls and natural wood open shelves, the mixture of materials is a sure delight. Plus, let’s not forget how the designer, adding texture through the use of  our very own Bamboo Sticks Marble Mosaic Tile for the backsplash, created a statement piece that ties the whole thing together fantastically. 

Moody Marble Hexagons 

What a beautiful kitchen! We love the deep blue-gray kitchen cabinetry paired with the 2.5” Carrara Hexagon Peel and Stick Backsplash Tile. The added touch of the brushed steel cabinet hardware and sleek, built-in stove top creates a sophisticated design that wows. 

Evergreen, Ever Style

Adding a touch of green to your kitchen cabinetry is a great way to stay on trend in the new year (especially with green being a trending paint color!). This kitchen uses a bold, evergreen cabinet color that creates depth and warmth. What’s more the use of our Thassos Square and Carrara Octagon Marble Mosaic Tile creates a smooth, textured finish that offers a unique texture while also keeping with the evergreen color palette.

Wrapping it up

With brighter colors to help lift winter blues and create a more inviting atmosphere, colorful kitchen cabinetry is the perfect choice for spring renovations. Featuring a wide range of colors from bold blues to more subtle pastels, it's easier than ever before to create a powerful statement with your kitchen design. 

Whether you're looking for something that stands out, or just wants to bring some calmness and serenity during those gray days ahead - colorful cabinetry always offers something new. Though sometimes underestimated based on its boldness, colorful cabinetry when combined with other elements like lighting, furniture and artwork can offer your kitchen balance, freshness, maturity and even sophistication all at once. 

Who would have thought that simple cabinets could be so transformative? So whether you're going classic or modern, wild or subdued…let's get creative with color this spring!

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