Easy Ways to Bring Scandinavian Interior Design Home

Ready to get cozy and embrace a warm and welcoming interior? A Scandi home would be right up your alley! Endlessly classic and designed to last; the clean, nature-inspired aesthetic that defines Scandinavian interior design stretches to most living, dining, and bedroom areas—but the kitchen is where it truly takes center stage. 

 The popular pairing of white walls, white wooden cabinets, open shelving, everyday functional objects, and greenery creates clean-cut Scandi charm. Here, our White Mother Of Pearl Hexagon backsplash illuminates the space with its reflective surface and adds enduring beauty to the timelessness of this iconic style. 

At its most basic level, Scandinavian interior design seeks to strike a perfect balance between simplicity, functionality, and aesthetic appeal. And in respect to beauty and appreciation for craftsmanship, kitchen tile embraces the simple lines and industrial utilitarianism Nordic design is known for, with an abundance of neutral colors and unique shapes and sizes to nail the look.

The Danish concept of hygge literally means 'to comfort', making it the perfect inspiration for a cozy space! Let’s get into the basics of Scandi design and how you can infuse this stylish approach into your living space!

What is Scandinavian Interior Design?

With a focus on simplicity and functionality without sacrificing beauty, the Scandinavian aesthetic is the North Star of design principles guiding Norwegian, Swedish, and Danish designers from the early 20th century to the present day. These principles extend to all areas of design, including interior, architecture, lighting, furniture, textile, and ceramic making. 

 While Scandinavian interiors. are known for a restrained neutral color palette, the chilly blue cabinets in this kitchen add a subtle pop of color. We especially love how the Thassos Marble Mini Arabesque Mosaic Tile’s classic decorative pattern effortlessly ties into the whole look and pairs ridiculously well with soft blue cabinetry, wooden detailing, and white marble countertops. 

One of the hallmarks of Scandi interior design is the focus on minimalism. It adheres to simple lines and light spaces, devoid of clutter and showcasing only the essentials. The tundras, dense forests, and mountainous terrain of Scandinavia's physical environment translate into light-reflecting neutral color palettes. Accents of deep charcoals and browns, and hues like blush, gray-blue, and sage come into play. 

The Scandinavian kitchen favors natural hardwood or white flooring to keep it bright and airy. Accessories like candles and vases feature heavily in a Scandi home, as do plants to bring the outdoors in.

Why Scandi-Inspired Style is Important in Kitchen Design

Over the years, we’ve seen multiple design styles—everything from maximalism to bohemian to midcentury modern—rise in prominence, but none seem to have the same staying power as hygge design. This enduring and influential style has easily become a timeless staple of interior decorating. 

Bring serenity into your home by employing a style where function is just as essential as aesthetic! Here are reasons why Scandinavian design is a great fit for your kitchen makeover. 

Our Thassos Marble Hexagon Tile is an ideal match for any Scandinavian kitchen, delivering just the right dose of sophisticated flair while keeping minimal effort sound.

  • Keep interiors simple and minimal

At its heart, Scandinavian interior design centers on the art of simplicity by promoting an environment that’s clean, crisp, inviting, and calming. Naturally, the first step to creating a bright and airy interior is to declutter your space. Keep with the tradition of craftsmanship by introducing high-quality and well-made pieces and finishes—for example, kitchen wall and floor tiles that have a modern and striking appearance, while devoid of ornate or gaudy details.

 These Chevron Maple floors are part of our Japandi collection - porcelain tiles that blend East meets West aesthetics.

  • Scandinavian interiors embrace warmth and timelessness

Scandinavian homes are perfect examples of clean, simple spaces that embrace the blend of light-reflecting hues, natural materials, and layers of texture to add instant warmth. Combining long-lasting and sustainable materials like leather, wood, and natural stone (or stone-look tiles) with modern elements in a way that’s stylish and practical results in a design finish that never fails to intrigue the mind. 

Scandinavian design has seen phenomenal growth in the past decade, growing beyond the Nordic region. And just like a little black dress never goes out of style, this timeless aesthetic draws us in every time!

Placing this marble look recycled glass tile behind wooden shelving showcases everything that makes a Scandi kitchen design exciting.  Light wood detailing and floors, white walls, and black touches work in tandem with the popular Japandi design.

  • Scandi style works well with other design aesthetics

Because Scandinavian style favors sophisticated understatement over ostentatious displays, it works well with other design aesthetics to add interest and personality while maintaining a cohesive and “less is more” approach. A great example that has been all the rage is Japandi: a fusion of Nordic warmth and Japanese Zen

See more Japandi Interior Inspiration to bring this hybrid trend home!

This hybrid trend wonderfully merges Scandi’s pared-down, homey feel with the rustic minimalism found in Japanese décor. Both style sutilize a muted color palette, clean-lined cabinets, bare wooden floors, wall tiles with minimal ornamentation, and streamlined appliances to create a seamless blend of function, form, and style. 

And, of course, not forgetting an abundance of natural light, indoor plants, and well-curated furnishes here and there! Other styles that work well with Scandinavian design include modern, farmhouse, industrial, boho, and country. Use these design ideas to create a custom blend that works with your personal aesthetic and home needs!

Our White Matte Ceramic Subway Wall Tile proves that sometimes, simplicity can say it all. And we are here for it!

  • Scandi design makes everyday life better

In the dark and harsh winter months of the Nordic region, bright, cozy, and warm aesthetics help lift the spirits. To this day, the simplistic yet warm nature of Scandinavian interior design evokes a sense of calm, comfort, and wellness. Similarly, the style’s clean, nature-inspired approach complements the art of living well and enhances an unencumbered lifestyle.

Tile Design Ideas for a Hygge Style Home

Scandinavian kitchen tiles are generally chosen for their timeless beauty and exceptional durability. To reflect the focus on clean lines and simplicity, black and white tiles are a popular choice in both small and large kitchens. 

However, plenty of other options can elevate your overall aesthetic including a muted palette of earthy tones or rich, bold hues. Likewise, mixing up tile shapes and sizes adds a whole new dimension to hygge décor. Below are a few ways to infuse this alluring style into the heart of your home.

 This kitchen design trends towards a minimal all-white scheme… only this time warm wood and White Carrara Hexagon Tile’s soft grey veining provide interest and subtle contrast. 

  • Keep it timeless with crisp white 

Sticking to a white color scheme (and we mean lots of white!) with clean lines and minimal fuss is a fantastic way to give an impression that your kitchen space is larger than life. Better still, white tiles, whether used on the wall, floor, or both, offer enduring versatility and sophistication—and when paired with white natural wood cabinets and ample lighting create a  kitchen design with an understated yet inviting ambiance. 

While a white color palette is classic Scandinavian style, you can also design for the colorful end of the spectrum! We love the idea of laying white tiles in a unique pattern, say herringbone, hexagon, or basketweave, to add a sense of depth and visual variation to an otherwise simple layout. And for an extra dose of warmth, weave in pale wood detailing, touches of black accents, and indoor greenery. 

  • Create a striking contrast with a darker hue

Creating contrast within a space has always been fascinating; and in a Scandi home, it's a brilliant way to infuse distinctive character. Given the fact that the extensive use of dark color isn’t typical to this light and bright style, sparing use of deeply saturated hues can be introduced to delineate certain areas, highlight architectural features, and create visual contrast. 

Dark tile, like our Blue Reef Ceramic Subway Tile in this kitchen by Bellweather Design, creates contrast and heightens the visual allure of a mostly white kitchen design. Indoor greenery is always a brilliant idea to add a pop of bright color!

A muted color palette might be the star of your Scandinavian kitchen, but tiles in a darker hue bring a dose of drama! For example, a black glass backsplash, accent wall, or tiled kitchen island can add a fascinating focal point. If black seems visually heavy, try creating contrast with darker shades of gray, blue, or green to give your kitchen a real edge. 

  • Move away from upper cabinets for an airy feel

To create a Scandi-style oasis that feels open and airy, you may want to keep your walls clear of upper cabinets. Consequently, this idea contributes to a real sense of space and allows you to add character and function with a stunning backsplash tile

Scared of losing shelf space? Fret not! Replace upper cabinets with open, floating shelves, displaying only what’s absolutely necessary. Pairing white tile with natural wood shelving provides a clean backdrop and allows everything to breathe visually—a perfect way to reinforce the Scandi-style aesthetic!

Incorporate Scandinavian Style Throughout your Home

This living room highlights how Scandi design pairs wonderfully with other styles. Here, a blend of clean lines and homey textures  create a cohesive look that’s stylish and functional. The Norwegian Rose and Thassos Mini Scale adds whimsy with its soft gray, white, and pink palette and an eye-catching touch with a fish scale pattern. 

  • Add visual interest with a unique pattern 

Sometimes wall tile in a compelling pattern is just what a clean, simple space needs to kick things up a notch. For a twist on classic rectangular tile shape, why not consider a herringbone pattern to amplify your kitchen design? Or you can opt for a diamond, hexagon, or fish scale pattern to provide just enough visual punch to the scheme of things. To deliver even greater impact, contrast the grout color to help your tile pattern pop against pared-back details and a muted color scheme. 

Slat wall treatments with natural wood tones are a major trend - and this gorgeous ribbon tile combines style with practicality in a sturdy porcelain material! 

  • Accent with rich color for a bold statement

While Scandinavian homes adhere to a neutral color palette, the style does not rule against infusing accent pops of color. Keeping the rest of the space minimal and introducing tile in a rich, accent color makes for an unexpected statement while maintaining the sophisticated and timeless essence of Nordic design. 

Rich tones like amber, moss green and rust effortlessly find their place in a restrained design scheme, almost as if they were neutrals. After all, a colorful new take on Scandinavian design is fast becoming “the new Nordic” and allows a lot of your personality to come through!

  • Opt for comfort at home.

Sink-into-me textures, cozy textiles, and welcoming wood grains are a hallmark of this home design style. What could be more luxurious and inviting than a sauna at home? Stepping into the warmth of a steam shower in your own bathroom is the ultimate way to embrace Nordic living.

  • Choose a soft, delicate design approach

Sure, Scandinavians are known for prevalently using soft, neutral tones, but they are certainly not the only colors to consider when curating your dream home. Pastel tones—think blush pink, baby blue, mint green, and soft grays—do exist in chic Scandi homes. While it's better to start with a neutral canvas, introducing touches of blush pink through a backsplash tile gives the kitchen delicate, warm authenticity. 

  • Bring inviting warmth with natural material

Just as Scandi aesthetic looks to the natural landscape to inspire its choice of colors, the style does the same with materials. Used in abundance, wood is a fantastic way to add character and welcoming warmth. For example, wood look porcelain tiles, when contrasted against white walls and cabinetry work, inject a wonderful sense of depth and authenticity to a Scandinavian kitchen. 

Wood look porcelain tile easily finds its place in a Scandinavian kitchen design. With a natural touch and realistic feeling, the Esagona Intarcio Silver Wood Look Porcelain Tile evokes a warming ambiance and timeless design sensibility. 

Wood effect tiles are a more practical choice and eliminate the maintenance associated with real timber while delivering long-lasting beauty you’ll enjoy for many years. To complete the nature-inspired vibe, bring in greenery to add a touch of life, texture, and color. There aren’t any strict rules on what plants to add to a Scandi home, but monstera deliciosa, fiddle leaf fig, and snake plant are some popular choices we’re sure you’d love!


Aside from providing a protective measure to safeguard your wall and floor, tiles offer a stunning, quality finish that stands the test of time. If you’re looking to center your interior design around this clean, minimalist style, Tile Club offers a range of Scandi-inspired tiles that are sure to set the tone for your entire home. 

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