Kitchen Remodeling Trends - How Tiled Range Hoods and Island Designs can Transform your Home

Just like life, kitchen remodeling trends look different – it’s all about adding more personality to create a space that feels homey and full of your personal style! There are many creative ways to design a personality-packed kitchen but today, we’re showing you two cool new kitchen design trends that've been popping up lately in designer interiors: tiled range hoods and islands. With an emphasis on adding personality without creating an entirely new kitchen, these designs are easy to implement, but a sure-fire way to become the turning point for any kitchen design! 

Kitchen design feels seamless when you match your tiled backsplash and range hood

Kitchen design feels seamless when you match your tiled backsplash and range hood by covering both with Calacatta Gold & Thassos Bricks Mosaic Tile!

Kitchen islands serve various functions: from adding extra prep space and storage to room to dine-in, socialize, and- these days - work from home. They can add to an open floor plan, creating distinct separation between your cooking and living areas without disrupting the flow of your home. Functions aside, an island is the golden opportunity to show off your design elements too– tiled kitchen islands are one of the latest trends offering a stylish division between kitchen and neighboring zones, acting as a show-stopping centerpiece in the room, or bringing a pop of pattern while keeping the countertops feeling clean and uncluttered!

Tiled islands gained popularity as an outdoor kitchen design, with tiled bars and outdoor entertaining area needing a weatherproof exterior wall covering - while adding a decorative detail! Outdoor tiles were a natural choice, and the results - like this black and white hexagon decorative outdoor tiled bar - are both a gorgeous way to entertain in a distanced outdoor setting, and a long-term investment in your backyard! 

Black and White Hexagon Decorative Tiled Bar in the Backyard

How about using tiles to jazz up your kitchen range hood? Yes, you read it right! Transforming your range hood from a background fixture into a stunning focal point is another rocking trend to create a designer-style kitchen like this in your home– tiled vent hoods are having a major design moment as you can hide your appliances, bring dimension to your open shelving design and even add height to the entire space while taking kitchen design to the next level!

Designer Style Kitchen with Carrara Marble Subway Tiled Vent Hood

If you were looking for ways to elevate a kitchen design without going with a full-scale renovation, or just decided to give an edge to your space with these special touches, we’ve got you covered! To help you settle on a style with unique details, we’re sharing our favorite tiled vent hood and kitchen island design ideas  - use this list as inspiration for your own tiling project to give your kitchen a clever design feature! 

5 Tiled Range Hood and Kitchen Island Ideas to Steal

Fun Ways to Add Pattern to your Kitchen Remodel

Have you ever flipped the pages of a design magazine and fallen in love with a patterned tile design and the next thing you thought was ‘That would never work in my kitchen?’ We have good news for you: if you’re hesitant to play with a fully patterned wall or backsplash when redecorating your kitchen, you can use decorative tiles on a tiled kitchen island design! It's a great way to add a bold touch to your kitchen while keeping countertops clean and uncluttered. From mesh-mounted patterned mosaic tiles to tiles that you can lay out to create your own design, you can find different ways to incorporate decorative tile designs into your home!

Moroccan-inspired concrete tiles on a tiled kitchen island in an all white kitchen

Take inspiration from this homeowner’s lively kitchen island that features Moroccan-inspired concrete tiles to break up an all-white kitchen. Achieve a similar look with our Moroccan Star & Cross Grey Etched Marble Mosaic Tile to showcase an interlocking pattern in soothing grey color – perfect to dress up a kitchen island with old-world charm while keeping the overall color scheme calm and neutral! 

Blue and White patterned tiles on a kitchen island with brass fixtures and lights

Are you crushing on the still hot patterned cement tile trend as much as we are? A kitchen island is a golden opportunity to add a dose of personality to your interior with your favorite tiles - the patterned tiles on the front of Cara Loren’s kitchen island adds an individualized detail to space without changing the overall modern appeal!

Our top patterned picks for an eye-catching tiled kitchen island -

Blue and White Mediterranean Inspired Marble Tiles

Create a Mediterranean kitchen look with our blue and white Moroccan Star and Cross pattern in high end marble tiles!
Encaustic cement tile look in a high end marble
If you love the encaustic cement tile look but want something more durable, our White Sparkle waterjet marble tile adds the perfect patterned design to a tiled island!
Gorgeous Art Deco-inspired fan tile adds bold color and metallic shine to any wall install!
From your bar to your backsplash to your island - this gorgeous Art Deco-inspired fan tile adds bold color and metallic shine to any wall install!


Infuse your Cooking Area with Modern Color

Even if you love the soothing tones of a neutral home, you can still add pops of color that play nicely with your space and personality!

A tiled kitchen island is a perfect place to welcome a brave color choice and test your appetite for a vibrant shade without making a major remodel change. When you’re not ready to commit to an entirely colored kitchen, add fun color bombs with tile to inject a dose of personality - all you have to do is find the magical color that brings a smile to your face, whether you like bright rainbow colors or calm and tonal hues! If you're struggling to settle on a color, be sure to check our post on how to use colorful tiles to make your home your happy place! 

A tiled kitchen island is not as much of a commitment as choosing a whole kitchen with colored cabinets, countertops, or backsplash, but it can bring a bold and eye-catching accent detail to your home!

Glazed green hexagon ceramic tiles add jewel toned color to this mid-century tiled bar

Like what you see with this green hexagon tile kitchen island? Create a similar style kitchen island that ladds gemstone color using our Sapphire Marble Glass Hexagon Mosaic Tile that adds a modern touch with a splash of blue, or check out our colored glass mosaic tile collection for further inspiration– we have plenty of more hues to offer! 

Check out more of our picks to introduce a pop of color to your kitchen tiles-

Add a gorgeous pop of color with our La Riviera Quetzal Ceramic Tiles!

Love this glossy jade green - the hottest interior color for 2021? Add a gorgeous pop of color with our La Riviera Quetzal Ceramic Tiles!
Looking for jewel-toned hexagon tiles? Add a Sapphire Marbled glass design
Looking for jewel-toned hexagon tiles? Add a Sapphire Marbled glass design to your tiled kitchen island or bar!
Add a golden glow with our Golden Arrow Marble Mosaic Tile
Add a golden glow with our Golden Arrow Marble Mosaic Tile.


Seamless + Sleek Tiled Range Hoods

Both functional and visually appealing, the hood area can do wonders for a stylish kitchen design! To create the feeling of vaulted ceilings and height in your space, use the same tiles on your backsplash under the cabinets and on your stove vent to create a seamless design! If you’re embracing the open shelving trend, remember that the hood is inevitably the centerpiece, so dress it accordingly! You can spruce up a tiled range hood with any tile that’s approved for backsplash use behind the stove. Tiling your wall mount hood can create an open and airy space without creating distracting lines, perfect for lovers of minimalist kitchen design!

White Zellige Subway Tile Backsplash and Custom Range Hood

This custom tiled range hood cover was covered in the same white subway tile as the walls to create a camouflaged feel – perfect inspiration in the pursuit of extra light, bright space! 

Get the look with our favorite picks for a subway tile backsplash and range hood!

Creamy White Zellige Ceramic Tiles

To create a similar seamless look, you can’t go wrong with our La Riviera Blanc Ceramic Subway Tile – its handcrafted appearance and elegant sheen will fit in any style kitchen while creating a surface that’s the easiest and quickest to clean! 
Add texture with the classic elegance of Carrara marble with Carrara Dots Etched Subway Marble Tile
Add texture with the classic elegance of Carrara marble with Carrara Dots Etched Subway Marble Tile
Add depth to your kitchen with our Beveled Antique Mirror Glass Tile
Add depth to your kitchen with mirrored tiles - our Beveled Antique Mirror Glass Tile opens up your space and adds gorgeous detail!


An Open Floor Plan with the Perfect Flow

When a perfectly seamless design is not your taste, why not create some design elements that stand out? Switching up materials for a tiled kitchen island, or the range hood will help break up the continuous flow of an open floor plan, and 'zone' different areas. A long island can create natural separation between spaces in your open floor plan creating a bridge without feeling like you’ve added separation. Feature your stylish kitchen tiles on the island as well as on the range hood vent too to show off your advanced styling skills!

Match your tiled range hood to your kitchen island facing

The change of pace offered by the tiles in the island and range hood vent often encourages a change of material, introducing another dimension to the kitchen design. You might afford to be braver here with a bolder pattern, color, or perhaps a more expensive material - such as waterjet marble tiles in this kitchen design that uses high end tiles to add pattern on the kitchen island and picks up the pattern on the range hood - giving us a kitchen tile trend 2-for-1!

When you feel inclined to give more attention to your cabinets, countertops, or backsplash, let the front of your island or hood steal the show with a luxury marble surface!  This is a great option to add a

If you love the idea of adding luxury tile to make your island or range hood stand out,  dive into our waterjet marble tiles for more inspiration!

Find the perfect high end tiles to use as accents in your kitchen remodel -

Overlapping circular pattern with our Carrara Circles Micro Mosaic Tile!

Get this overlapping circular pattern with our Carrara Circles Micro Mosaic Tile!
Neutral home decor meets wood look pattern - our Roman Flower Wooden Beige And Carrara Marble Mosaic Tile adds a natural beauty to your tiled kitchen island.
Neutral home decor meets wood look pattern - our Roman Flower Wooden Beige And Carrara Marble Mosaic Tile adds a natural beauty to your tiled kitchen island.


Moody but Cozy Dark Kitchen Designs

We all know that black and white kitchens will never go out of style – from sleek and modern designs to charming country looks, sometimes forgoing color for a classic palette can add even more visual interest to the design. Once you decide to create a graphic kitchen, you have two color choices for the island tile: black or white! To achieve an introspective and cozy atmosphere, adding more black to your room will create an ambiance, bring some contemporary drama and sophistication that will look extra inviting. 

A dark central island topped with black marble countertops features black mosaic tiles on the island facing

This Washington D.C. kitchen with a dark central island topped with black marble countertops features black mosaic tiles to match deep tones in the space – who can deny the illusion of this dark amplitude in the space?  

Like what you see? Achieve a similar look with our Saturn Grey Hexagon Glass Mosaic Tiles around the island featuring extra shimmer through silver glass tiles, to bring in a gentle sheen to your kitchen ambiance that displays playful light tricks! 

*If you want to create a similar island with different tile patterns, our black and white tile designs should help you along!

Add a dark and moody detail with our Nero Marquina Square Marble Mosaic Tile on your kitchen island

Add a dark and moody detail with our Nero Marquina Square Marble Mosaic Tile on your kitchen island
If you’re dreaming of an industrial style kitchen, use a Stainless Steel Penny Metal Mosaic Tile to add a matte metallic shine
If you’re dreaming of an industrial style kitchen, use a Stainless Steel Penny Metal Mosaic Tile to add a matte metallic shine
A dramatic black and white combination can also fit a traditional kitchen with a black and white marble basket weave tile!
A dramatic black and white combination can also fit a traditional kitchen with a black and white marble basket weave tile!


White trim on this tiled vent hood matches the white cabinets in this kitchen with Wooden Beige Diamond Marble Mosaic Tile extending up the backsplash and over the stove!

White trim on this tiled vent hood matches the white cabinets in this kitchen with Wooden Beige Diamond Marble Mosaic Tile extending up the backsplash and over the stove!

Whether it’s just a small prep island, or big enough for eat-in dining, a kitchen island is the architectural focal point of any kitchen. As the central hub in the space, it’s worth taking extra effort to create your island –a tiled kitchen island is a must-have in kitchen remodeling trends to create a statement-making design that’s edgy and unique. Want to bring a kitchen project up a notch? Take your design to the next level by making the range hood vent a clever design feature too!

From classic to contemporary style, tiles can help transform your kitchen decor by dressing up your hood and island without overpowering the entire design. Whether you choose to add a dose of pattern to a sleek space, experiment with color in a neutral kitchen, or bring in luxury tiles without breaking the budget, dressing up a kitchen island and hood is one of the hottest kitchen remodeling trends that allows creating a completely new look without going with a full kitchen makeover!

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