Home Design Guide for Airy Interiors

If you’re like us, then you’re loving the airy aesthetic that lightens our homes. If you can’t open up a wall or reconfigure your floorplan to let in more light, there are foolproof steps you can take to make your space feel brighter and refreshed!

White kitchen design can still feel fresh and new with fun new innovations like our Gilded Age backsplash - the watercolor-inspired background and brushstroke detailing gives these porcelain tiles a soft and dreamy vibe.

Creating airy interiors doesn’t necessarily mean adhering to a contemporary setting. You can style a light and open vibe within any home design aesthetic. So, whether you embrace modern, coastal, farmhouse, transitional, or any interior style in between, introducing details such as light colors, natural elements, and polished surfaces makes it possible to turn a light-starved space into a bright, airy, and oh-so-gorgeous interior. 

We’ve handpicked some of our favorite ideas to inspire you to a light and bright haven.

What does it take to create an airy interior?

When you imagine light and airy interiors, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Bright white walls and floors? Natural materials with a relaxed vibe? Streamlined furniture that allows easy flow throughout? Finishes with subtle patterns? If any of these ideas pop up, then you’re right!

If you want to make a statement without overwhelming the space, opt for a subtly patterned tile in white and keep all other elements simple and within a relaxed color palette. Here, the Frozen Dreams glass brick tile backsplash adds just the right pop without detracting from the rooms’ soothing quality. 

Interior settings that steer away from heavy materials, richly saturated colors, and busy patterns can be considered “airy”. Simply put, an airy interior emphasizes natural light and the sense of space—and all elements within the room blend harmoniously to create a relaxed and friendly vibe. If this is a look that appeals to you, you’re in luck!

  • Lighten up the floors
  • As you change your home’s décor to introduce a beautifully light, fresh, and airy feel, the floor can be the groundwork upon which your design stands. Needless to be mentioned but there cannot be anything better than a neutral foundation for the whole room. A whole spectrum of flooring styles: pale woods, muted stones, or pastel ceramic-inspired tiles are best suited for reflecting plenty of light while brightening up the room’s overall tone.

    Adding a Calacatta Gold Diamond & Square Mosaic Tile rug plays off the wood details and white walls to amplify the natural light in this stunning entryway. 

    You may want to steer clear of overly patterned tiles as they can easily dominate a space, or add them as an accent detail in a simple space. A plain or subtly patterned tile in a light tone—white, beige, cream, or muted brown— plays into the airy atmosphere and can make a room feel bigger than it is. 

    If you fancy hardwood flooring, a wood-effect hardwood alternative tile easily finds its place in just about any area of the house. With so many appealing qualities, wood-look porcelain effortlessly mimics the color, texture, and movement of timber plus the exceptional performance of tile. To bring a soothing touch into a once dark and dismal room, opt for a pale wood color so that it does not appear heavy but rather feels organic and inviting. 

    We love how Japandi White Wood-Look Porcelain Tile is a gorgeous shiplap wall alternative that is nearly impossible to damage.

  • Create a reflective glow
  • When it comes to giving an interior a sense of breathability, glossy and shimmery surfaces serve a practical and aesthetic purpose that’s not to be underestimated. Glass or shell tiles, for example, will bounce light around and maximize the brightness in the room. Glossy or mirror finish work particularly well in small rooms where their reflective nature can create a visual impression of space.

    Our Seashell Dreams Herringbone mosaic has a delicate shimmer that beautifully reflects light and brightens the room’s tone. Pair with white cabinets to achieve an airy interior that feels inviting and relaxed. 

    Dark cabinetry can still have a place in an open and airy room, especially when paired with a reflective backsplash like these mirror tiles.

    What we also find charming about tiles with a reflective quality is that they complement just about any setting and offer endless style possibilities. Whether you’re inspired to create a touch of drama with a living room feature wall or inject a sense of lightness with a shimmery kitchen backsplash, the desired airy ambiance can be achieved with high-shine tiles. We recommend leaning toward lighter hues to further enhance a relaxing mood that wonderfully ties the entire room together.

  • Rethink surface colors
  • The current trend towards neutral palettes is perfect for airy interiors. Aside from working with literally any décor style, neutrals will take advantage of natural light, visually open up a space, and create a soothing environment to spend time in. 

    So timeless, so simple, and so easy to live with, this Textured Wooden Beige Honeycomb fireplace surround is proof that opting for a subtle pattern in a neutral tone can look stunning and be a statement in itself.

    Light neutral wall and floor tile colors such as white, off-white, or cream are best for brightening a space and providing a canvas for you to exhibit your unique style. Paired with streamlined furniture and simple objects, the combination creates an overall aesthetic that is pleasing and easy to maintain. 

    For instance, a living room with white porcelain tiles, off-white tones on the walls, and a mix of furniture and decorative elements with soft pastel coloring result in a clean and airy interior. Using a complementary combination of textures will make a neutral palette feel complete and visually interesting. 

  • Opt for large-format tiles
  • The Sospiro White Porcelain showcases how large tiles can open up a space to create a modern, clean, and airy ambiance. 

    A basic designer trick is to opt for large-format tiles to give an illusion of grandeur. This is simply because large tiles show fewer grout lines, removing the “busy-ness” that can distract lovers of simplicity. Better still, using matching grout color allows joint lines to blend seamlessly into the tile, resulting in a harmonious finish that makes a space look clean and open.

    The unique texture on these Chambray Thread tiles and the large-format size are a great way to marry modern sensibilities with an open and bright layout.

  • Consider natural materials
  • An airy interior can be one that continues the theme of the natural surroundings with pared-back earthy tones and texturally rich materials derived from nature. To complement your light and airy spaces, incorporate furniture, curtains, and other types of small furnishings in materials like linen and cotton. These materials attain a laid-back feel perfectly as they are quite often light in color and weight. 

    This is part of the reason handmade tiles have become so popular! They impart each room with a sense of creativity and unique charm. Check out our collections of zellige-style ceramic tiles to create this look in your own home!

    Our Mallorca White Ceramic Tile is the perfect surface finish for any sized room. Paired here with pale cabinets and light brown wood floors, the result is an open and airy interior that’s beautiful, functional, and stands the test of time. 

    In addition to embracing the great outdoors, hard surfaces in wood finish lend a relaxed and authentic vibe to parts of your home that are usually lively and busy. Focus on lighter hues like pale or muted brown wood-look tiles and coordinate with furnishings in a color palette that soothes the eyes. Bringing in greenery infuses a botanical feel that completes airy interiors wonderfully. 

    • Go vertical to add height

    Wall design with subway tiles has enduring appeal and, when installed vertically (literally turned on their heads), offers a sense of space while adding an interesting focal point. This is because vertical lines draw the eye upwards—simultaneously creating an illusion of height and further enhancing an open and airy atmosphere. 

    While traditional subway tiles are commonly adopted for the vertical look, other options like the Villa Rapids Mosaic Tile can deliver the same effect. Varying rectangular widths are cut to form a delightful blend of strips and can be laid vertically to create an eye-catching accent from floor to ceiling. 

    A herringbone layout with a long subway tile can also add height - not to mention shine!  Our glossy Lake ceramic tiles easily brighten up the navy cabinetry in this contemporary kitchen. 

    This way of laying tiles shines on shower walls, kitchen backsplashes, and fireplace surrounds—with the stacked arrangement delivering a more contemporary finish. Go for tiles in subtle but interesting hues like soft yellow, mint green, or ocean blue to inject just the right pop of color. 

  • Opt for open shelving
  • When closed-off cabinets just won't do, lean towards simplicity by opting for open shelves. An excellent finishing touch to walls with shelves is a functional, stylish, and easy-to-maintain tile. Here, Textured Carrara Honeycomb Hexagon Marble Mosaic Tile transforms this breakfast alcove into a shelving focal point.

    Elevate your interior with a simplistic and airy vibe by ditching traditional cabinets and opting for open shelving instead. Kitchens with floating wooden shelves have become a sort of decorator's standard and are consistent with clean lines and a light and open feel. Shelving can be finished with few decorative touches and works brilliantly with a more paired-down color scheme.  

     Get our tips for designing a minimalist kitchen to keep your open shelves clutter-free!


    Brighten up your space with a graceful wall detail, like this elegantly patterned white marble and shell mosaic! The combination of crystalline marble and shining seashells turns any plain wall into a romantic accent.

    The right colors, finishes, and materials can help create a sense of space and ultimately an airy interior you’ll love for years. Tile Club offers a plethora of unique tiles to craft a look that feels lighter and more open no matter your interior design aesthetic. 

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