Hosting Thanksgiving? DIY Kitchen Remodel Tips You Can Finish in a Day

Hosting a Thanksgiving dinner? There’s one thing that’s even more important than the food: the experience! If your kitchen is looking bland, boring or worse, a little 80’s, it’s time to spruce things up. From creating a feature wall to updating your backsplash tiles, you can create an affordable DIY kitchen remodel in no time. Not only will the new decor impress your guests, but thinking ahead, it’s a great opportunity to improve your home before the holidays.

To get your kitchen event-ready for Thanksgiving, here are some design ideas to wow your guests.

Get artsy

When the kitchen walls look bland, paintings are an easy fix. Bringing color and culture into the space, your kitchen gets a personality facelift. Paintings can also add harmony by introducing tones that match the surrounding fixtures and textures.

Green Hex And Square Carrara & Glass Waterjet Tile

Green Hex And Square Carrara & Glass Waterjet Tile

Pop art is always fun for its retro flare, or you can go with classic paintings of traditional eateries, like a European bistro. But for contemporary tastes, try an abstract hardware piece, like a giant spoon sculpture.

Hang display shelves

Simple and stylish, display shelves offer plenty of room for decor. Decorate the shelves with baskets, mason jars, plants— anything that makes your kitchen feel more festive. You can also decorate with fall-specific themes, including mini pumpkins, cinnamon sticks or leaves, making the room feel current with the holiday.

Grey Sparkle Waterjet Marble Mosaic Tile

Grey Sparkle Waterjet Marble Mosaic Tile 

It’s a convenient, low cost way to invite some Thanksgiving spirit into your kitchen. Plus, this creative touch lets you easily transition between holidays with different seasonal decorations.

Create an accent wall

You might have heard the term “accent wall” as a hot buzz word in design lingo. It simply means that one wall is painted or tiled differently than the others, creating a standout impact for your guests. And here’s an insiders secret: it’s more affordable to update one wall.

Many current kitchens feature an accent wall-- usually facing the dining area. To create one, consider a new paint color in a darker tone than the adjacent walls. Or go with an interior brick effect by creating a brick tile wall in the kitchen. Industrial materials are on-trend right now, like wood panels or stone tiles, so think about experimenting with textures outside your comfort zone.

Harper Diamond Wooden Beige and Carrara Marble Mosaic Tile

Harper Diamond Wooden Beige and Carrara Marble Mosaic Tile

If you’re taking the DIY route, make sure you become an “expert” by watching YouTube tutorials before laying tiles to the drywall.

Set the mood

A stylish lighting concept adds the finishing touch. Consider updating your kitchen with a new fixture: a chandelier, pendant or antique design will add character to the space.

Nova Hex Wooden Beige Marble Tile

Nova Hex Wooden Beige Marble Tile

If you seek a trendy, minimalist design, go for a geometric pendant (great for hanging over the dinner table or island). But if you’re more classic, a crystal chandelier will make a beautiful compliment to a marble tile floor.

Or if you’ve got funkier fashion taste, you can try something more bold and futuristic—like an abstract LED fixture.

Update the backsplash tile

Maybe it’s time to update your backsplash? New tiles for your kitchen remodel will transform the space into something truly fantastic.

Color Bone Slate Mosaic Tile

Color Bone Slate Mosaic Tile

Backsplashes can span across the entire wall or work as an accent behind the range. Commercial tiles are currently in style: subway tiles for the kitchen offer a clean, urban feel, while mosaic tiles have that vintage European look, often used in small family-owned restaurants. Yet, if you love hosting with a wow-factor, a glass tile backsplash brings the ritz.

Depending on your taste, there are all types of textures and finishes to update your backsplash for Thanksgiving. Browse through materials like slate, stone and metal, and add your inspirational ideas to a Pinterest board to narrow down your choices.

Remodel the hardware

Everyone notices the details-- start with the hardware. It’s a clever design idea for a quick and easy kitchen upgrade; these minor touches make a major difference.

Consider changing the cabinet knobs, handles or faucet. When that stainless steel hardware look tired and stale, opt for something in matte black or oil-rubbed bronze. These darker tones make the space appear instantly renovated-- even if it’s only a small change.

There are tons of room for creativity with the cabinet knobs. Change the tradition circular knob style to squares or bars-- anything different from the same old standard ones.

Fan Wooden Beige Marble Mosaic Tile

Fan Wooden Beige Marble Mosaic Tile

If your kitchen has a lighter color theme, like a farmhouse style kitchen, try new knobs crafted from natural textures. Walnut, pine and bamboo are stunning materials that bring an earthy charm to the space.

Add some plants

Let mother nature’s decor work its magic. Not only are houseplants visually beautiful, but they’re also good for your health. By reducing stress and boosting your mood, they bring the freshness of the outdoors into your kitchen.

Recycled Glass 2 Inch Hexagon Mosaic Wood Color

Recycled Glass 2 Inch Hexagon Mosaic Wood Color

Who doesn’t like flowers? Try Ferns or Lilies in a pot. They help calm the senses, while also purifying the air-- it’s the prettiest natural multitasker you can have in your home. The guests will love it.

But if you’re not a fan of flowers, consider Spider Pants, Jade plants or Aloe Vera plants to bring more green into your kitchen. Or for an interesting twist, go for tropical shrubs like a Majesty Palm or the Hawaina Ti for a fun splash of color,

Finish with a centerpiece

Decorate your Thanksgiving table with the colors of fall. Baskets with corn, leaves and pine cones offer an authentic harvest theme. There are also edible centerpieces, like a cornucopia, filled with fresh fruit.

White Sparkle Water Jet Backsplash Tile


White Sparkle Waterjet Marble Mosaic Tile

Alternatively, you don’t have to use the traditional fall colors; instead, go for cool tones with white and blue pumpkins as the centerpieces. Pale colors give the table an unexpected Thanksgiving makeover. Neat right?

Complete the theme with some elegant fall-scented candles. Fill the room with the smell of vanilla bean or cinnamon, creating a cozy ambiance that’ll make everyone feel right at home.

On this festive occasion, there are many things to be thankful for: family, food and of course, interior design. Make the most of all three by getting your kitchen ready for Thanksgiving.

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