Sleek and Modern Bathroom Design for Contemporary Homes with Style

Sleek and modern bathrooms are undeniably clean and beautiful, characterized by their calm color schemes, luxury finishes and clutter-free look. However, it’s easy to get caught up in the idea that ‘modern’ bathrooms look cold and sterile! While it’s true that most contemporary bathrooms have a minimalist perspective – emphasizing simplification of form, basic geometric shapes and an airy feel - they do not have to look a certain way or stick to a certain color. At the end of the day, modern home decor really exists in the eye of the beholder! 

Scandinavian minimalist bathroom aesthetic - dark wood countertops paired with our Fabrique White Chevron Glass Mosaic Tile backsplash

You can add a little bit of modern boho style to the popular Scandinavian minimalist bathroom aesthetic - dark wood countertops paired with our Fabrique White Chevron Glass Mosaic Tile backsplash give this vanity the perfect combination!

Less is definitely more when it comes to sleek and modern bathroom designs, but there’s no need to sacrifice beauty for simplicity. In fact, it’s all about finding a well-curated set of cohesive and high-quality features that harmonize, while bringing in your own aesthetic taste. Of course, that can be difficult when you’re not sure exactly what that is! To help define your modern bathroom space, and prove that sleek and modern decor can be inviting as well as eye-catching, we’ve gathered 7 ways to decorate gorgeous bathrooms with beautiful tiles that show the many sides of this style! 

For the Love of White Bathrooms

Minimalist White Ceramic and Marble Tile Bathroom

White Marble and Ceramic Subway Tile Bathroom via Lonny

Thank the Scandinavian fascination in the design world, but all-white modern bathrooms never go out of style! 

Along with floating vanities, a glassed-in shower stall and metal finishes across the fixtures, all-white tile décor is one of the hallmarks of a sleek and modern bathroom remodel with a sense of minimalism. White tiles throughout the design keeps a mid-century modern bathroom from looking dated, modern farmhouse bathroom looking fresh, and sets the stage for a clean design. Remember the key to modern bathrooms is to include smooth, clean lines and maintain the overall simplicity in the space. That being said, we love how white subway tiles in this modern shower tie in the subdued hues of floor tiles in this white bathroom, flowing together to eliminate visual clutter. 

Add white artisan tiles with a handmade look to introduce visual interest without adding other color to an all-white bathroom

Add an artisan finish with our Mallorca White Ceramic tiles with a handmade look to introduce visual interest without adding other color to an all-white color scheme. 

One big misconception about modern bathroom styling is that an all-white interior equates to boring! 

Just because your white décor screams clean and cool doesn’t mean it has to be bland or uninspired. The solution is simple: avoid a sterile look by working with various textures and surfaces to add visual interest to a colorless space – use a mix of matte, glossy, and textured tile in various white tones to make a powerful statement in a sleek bathroom design. Whether you need to design a shower wall, vanity backsplash or tub surround, opt for a variety of white tiles for a bathroom that feels lively and chic.

Designer Tip: If you prefer tiles without texture, warm up all-white décor by playing with textures in rugs, towels, or window treatments to give a white bathroom depth, and character! 

Monochrome Beauty

If colors could be soul mates, black and white would make the perfect pair!

It doesn’t get any better than black and white when you’re looking to create a sleek aesthetic for an ultra-modern bathroom style. When you get it right, black and white brings an air of unparalleled sophistication to a modern bathroom that is pleasing and calming to the eye. 

Sleek and Modern Bathroom Design Ideas with a Metallic Porcelain Tile Vanity Backsplash

This bathroom with Ionic Steel 12x24 Porcelain Tile is proof that black and white doesn’t have to be boring! Thanks to its rich, dramatic steel gray surface, it sets the tone for contemporary bathroom design in an adventurous way. 

Don’t shy away from pattern if you want to add a contemporary twist with a little bit of shape. While too many patterns are usually a design no-no for a modern or contemporary bathroom décor, monochrome is an occasion in which you can let your mixing-and-matching skills run a little wild!

Combine a white free-standing bathtub with Obsidian Black Herringbone Glass Tile for a dramatic contemporary bathroom

This chic and modern bathroom combines a white free-standing bathtub with our Obsidian Black Herringbone Glass Tile - the dark color and dramatic palette keep the look clean, while the shine of glass is a gorgeous way to introduce texture to a porcelain tub and wooden accessories without compromising the clean interior look.

Designer Tip: It’s good to keep in mind that it’s a thin line between monochrome and monotone! The number one tip when creating a monochromatic space in a modern home décor is texture (just like in an all-white bathroom), so keep things interesting and varied by using tiles of different materials. This variation will keep the monochrome color from falling flat!

Organic Modern Style

A mix of sleek and modern lines with neutral colors, natural forms and materials… If you love the idea of creating a modern shower or bathroom design but cannot give up organic details, have a look at ‘organic modern style’! 

One way to accomplish this look is to layer natural textures and accessories while still incorporating minimalism with a neutral palette, letting the reclaimed or rustic materials accent the sleek lines. The result is a bathroom that harmonizes the elements of nature with a modern lifestyle! 

Marble Pattern Recycled Glass Hexagon Tiles add Texture to a Minimalist Contemporary Bathroom with a Floating Vanity

When it’s all about neutral, inviting and casual, tile options are almost endless. From the light, airy aesthetics of marble look recycled glass tiles to the natural craftsmanship with a dash of Scandinavian flair, what’s not to love about natural and minimalist bathroom? While an organic modern style bathroom nods to Scandinavian minimalism, it also borrows from Mid-Century Modern and bohemian design to create inviting spaces that are warm and effortlessly sophisticated. 

Add texture to glass subway tiles without compromising ease of cleanliness and chic style with this fabric patterned glass shower wall

Our designer-favorite tiles for this style include wood-look porcelain flooring for some warm coziness under the feet to creative subway tiles in a subdued color palette for an airy aesthetic. Tiles with a handmade look or an unexpected texture are an easy way to break up the sharp furniture lines and give the feel of soft textiles in an organic modern style bathroom, like in this one where Grey Fabric Glass Subway Mosaic Tiles combine a sleek texture with a contemporary color story for a gorgeous shower!

Designer Tip: Make small but beautiful touches to show attention towards the detail, and spice up additionally the welcoming décor. Hand-painted door knobs, custom-made furniture or some greenery will add to the stylish, comfortable and modern farmhouse design. 

A modern bathroom with futuristic charm

The glittery luster and sleek appeal of silvers, chromes and coppers are a bold accent to modern bathroom designs!

Contemporary bathroom design with a metallic sheen from copper finish  porcelain shower tiles

Modest touches of metallic can be introduced into a modern bathroom through accessories - porcelain and glass tiles with a metal look are also highly desirable for a backsplash design that is attractive yet easy to maintain. Step outside of your safety-zone and brighten the room up with the sleek finish found in metallic tiles, such as in Ionic Copper Décor Impact Rectified Porcelain tile for this outstanding modern shower. 

Contemporary bathroom vanity with silver glass mosaic tiles in a hexagon pattern

Whether you enjoy the contemporary flow of shining metals in glossy silver hexagon glass tiles, or an industrial look like Ionic Herringbone Steel Porcelain Mosaic Tile, there is a metallic tile for everyone! They’re a way to bring some high-end glamour to a modern or contemporary home, designing with metallic tiles is a sure way to create BH&G magazine-worthy luxury bath in your own home! 

Porcelain 3D tiles for a modern bathroom with minimalist white Scandinavian interior style

3-Dimensional tiles are another great way to bring unique style to a sleek design. Usually made from molded or pressed porcelain, 3D tiles are truly the wave of the future, combining strength, minimalist style, and entrancing texture. These modern can add both depth and movement to a modern bathroom vanity backsplash, turning your modern interior into a next-level design. This contemporary bathroom with our Tango Ivory Wave 3D porcelain tile

Designer Tip: Soften the cool tones of metallic tiles with glass tile accents and wood-look flooring such as in this bathroom for extra coziness

Say Yes to Color

Think the only way to design a modern bathroom is in black and white? Think again!

When a soft, neutral scheme still seems monotonous, you can break it by adding pops of accent color in bright hues as long as color is injected in the right dose. We know that one of the key elements of modern home décor is a limited color palette, but that doesn’t mean you can’t flex it depending on what you like! Use modern tile with pops of color in saturated tones with depth and intensity, just make sure to pair them with clean-lined furnishings to keep the clutter-free, modern look. 

Saturated colors from glass subway tiles add rich blue to a modern bathroom design

Add rich cobalt color with our Stardust Blue Mosaic Glass Subway Tiles

It’s amazing how one splash of color on an otherwise neutral wall can give such a chic touch to the room. Jewel tones come back in style this year - why not add some punch and pizzazz to a modern shower with brilliant blue tiles for a serene effect, or consider a rich glazed ceramic tile for a vanity backsplash and transform a sleek bathroom into an inviting and cozy one? If you’re looking for some serious design inspiration with color, check this post to see how you can use colorful tiles! Remember that complicated patterns are to be avoided in modern sleek design, as they can a cluttered look – unless you want to take it to a new contemporary level. A classic subway tile or a square in an elevated color introduces a unique design element without taking your modern bathroom design to a cluttered place.

Colorful Glazed Ceramic Tiles in Peacock Blue for a Modern Bathroom with Contemporary Bohemian Style

The gorgeous shine of our glazed La Riviera Quetzal square ceramic tiles adds a glossy finish with high-impact color!

Designer Tip: When color is introduced via an accent wall, do not let it stay alone– pair it with the same color soft furnishings like rugs, towels or artworks in a small dose!

Mid-Century Modern Look

As a style that largely peaked in the 50’s and 60’s, Mid-Century Modern home décor is back and better than ever! Much like minimalist bathrooms, Mid-Century Modern bathrooms are heating up in renovation projects – you can really play up this design by picking the right modern tiles, whether it’s in the shower or on the floor. Ready to embrace this on-trend look?

Neutral Wood and Gray Tile Mid-Century Modern Bathroom Vanity Wall

Do you notice how grey tiles give this Mid-Century bathroom a cool, modern vibe almost like an updated vintage style? Achieve a similar look with the linear details of Villa Pyramids Gray Marble & Glass Mosaic Tile or Waterfall Gray Silver Glass Mosaic Tile to bring glamorous flair in a cool, sophisticated way. Choose tile with clean lines that lends itself to an organic Zen vibe - relaxing blend of muted tones in linear tiles creates the perfect calming backsplash!

Large Black Hexagon Floor Tiles with Minimalist White Walls for a Contemporary Bathroom Design

While white and grey tiles are a nice mix with wood cabinetry in a Mid-Century modern design, statement-making geometric bathroom tiles are also on the rise – on the wall or the floor – such as in this bathroom where large-format black hexagon tiles instantly change the vibe. Unleash your retro side with honed finish geometric floor tiles that complement the elevated aesthetic without stealing focus from the other elements.  Find more ways to decorate a bathroom with hexagon tiles!

Designer Tip: Greenery is must-have in a mid-century bathroom design as it pops from the otherwise neutral colors that the aesthetic is famous for. Add a few plants to your window sill, or even faux plants here and there to bring in the natural feel and lively green color. Blinds in wood or bamboo are popular additions too!

Modern Farmhouse Bathroom

Contemporary Homes meet Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Inspiration

Rustic country charm peppered with warm minimalism is what defines the modern farmhouse bathroom décor – thanks particularly to Chip & Joanna Gaines of ‘Fixer Upper’ who have popularized this trend! The comfort and simplicity of a ‘modern farmhouse bathroom’ creates an aura that makes anyone feel at comfort, even if they’ve never set foot on a farm! Mix of industrial metals, sleek white or grey countertops and low-shine materials for a sense of casual everyday glamor are parts of the design. With hints of historical charm and a clean earthiness, modern farmhouse bathroom demonstrates all elements of a typical modern farmhouse bathroom: stone countertops, white subway tile, polished chrome fixtures paired with matte black metals. 

Modern Rustic Farmhouse Bathroom with Faux Shiplap Walls with Porcelain Tile

On the minimal side of this style, you can have a typical bathroom with clean white and gray tile combined with a single addition of a rough, wooden piece such as a farmhouse bench. To include several farmhouse touches like in this bathroom, include shiplap wall effect with Tribeca Mixed Planks for Wall, oversized sink, wood-look floor tile and a framed mirror that brings plenty of personality and style, without feeling too nostalgic. 

Designer Tip: Luxurious white marble tile can very well fit into a modern farmhouse décor too but remember to keep straight lines dominant for a sleek design. Finally, incorporate some wood throughout the décor such as with wicker baskets, a rounded wood stool or wood shelving. 


Frosted White Diamond Bathroom Wall for a Luxurious yet Modern Bathtub Surround with Contemporary Style

At the end of the day, there’s no need to sacrifice style for sleekness - you can add luxurious charm with these frosted diamond glass tiles while still maintaining a contemporary style home!

While the design of a modern bathroom revolves around the principle of ‘less is more’, isn’t there a clean simplicity in this style that gives an everlasting beauty? Whether you already love unfussy silhouettes, clean colors and the sleek design, or just got into the mood of thinking of modern bathroom décor, we hope you’ve found some inspiration in this post to pinpoint your inner aesthetics. Which one was your favorite tile design that inspired you the most? 

See our full collection of bathroom tiles to find the perfect design by material, color, shape, and finish!

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