Designing a Bathroom with Hexagon Tiles

Hexagon tiles have been in fashion since the 19th century - making these popular mosaic tiles as old as indoor plumbing! 

Those were the days when most bathrooms were obsessively white, because of the recent discovery of germs and the resulting sanitary craze. Small format tiles - no larger than 1” in diameter – were the common size for mosaic designs, so that spaces would feel larger than they actually were (and considering that most bathrooms were small utilitarian zones rather than spaces to calm and relax!). Oftentimes, the field of white hexagon tiles would be left bare on the floors, but sometimes you’d see a restrained ‘daisy’ effect, a few colored tiles within the white ones, or black pencil trims to offset the pattern on the floor. 

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Contemporary Bathroom Design with a Hexagon Tile Accent Wall and Free Standing Tub

Modern hexagon tile options have become a trend these days, like this tile accent wall with our Textured Wooden Beige And Glass Hexagon Mosaic Tile!

Of course, as the fast-paced world of interior design changed, tile fashions did too. Even today, this classic honeycomb tile pattern still continues to adorn homes and inspire designs, perhaps more popular than ever! Whether you’re renovating an old farmhouse or redesigning your home with a sleek and modern style, hexagon tile bathroom designs are still a natural choice. At once decorative and utilitarian, nostalgic and contemporary, large format and small – today’s hexagon tiles offer even more creative, interesting and fun design options for your home and bathroom!

Vintage Farmhouse Bathroom with White Emerald Weaved Hexagon Glass Mosaic Tile Framing the Vanity

You can capture that classic feeling with our White Emerald Weaved Hexagon Glass Mosaic Tile for a stunning bathroom vanity backsplash!

What is Hex Tile?

In simple terms, a hexagon is a shape with six sides. From beehives and honeycombs, to the basal columns called the Giant’s Causeway, this naturally forming geometric shape is actually all around us!

The design world has come to love it as well! We don’t know if it is the six equal sides, the puzzle-like way that multiple hexagons fit perfectly together or the inherent reference to nature that makes them so aesthetically pleasing. 

Contemporary Bathroom Design with Copper Pedestal Sinks and Ocean Glass Hexagon Blue Mosaic Tile Backsplash
It’s easy to create a stylish hexagon tile bathroom aesthetic, like these Sea Glass Hexagon Blue Mosaic Tiles that provide a sea glass-inspired backsplash to complement the copper vessel sinks and modern marble vanity of this contemporary coastal bathroom look!

Whatever your inspiration might be, there’s a great demand for geometric shape tiles over the past few years, with ‘hex tiles’ coming out on top! This classic geometric pattern has continued to adorn bathrooms since the 1800’s with no signs of slowing down. Well, we know why - hex tiles can look simple, complex, modern or retro - it all depends on how you accent them! If you ever wonder ‘what style is hexagon tile?’, we say just about any style you have in mind! 

Hexagon tiles offer an incredibly versatile shape, no matter how bold or subtle you want your bathroom design to be! We’re sharing some of the design inspiration behind this long-lasting bathroom design trend, as well as ways to incorporate hexagon tiles into your own decor! 

Hexagon Tiles Have Changed Over Time

Ever since they originally gained popularity as teeny tiny hexagons in white, tile-makers have expanded into other dimensions, colors and materials. 

One of the biggest changes was their size. Although the classic hexagon size we’re familiar with measured one-inch, today’s hex tiles go all the way up to 12-inches! To clarify how to measure a hexagon tile, it’s worth noting that hexagons are measured either from side to side, or from point to point. Keep in mind that the distance from point to point is always the widest measurement of the tile. 

How to Measure Hexagon Tiles and Confirm Dimensions

Our Tex Ivory Hexagon Pattern Natural porcelain tile is a great example of some of the modern updates made to the traditional hexagon tile - not only is it a large format that is great for decorative wall details or a stunning flooring alternative, but it showcases a stunning on-trend bohemian pattern to add a unique design element!

Small hex tile is still the top pick for a classic, retro look in a bathroom design, particularly ones smaller than 3” to 4” inches in size. 

Whether you’re looking for smaller mosaics for a traditional retro look or large hexagons to fit into a contemporary bathroom design– there are a variety of sizes fit your design style!


Fabrique White Hexagon Glass Mosaic Tile is a great Coastal Farmhouse Bathroom Detail

Fabrique White Hexagon Glass Mosaic Tile uses different textures to provide a spin on a classic white hexagon tile! The mix of glossy and frosted glass creates a unique look for this coastal farmhouse bathroom backsplash!

With available hexagon tiles spanning into different materials like natural stone and glass tiles, the options for hex tiles have become endless!  Natural stone hex tile is a great way to add timeless luxury to your bathroom, although it’s a little more expensive and results in less of a traditional or vintage look. The metallic pattern on our Silver Etched White Hexagon Marble Mosaic Tile is a great way to add even more luxurious detailing to marble hexagon tiles that create a beautiful accent detail for a shower niche or vanity backsplash!

Silver Etched White Hexagon Marble Mosaic Tile for a Luxurious Bathroom Backsplash

On the other hand, there are porcelain hex tiles, which can adapt to any style by mimicking other materials (such as porcelain with a stone or wood look). An extremely durable and easy to clean option in bathrooms, porcelain hex tiles can easily mimic the look of much more expensive materials!

Wood Look Porcelain Tile Wall with Gems Hex Blanco

Gems Hex Blanco is a highly durable porcelain tile with the look of wood to add rustic details, or you can opt for a wooden-look marble for the perfect farmhouse bathroom backsplash with our Nova Hex Wooden Beige Marble Tile!

Nova Hex Wooden Beige Marble Tile for a Rustic Farmhouse Bathroom with Geometric Hexagon Detail

We also have glass hex tiles to add a touch shine and dazzle to your bathroom designs. From eye-catching shower embellishments to ultra-modern backsplash designs, taking your bathroom design to the next level is easy when you’ve got glass tiles! Sea Glass Hexagon Grey Mosaic Tile is a great way to add swirling color thanks to the handpoured look of the glass hexagon tiles!

Ocean Glass Hexagon Grey Mosaic Tile for a Coastal Bathroom

Creativity takes courage, and that’s what a metal look is all about. If you’re looking to add a hint of sparkle or edge of luxury, metal-looking tiles are ready to bring added dimension into your design - we love the shine of these Glossy Gold Hexagon Glass Mosaic Tiles for a stunning shower wall that reflects light and metallic color! Thanks to their durable glass surface, these hex tiles are safe to be used in wet areas such as shower walls and backsplashes!

Glossy Gold Hexagon Glass Mosaic Tile Shower Wall

There’s a hexagon tile bathroom style for anyone! Just as there are endless options to choose from, there are also so many ways to style hexagon tile designs. Take a look at some of these hexagonal tile ideas to open your mind to new wonders. You’ll see that when it comes to hexagons, the only limit is your imagination!

Retro Floors for Hexagon Tile Bathrooms

Traditionally, hexagon tiles came in patterns of white with black accents, or sometimes with a black border. You can bring a checkerboard floor look with hex tiles to recreate a retro-style bathroom, a great fit for old-home updates and new homes alike. Or pair your old-style white hex bathroom floors with charcoal, gray or black grout to make the shape of your tiles pop! Then consider a retro black vanity, or hang some monochromatic art on the walls for a crisp, clean look.  

Selo Grand Hexagon Carrara and Thassos Marble Mosaic Tile Floor

These 12” Selo Grand Hexagon Carrara and Thassos Marble Mosaic tiles make a stunning marble bathroom tile floor or accent wall!

Black tiles are becoming increasingly popular in the bathroom! A black hexagon tile floor with white grout will add another layer of texture to your bathroom, make your floors look extremely bold and cool! Go ahead and continue them into the shower, if you want a more continuous look. You can also offset the monochromatic look by painting the bathroom walls a refreshing shade like sky blue. These Nero Marquina and Thassos White 6 Inch Hexagon Marble Mosaic Tiles add a geometric pattern to your bathroom wall or shower floor with a contemporary black and white color scheme!

Nero Marquina And Thassos White 6 Inch Hexagon Marble Mosaic Tile Black and White Geometric Backsplash

Go Big and Bold

If you’ve ever passed on hexagonal tiles because you thought they looked too vintage, you're in for a big surprise! Today’s hexagon tiles lend themselves to larger format contemporary applications too. The bigger the tile is, the more you can actually zoom in the details and make a big statement! Create modern or contemporary statements in the bathroom by installing floors with a large ‘wow’ factor with big hex tiles. If the thought of cleaning the grout between all those tiny tiles gives you the shakes, go for a larger hex instead!

These 10” hexagon wooden beige marble mosaic tiles add a neutral finish that is perfect for a bathroom wall!

10 Inch Hexagon Wooden Beige Marble Mosaic Tile Bathroom Wall

You can also use large hexagon tiles in the same way as hanging permanent artwork on your bathroom walls. A hexagon shape is perfect to break up an otherwise plain wall design. Our large hexagon tiles have such a beautiful graphic element that they can stand on their own, without having to add any bold colors! Go big and bold by highlighting your bathtub or shower area with large hex tiles and get ready to take your bathroom design to the next level.

Mix It Up

Modern tastes are definitely more whimsical and less rigid than in the past. Instead of a single-color pattern, using more than one color in hexagon patterns is popular especially in modern themed places! Try going with a design in muted black and white tones, and then add a touch of color with a stray of yellow or red tile to produce unique designs that pack a visual punch! 

Bathroom Wall Backsplash with Diamond & Hex Calacatta Gold Marble Mosaic Tile and Vessel Sinks

You can even mix up the shape a little to add even more possibilities! Elongated hexagons are a fun and unique way to create a pattern! Our Diamond & Hex Calacatta Gold Marble Mosaic Tile is a stunning accent wall detail for this minimalist and modern bathroom vanity!

Hexagonal tiles open up a world of many creative possibilities. You can combine them with other formats of tile from the same collection, such as penny rounds, squares, subways or basketweaves. The bathroom is a fun place to mix tile shapes because there are multiple surfaces for contrast, such as floor, wall, backsplash and niches! Use classic tile patterns from the same collection and expand your creative flair! 

Double Hex Carrara & Bardiglio Marble Mosaic Tile

Our Bardiglio Hexagon Polished Marble Mosaic Tile gets a double dose of pretty when paired with the Double Hexagon Carrara mosaic tile to create a whole new look!

Frame It

You may also use hexagonal tiles to bring attention to a feature piece inside the bathroom space. Simply lay hexagonal tiles within an open design under the part you are attempting to emphasize and voila—a quick showpiece! A must-have in case you have a free-standing bath! You can also use this method on your wall space to frame a feature, for instance, the back-wall of a shower or a niche.

Recycled Glass 2" Hexagon Mosaic In Calacatta Marble Color Bathroom Accent Wall

These recycled glass hexagon tiles mimic Calacatta marble to create a stunning bathroom accent wall with a floating cabinet and cage lighting to keep the rest of the look minimalist and modern!

Organic Edges 

One other great idea with hexagon tiles is creating an exposed hexagon tile edge that feels organic and artful. Rather than adding trim like bullnose or pencil liners, simply let your wall or floor tile installation end with the natural shape of the tile. The result – a design statement on its own! You can try installing hexagon tiles that peak at the top of a tiled shower area, creating a zig-zag pattern that is beautiful and daring. Or try a hex tile wainscoting with exposed edges behind the vanity for an eye-catching effect. We promise that the finishing off with an organic edge will play with the eye in the most delightful way!

Sometimes less is more. Who said your hex tiles need to cover the entire backsplash to make a focal point? Add a cluster of hexagon tiles behind the vanity, or make a statement wall to show off your creativity! In period properties, a traditional stone look might be more suitable, or you could also go bold with eye-catching glossy tiles, which also come in a broad spectrum of colors.

Fabrique Blue Grey Hexagon Glass Mosaic Tile

Fabrique Blue Grey Hexagon Glass Mosaic Tile makes for a soothing tub surround and coordinates beautifully with the gray painted walls!

Spell It Out in Your Hexagon Tile Bathroom

Not all hex tile installations make a statement through color or pattern choice. Some spell it out – literally! The typography trend started with the hotels and restaurants and has crossed over into residential design, with homeowners using tile as a form of self-expression. Bathroom floors are a great place to craft and write, especially with small hex tiles! 

This delightfully retro tiled ‘floor mat’ from Magnolia Homes is a fun way to greet guests or give yourself a morning pep talk courtesy of your flooring! 

Tile Floor Mat with Hexagon Tile Saying Hello Lovely

These Metro-station flooring looks are easy to recreate with tiles like our Nero Marquina 2 Inch Hexagon Honed Marble Mosaic Tile and 2 Inch White Carrara Hexagon Honed Marble Mosaic Tile to layout a lovely message on the floor!

A Beautiful Mess took it a step further by creating this heart tile floor mat out of black and white hexagon tiles

Heart Floor Detail in Black and White Hexagon Tiles


Stretch the Hex 

It is common for people to opt for “honeycombs” in elongated forms since their unusual shape looks unique and original even in the simplest texture and color range. Elongated hex is a contemporary choice due to its twist on the classic equilateral shape. The long shape can be placed vertically to make the space feel taller or horizontally to appear wider - great to use in powder rooms as well as small shower areas! If you are going for a more modern, contemporary feel, then this could be the shape for you. This stretching elongated version of a hex tile is super eye catching and is a perfect choice for floors or walls. We also love it as an alternative to the subway tile. What do you think?

Textured Elongated Carrara Hexagon Marble Mosaic Tile Bathroom and Shower Wall

You can amplify the feeling of space in a cozy powder room thanks to Textured Elongated Carrara Hexagon Marble Mosaic Tile on the bathroom and shower walls!

There are simply no rules when it comes to ways to use “hex” tiles. As you see, the only limit is your imagination! There are not only countless types of hex tiles but also countless ways to use them! 

As timeless as it is on-trend, it doesn’t look like hex tiles are going to be leaving the design world any time soon. Once you choose your favorite tile and design, share with us below. We would also love to hear what inspires you!

George 08/04/2022

I really love the look of hexagons. They have a unique shape that gives an elegant look or vibe to your place, so this blog is great for people who are planning to redecorate their house or bathroom and do have an idea of what kind of tiles they will use. Hexagon tile is such a trendy and glamourous choice for a tile, so I definitely recommend it. Keep up the good work and check out Itile Bathrooms NT for more bathroom renovation services. Have a wonderful day! 

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