3D Tile Ideas to add Dimension to your Home Decor

Ready for the biggest home decor trend for 2021? We're calling it for 3D tiles! They create a multidimensional look that mimics any texture or pattern, letting you make a statement without a massive budget. These creative designs add dimension to any project, whether you love an ultramodern interior or are looking to freshen up a traditional home. If you’re considering a revamp for your wall, floor or backsplash, we’ll guide you on how to decorate with 3D tile designs!

Modern Bathroom Style with 3D Tile Walls

You can add creative texture to your bathroom wall with our Neutral Blanco Soho white porcelain 3D tiles! This look pairs blonde wood countertops and minimalist open shelving to give a Scandinavian bathroom design an updated twist!

Types of 3D Tile

Before we dive into the specific, it’s important to note that there are two types of 3D tile: textured and non-textured. 

Modern Wall Art with Textural Wave Tiles for a Feature Wall Installation

Go for sculptural wall art with our Tango Grey Wave for a modernist approach! 

Tiles with actual texture have an embossed surface quality you can feel, while non-textured ones create the illusion of depth and dimension. The style you choose depends on the effect you’d like to achieve. 

Textured 3D tiles give a more tactile quality; they can add a dimensional pattern that’s both unique and stylish. They’re often made from porcelain or marble - materials that can be used in raised designs while still offering a high level of durability. 

Then there are non-textured tiles that use shading and design to create the look of depth with a smooth surface. Typically made of mosaic style tiles, these designs give the illusion of 3D by playing with perspective. Since their surface is actually smooth, they can be a great choice to install anywhere, from floors to walls to fireplace surrounds!

Textured 3D tile ideas 

They’re modern, they’re daring - designing with textured 3D tile is a great way to give your style a literal ‘pop’ thanks to raised dimensions. Many of these designs are porcelain tiles, made with the dust pressed method to combine a raised, dimensional design with the strength and longevity you want for a tile install. 

Check out some of our designer’s favorite ideas for inspiration on how to decorate with 3D tile!

Gray 3D Wall Tiles for a Modern Bathroom with Scandinavian Style

Varana Morengo Decor is a prime example of the dry pressed method to create a raised wave pattern that will add gorgeous texture to interior and exterior walls!

3D subway tile

Take subway tile to the next level! The 3D versions of this classic tile design have beveled edges that enhance their sharp angles for a bold, contemporary look.

Beveled Glass Subway Tile adds Dimension for a Kitchen Backsplash Wall

This Beveled Antique Mirror Glass tile has a distressed effect for a vintage look. Since this tile is made from mirror glass, it also offers a reflective surface to maximize the impression of space. This tile material works brilliantly as a wall tile, especially in small bathrooms or dark kitchens, where you want to create the illusion of more space. As a plus,  it can also help brighten the room by amplifying the natural light! 

Beveled Marble Subway Tiles in Calacatta Gold

Plain white subway tile is a gorgeous classic, but can feel flat depending on your design. You can update this timeless trend by opting for a 3D subway tile made of marble!

Featuring characteristic gold, taupe, and gray veining, our beveled Calacatta Gold marble subway tile brings a classic touch to subway tile. Perfect for upscale farmhouse decor, this design will pair well with a variety of textures like pottery, wood pieces, and bronze fixtures. 

You can install this 3D subway tile in a variety of contexts: a marble walk-in shower, kitchen backsplash tile, or even a feature wall!

Classic 3D wall tile

Ceramic Wall Tiles with Cottage Style and a 3D Design

Putting a twist on a traditional pattern, this 3D backsplash tile adds a little extra fun! Each group of four squares are debossed with a diamond shape, creating a gorgeous mosaic with a relief pattern to give your kitchen wall or bathroom a creative detail! 

Elevate Traditional Home Design with a 3D Marble Basket Weave Tile

You can install this Chateau White Square Ceramic tile in the kitchen or bathroom. In terms of decor, contrast this monochrome tile with some pops of color like a yellow vase or eclectic wall art. It can also be dressed to suit more traditional home aesthetics, thanks to the glazed ceramic finish and cottage style pattern.


Basket weave tile is a traditional home design staple. Why not switch things up with this 3D version?

The Duomo Basket Weave tile takes a charming, vintage pattern and turns it into  3D wall art. Made with a polished marble finish, its glossy surface enhances the overlapping effect for an extra layer of depth. The marble is laid to create an overlapping effect, enhancing a classic basket weave with an extra tactile finish that creates a stunning wallpaper alternative. This design works well in a contemporary or cottage-inspired bathroom, decorated with complimenting rustic elements like a stone soap dispenser, modern wall sconce and foundry style mirror.  

Textured Marble and Glass Wall Tile

Maybe retro glam is more your speed? This Duomo 3D Diamond Calacatta tile blends traditional Italian marble with the flair and pizzazz of mirror dots to give it a sparkle!

 For a kitchen backsplash, this 3D tile would bring elegance and polish to your space. Each diamond shape is beveled to create a raised surface, enhancing their dimensionality and appeal. Plus, the signature veining in the marble offers both warm and cool tones, creating an elegant neutral color palette. 

Try sticking with neutral decor to create harmony with the mosaic wall tiles so the overall design concept doesn’t feel too busy. Keep in mind, a detailed 3D tile like this one should be the main focal point of your design!

3D decorative wall panels

Modern Minimalist Bathroom with a 3D Copper Accent Wall

It’s impossible to get bored of this sassy statement design! Fusing the metallic luxury of Art Deco with the abstract geometry of Modernism, this 3D wall panel idea brings life to any space. 

3D Wall Tiles with a Metallic Copper Finish

This Ionic Decor Copper tile is made from pressed porcelain, finished with a metallic glaze. Radiating with just the right amount of sheen, it doesn’t look overly showy or gaudy. Yet at the same time, it’s still bold enough that you can create a high-end, glamorous statement for your bathroom, kitchen or living room

Dimensional Wall Tiles with a Steel Metallic FInish

If you’re not a copper lover, go for silver! This durable porcelain tile mimics the look of embossed steel for a heavy-duty industrial impact. 

Graphic and daring, this Decor Steel 3D tile lends a punch of passion to your space. It features a polished finish for a light-catching gleam that’s both energizing and exciting. You can apply it to all types of walls, including showers. Or you can consider dressing up your family room with a striking feature wall! Give your living room an industrial edge with a fireplace surround made up of these dramatic tile pieces to create an incredible statement.

Industrial Design with 3D tile

Sleek Industrial Bathroom with Textured 3D Porcelain Tile Walls

Great decor is meant to have that “wow” moment. Even though this tile isn’t blatantly flashy, the starburst pattern and glossy steel texture capture the spirit and vigor of industrial style. 

A masterpiece for a contemporary home, you can install this Ionic Steel Decor tile in any space that calls for 3D wall art. From the fireplace to the den, the options are virtually limitless. As this porcelain material is resistant to moisture and mildew, it also works well for the bathroom backsplash, or a dramatic shower! Also available in copper, white, and a warm neutral color, it’s a great textural wall finish with 

Textured bathroom tile Stone Look Porcelain tile with a 3D Wave Pattern

Calming and upscale, this polished 3D tile creates waves of movement. Made of porcelain, it mimics the texture of natural stone for a more expensive and elevated look that can be installed anywhere. 

A grooved pattern is pressed into the tile to enhance its rhythmic quality. The design is subtle enough to be considered minimalistic, yet it’s interesting enough to draw attention. Overall, this Polished Gray Varana tile and its matching smooth counterpart bring a dash of drama to your bathroom or living room design! 

Compliment the design with contrasting decor like black furniture, bright plants and other colorful accents.

Non-textured 3D tile ideas

Maybe you prefer the effect of a 3D pattern rather than a textured tile. These non-textured 3D tile ideas are designed in bold geometric patterns to create the illusion of more space.

Statement 3D tile

Mid-Century Modern Inspired Mosaic Tile Pattern

This mid-century modern pattern uses a mixture of marble mosaic pieces to create a pattern that gives the look of depth.

The rich fusion of brown and grey tones and interlocking arches create negative space, which tricks the eye into perceiving more depth. Although this tile works for any type of wall, you can think outside the box and use it as a tile rug! Greeting people as they enter your home is a clever way to enhance the floor of your entryway!

Retro farmhouse tile 

Illusion of Dimension with a Wood Look Marble Tile for a Farmhouse Bathroom

Embrace theshabby chic theme with this vintage Roman flower tile. It features wooden beige and Carrara marble tile to create sweet florals that have a country house appeal.

The interlocking peta shapes play with positive and negative space. Through this visual effect, the flat surface appears to have more scale, which helps expand the room. Consider using this tile for your bathroom backsplash, along with other charming decor elements, including a vessel sink, wooden vanity countertop, and charming coastal cottage details to finish it off!

Modern 3D tile patterns

Cubist Marble Tile for a Retro Interior Design

Bursting with psychedelic energy, this tile design makes a cool graphic statement with a magic eye effect! The combination of Thassos White, Wooden Grey, and Athens Grey creates a shading effect that turns the chain of diamond mosaics into a modernist cube pattern.

This Hudson Cube Marble tile offers a sturdy, non-slippery surface that you can also use on shower walls or floors. Can you imagine a 3D floor? The playful effect of this tile is a great pick for a kids’ bathroom or bedroom!

Bathroom tile decor

Kaleidoscope Tile Pattern with a 3D Mosaic Effect

Ever look through a kaleidoscope?  This tile creates that colorful, prismatic effect! The varying sizes of each square make them appear as if they’re moving. 

You can install this Lavana Beige and White tile in your bathroom. The earth tones in this tile will pair nicely with other neutral decor such as a white marble soap and wooden mirror frame. You can also harmonize the colors even further by furnishing them with matching towels. For example, a set of grey hand towels placed on the vanity countertop would unify the grey tones in the marble. 

By maintaining a consistent color scheme, you’ll help all the elements come together in a pleasing way, with the tile as the focal point!

Geometric wall tile 

Mosaic Tile with a 3D Shading Effect and Mid-Century Modern Style

Try this faux 3D tile to perk up your bathroom backsplash! It features a geometric design combining the white hues of Thassos marble and different shades of Athens Grey and Crystal Sand. 

With this chic fusion of tones and angles, this Sand Valley and Thassos tile delivers a vivid impact that creates visual movement along the vanity counter. Make sure the surrounding decor and artwork is minimal to avoid competing with the tile for attention. Finally, finish with a vase of complimenting greyish plants, such as Bluebeard or Silver Bush, which will blend beautifully with the grey hues in the marble.


Copper Finish Modern 3D Textured Tile for a Minimalist Shower Wall

Learning how to decorate with 3D tile is easy with the right inspo! Whether you prefer the textured version or non-textured, something bold and modern, or  a more traditional interior style - both varieties will bring a whole new dimension of visual interest to your home!

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