Hardwood-Look Floor Tiles

Hardwood floor tiles for your perfect look

It's no secret we love wood-look tile designs for cozy interiors with lots of charm, but did you know that there are hardwood floor tiles that are a great alternative to traditional hardwood floor tiles or shiplap walls? These hardwood floor and wall tiles are a great substitute for easily damaged wood! Rather than worrying about refinishing or treating hardwood floors, these porcelain tiles are water-resistant, scratch-resistant, and have all of the rustic beauty of natural wood. When it comes to choosing the right tile flooring material, you can't go wrong with the long-term wear and style of porcelain hardwood floor tiles!

These plank-style hardwood floor tiles come in a wide range of colors, whether you're looking to replicate white oak floors, maple, oak, or cherry. There are also whitewashed or reclaimed styles to create a farmhouse flooring design, chevron wood look tiles for a patterned tile floor, and wood-look hexagon tiles for floors and walls!

Starting at under $5 per square foot, hardwood floor tiles are more cost-effective and budget-friendly than lumber these days. Since they're both low-maintenance and hard to damage, they are also a long-term investment that will stay beautiful for years to come! They're ideal for new floors in your family home, as a long-wearing floor for short or long-term rental units, or offer a high return on investment for home improvements before you prepare to sell.

Outdoor Hardwood Floor Tiles 

Luxury vinyl tiles are popular for floors, but unlike hardwood floor tiles they can easily be damaged by water leaks, kids, pets, heavy foot traffic, and other use. Wood floor tiles are not only attractive for your kitchen, entryway, mudroom, or bathroom but they can be used for both indoor and outdoor use! 

If you're tired of power washing and refinishing your deck or restaining your patio, choosing an outdoor-use tile can be a great alternative! These durable porcelain tiles are approved for exterior floor and wall use, perfect for a new terrace, balcony, pool deck, or front porch!