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Hexagon Tiles For All Your Projects

Add a pop of personality to your floors, walls, or backsplash with the eye-catching design of hexagon tile. This tried and true shape has earned its place among today’s most popular interior design trends. Sourced from various materials like marble, glass, ceramic, porcelain, and shell means you have dozens of small and large floor tile and wall tile options to choose from, including a wide variety of textures, finishes, and colors to speak to your design style. Shop our large selection of Fresh and New floor and wall tiles today and subscribe to our newsletter today to start receiving 5% off your orders!

Eco-Friendly Glass Hexagon Tile for Bathrooms, Entry Ways and Backsplashes

Recycled glass hexagon tiles are among the most eco-friendly building options available today. Aside from their eco-friendly nature, recycled glass tiles are also durable, non-absorptive, and resistant to chemicals, making them low maintenance and an easy to clean option ideal for kitchen backsplashes and hexagon floor tiles for your bathroom or entryway. Enjoy glass hexagon mosaics in a variety of colors, textures, and sizes to best fit your space and style. 

Retro-renovators will drool over our selection of glass hexagon mirror tile styles like the White Deco Hex Glass Mosaic Tile for stunning accent walls, while cozy modern cottage owners will fancy the wood-style look of a Wooden Glass Mosaic Tile. Those in search of a captivating hexagon floor tile bathroom or hexagon tile bathroom wall option will find our Glass Mosaic White & Blue Hex Tile to be a worthy contender.

Large Geometric Hexagon Tile

A modern twist on a timeless classic, large hexagon tiles turn heads in small and large spaces alike, whether you're looking to create a hexagon tile bathroom or ballroom. We have a great selection of oversized Field Tiles in classic, contemporary, and distressed styles you’ll love. We have so many colors, from classic white hexagon floor designs to multicolored styles for a fresh new look! Some of our most popular porcelain floor and wall tiles are our Esagona wood-look designs.

Elongated Hexagon Tile

A timeless pattern is stretched to its limits to create elongated hexagon tiles for contemporary designs. Elongated hexagons look fantastic as floors, accent walls, shower walls, and kitchen backsplashes. This Silver Etched Elongated Hex is a perfect example of a hexagon tile bathroom done right!

Marble Hexagon Tile

We have a large selection of Calacatta Gold, Carrara White & Bardiglio, and Thassos marble tiles. W’re confident you’ll find the material of your dreams in the textures, colors, and patterns for any space. Whether you need floor-to-ceiling black and white hex tiles, a bubbly blue hexagon tile, or prefer the warm tones of a Calacatta Gold & Thassos Tile, our selection of marble mosaics have something for every style.

Patterned Porcelain Hexagon Tiles

If you love wood-look materials, you’ll love our porcelain hex tiles. Available in dark and light shades and distressed textures, our porcelain tiles are a strong, durable, stylish option ideal for high-traffic spaces. You’ll love its water and scratch-resistant nature, and how easy it is to clean. Esagona Intarcio White Tile is an excellent choice for homeowners looking for that perfect wood grain look without the finicky maintenance and upkeep required by traditional wood flooring. If a white hexagon bathroom floor tile is on your honey-do list, the Retro Blanco Hex is the look of your dreams. Continue this white hexagon tile bathroom floor into your shower floors for a seamless, rustic-chic look you’ll love.

Patterned Mosaic Hexagon Tile

If you’re searching for the perfect hexagon tile for your bathroom or kitchen backsplash, look no further than hexagon mosaic tile. We carry mosaic tile in dozens of textures, colors, and styles, making it simple to bring any space to life. Want stunning bold and black tiles? Our Nero Marquina Honed Mosaic is ready to transform your entry hall, mudroom, or shower floor. Or perhaps you’re after a show-stopping hexagon backsplash, in which case you’ll need the intricate and elegant look of White Emerald Weaved Glass.

Peel & Stick Hexagon Tiles

Peel and stick tile is a great option for temporary applications or homeowners seeking less expensive tile backsplash options. We have a great variety of gold, beige, and white and black hexagon peel-and-stick tiles options to choose from. 

No matter what your style or design preferences, Tile Club is your one-stop-shop for hexagon floor tile and wall tiles. 

Hexagon Tile FAQ

Q: Are hexagon tiles hard to lay?

A: Hexagon tiles can be laid very easily! Always lay out your tiles before spreading out your thinset to decide if you want to lay them side by side or end to end. Mosaic tiles are easy to lay out because they are connected by flexible mesh, making it easy to create a seamless pattern across your floor or wall. 

Q: Where should I start my hexagon tile?

A: You should decide where you want to start your hexagon tile when you lay out tiles before applying adhesive. Typically tilers like to start in the center of the installation area, then work out how many sheets or pieces are needed to hit each edge. You can then cut your edge pieces to fit if preferred.

Q: Can you use hexagon tiles for bathroom floors?

A: Yes you can! Tile Club has a large hexagon tile bathroom selection that are approved for floor use. Ideally you want slip-resistant tiles for bathroom floors - hexagon mosaic tiles and tiles under 12” on one side will provide the best grip or wet or slippery floors.

Q: How do you edge a hexagon tile?

A: You can cut the edge of each hexagon tile if you prefer a smooth finish, then trim with a matching or complimenting trim piece. It’s also become popular to leave the hexagon tile edge intact for a geometric detail against a painted wall, or where other flooring is cut to fit. Check out The Best Tools for Cutting Tiles for recommendations based on the material and size of your hexagon tiles.

Q: How do you measure a hexagon tile?

A: Typically you measure a hexagon tile from point to point, or the longest sides of the hexagon. You can also check the Chip Size of Tile Club’s hexagon tiles for extra measurements like side to side.