Collaborator: Nicole Mackelprang

Nicole Mackelprang of Our Lake Point Farmhouse is a content creator who started her platform to document the home build she works on with her husband. She uses her Instagram to showcase their DIY projects to turn a builder grade home into a custom made space. 

Nicole drew inspiration from her designer mother, who spearheaded projects around the house when Nicole was growing up. She enjoys having her own home to design, growing her personal style along with their home improvement brand. 

Tile Club was proud to partner with Nicole on her basement bar remodel. She used our pearly white Mallorca square ceramic tiles to create an airy backsplash that brightened up the downstairs entertaining space. Pairing the white ceramic tiles with DIY open shelving contributed to the open and light basement they wanted to create. 

Check out her website and social media for more DIY projects, and our Podcast Episode about Tile Trends with Nicole.