5 Easy Remodel Projects for a Home Makeover

Hopefully you’ve had the chance to create a comfortable and cozy place at home this past year. But let’s face it, most of us are feeling a little cooped up or uninspired by our interior surroundings. One day you’re loving the trendiest magenta paint color you’ve picked for your bedroom, and the next day it doesn’t look quite as fresh as it once did — or you’re bored of the carpet and light fixtures that often delighted you as you step into your living room but now feel drab and outdated.

5 Easy Remodel Projects for a Home Makeover

This Opal Marbled Glass Hexagon Mosaic Tile is a surefire way to amp up your kitchen style. Patterned tiles are not only functional, but they also lend a punch of personality whether confined to a small spot beneath upper kitchen cabinets or generously covering the wall!

Fortunately, there is a light at the end of every tunnel!  If you’re ready to fall in love with your home all over again, you’ll be happy to discover the many ways you can use interesting decorative accents and surface finishes to elevate your space into something fresh and invigorating. 

Popular for their durability and low-maintenance  properties, tiles have long been commonplace in the home. Now more than ever, homeowners are snapping them up to express their style in new and creative ways, as well as add texture, color and, of course, make a striking statement with bold pattern-play.

That said, tiles aren’t just limited to basic places such as bathroom and kitchen floors or backsplash areas — more and more people are finding interesting way to dramatically transform wall installations, bathtub surrounds, coffee bar stations, fireplaces, stair risers, and turn ordinary surfaces into the focal point of a room.

Mesmerizing patterns such as herringbone, fishscale or hexagon shapes to create a honeycomb effect can transform the look and feel of your overall décor scheme. If you're looking into bringing these feats of clay into your interior environment, it’s important to be mindful of how you use tiles especially with the abundance of choices available. 

There are tons of ways to infuse the beauty of decorative tiles within every part of your living space. Take a peek at our top 5 remodeling ideas to inspire your next home improvement project

1. Create an At-Home Coffee Bar or Beverage Station

Home Espresso Bar Nook and Coffee Station with Floating Shelves and Textured Marble Backsplash

The use of Textured Carrara Honeycomb Hexagon Marble Mosaic Tile in a subtle hexagon pattern and a soothing white base with soft grey veining  is the perfect way to add a textured detail above your coffee bar. To complete your wall niche décor, consider adding open wood shelving to hang your favorite mugs. 

Decorative tiles are all the rage in today’s kitchen, and not just on their usual spot on the floor or backsplash. Even a minor remodel like giving bare white walls a burst of depth and dimension can really amp up the value of your home. That’s the power of the touch of tile… it allows you the opportunity to get creative and rearrange your reality. 

We love the idea of adding an espresso bar or coffee nook as a fun kitchen upgrade (and relatively simple remodel project)! Adding a tiled backsplash, like this hexagon Carrara marble mosaic pattern, creates an easy to clean surface - which is a must-have behind your appliances where dark coffee, sticky syrups, or frothed milk can wreak havoc on painted walls. Pair them with on-trend open shelves to showcase the beautiful backsplash details and display your lovely stoneware mugs with pride!

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2. Mudroom Makeovers to Inspire

Patterned Mosaic Floor for a Laundry Room Makeover

Looking to set your space apart? Our Sand Valley & Thassos Star Mosaic Tile can breathe life even into the most average of spaces. This one-of-a-kind pattern masters the concept of repetition that’s versatile and easy to work with no matter your room’s décor style. 

Mudrooms can feel disorganized and chaotic pretty quickly. If you're envisioning a stylish and efficient space that leads into your living area, replacing outdated flooring with a new design can spruce up your everyday clutter into a refreshed space filled with character.

Hardwearing and durable tiles are a practical choice of flooring for mudrooms, laundry rooms, and other utility areas, as they are capable of withstanding high foot-traffic and daily use. Not to mention, they’re water-resistant and scratch less easily than hardwood - making them a win/win for appliances or sinks that might leak. For homeowners with earthy spirits, neutral tones can add a classic appeal. Even better, incorporating an understated yet striking mosaic pattern will give your close friends major mudroom envy.

A patterned floor - in either beautiful marble (that’s regularly sealed) or porcelain - can create a beautiful segue from your mudroom into the rest of your home, while creating a low-maintenance and stress-free surface in an area of your home that should stand up to high traffic. A mudroom makeover may be just what you need to energize your house cleaning workflow!

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3. Creative and Stylish Flooring Upgrades

Patterned Wood Look Floor Tiles in Geometric Porcelain

This textured Melange Natural porcelain tile provides a durable yet dynamic floor design that can take your interior space from simple to stunning. The geometric pattern is sure to add personality wherever it is installed. 

When it comes to home improvement projects, it’s truly amazing what a difference new flooring can do to the overall aesthetic of your home! And no material delivers on style and durability quite like floor tiles. Whether you are considering redoing your bathroom, living room or kitchen floor surface with marble, porcelain or ceramic, there are many exciting styles to suit any interior setting imaginable. 

If your space is feeling a little dull, take your flooring in a new direction by opting for a mesmerizing pattern to bring in rhythm and visual interest. Geometric shapes in neural tones have a special knack for making a room look richer and more dynamic. When working with neutral colors, you may want to consider a light grout to keep things looking clean. (You can keep it looking fresh even on high traffic floors by using a grout and tile sealant regularly).

Intricate designs in vibrant colors add a lot of energy that’s perfect for giving a room dominated by neutral home decor. When using patterned tiles on bathroom or kitchen floors, think about incorporating the same pattern onto other design elements such as your island or vanity backsplash to draw the eye in, as well as create a cohesive finish. 

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4. Fireplace Refinishing can Transform your Living Room

Modern Bohemian Living Room with a Tiled Fireplace Surround and Wood Mantel to match Exposed Beams

This tiled fireplace surround displays gorgeous Textured Wooden Beige Honeycomb Hexagon Marble Mosaic Tile, bringing timeless charm and sophisticated flair to what is often the main focal point of a room. The wood-look marble picks up the natural wood beams and flooring tiles, tying together living room elements for a beautifully cohesive design. The wood mantelpiece is such a stunning finishing touch!

If you’re not quite ready to commit to a full living room renovation, choosing one focus point to freshen up is a fantastic way of giving your living space a face-lift. Centralizing your tile (especially if it highlights a pattern that’s a sight for sore eyes) to a room's architectural feature like the fireplace lets the pattern create a stunning accent.

When working with tiles, there are different directions you can take to transform a sad fireplace surround into a feature that you, your family and friends will adore. Subtle yet captivating patterns in warm, neutral tones create a contemporary feel worthy of cozying up to year-round.

Tiles are incredibly chic and (as long as they’re installed to fire codes) are a safe and stylish choice for fireplace surrounds. Opt for a star and cross pattern to create a Mediterranean look, herringbone mosaics for a classic touch, pretty pebbles for a cool and coastal finish, or wood-look designs in sturdy porcelain, marble, or glass for a rustic statement. With a wide range of styles and price points, you have endless opportunities for a fireplace makeover that will transform your living room in one step!

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5. Get Ready for Outdoor Living with a Backyard Upgrade

Outdoor Kitchen Grill Backsplash with Textured Geometric Marble Tiles for Outside Use

Want a fresh perspective to your backyard entertainment space? Look no further than our Textured Elongated Carrara Hexagon Marble Mosaic Tile. If you’re looking for a style that pops but also feels clean, sophisticated and modern, this elongated hexagon marble tile is the way to go. 

A backyard upgrade makes it into the top remodel projects list for obvious reasons in 2021! Outdoors are often the best spots to gather with family, entertain guests and enjoy al fresco dining during the warm months. The good news is that outdoor tiles can offer a wider range of design choices - and price points - than a lot of standard pavers, while remaining just as weatherproof.

Adding a couple of comfortable outdoor chairs and layering in throw cushions may provide cozy appeal, but if you’re dreaming of an outdoor kitchen, installing surface covering such as an eye-grabbing backsplash adds a striking design statement to your grill area, outdoor kitchen island, or other cooking and prep areas in your beautiful backyard!

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Getting it right when designing with tile

When working with tile, you'll be pleased to learn that it is one of the more diverse decorative elements available, offering endless designs, price points, and shapes that can be incorporated into a range of home aesthetics to create a look that’s one-of-a-kind. Your design vision can be attained by understanding how simple additions will impact the overall look of your living space. 

Modern Bathroom with an Ocean Glass Subway Tile Vanity Backsplash

A stunning new backsplash can revitalize your bathroom - this Sea Glass subway wall tile adds dazzling detail to a classic brass and wood bathroom without needing to completely redo the vanity or floors.

There are a variety of tiles to choose from including ceramic tiles for wall and floor designs, porcelain tiles that can be installed nearly anywhere, timeless marble tiles, glass subway tiles and mosaics, just to mention a few. Before making a selection, ideally you may want to draw your attention to the light patterns in the room. Take note of spots where the light falls off into darker areas. 

This will influence the color choice of your tile — lighter tones can make these areas appear brighter! Studying designer boards or tile samples in your space can help you determine which direction to go in regards to the combination of color, texture and style that will enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home setting. 

In addition, the type of grout color you pick can have the most dramatic impact on your finished installation. This is somewhat a matter of taste, but grout that seamlessly blends into your tile tends to open up the space and make the room seem brighter. Similarly, darker and thinner grout lines can make an intricate tile design more pronounced.

Brass and White French Country Kitchen with Black and White Grout

Classic white subway tiles + dark grout are a major trend for current kitchen makeovers!

The grout color you opt for relies on what you are trying to accomplish in your design. Are you trying to unify, highlight or create contrast with your tile application? The number of possibilities you have when it comes to the style of tile and the color of the grout is limited only by your creative imagination. If all fails, you can always consult a tile specialist to help you get things off the ground. 

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The endless variety of tile shapes, sizes, colors and textures offer you myriad options to keep things as laidback or as elaborate as your heart desires. Glass mosaic, herringbone, hexagon and subway tiles all lend a sophisticated touch to an outdoor kitchen grill area. 

You can go with one solid color or opt for a combination of two or several hues. No matter what your outdoor aesthetic is, you will find a tile that’s functional and fully accentuates your overall style. 

Laundry Room Makeover Ideas for a Fresh Home Remodel

From laundry room makeovers to fabulous outdoor floors, our interior inspiration galleries have tons of ideas for bathroom and kitchen remodels, patio upgrades, living room refresh ideas, and beyond!


Which of these quick home remodel ideas captured your interest? We’d love to hear what you’re planning to make your home feel like a haven - especially after the last year! See more beautiful ideas for your home, business, or yard in our Design Lookbooks!

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