Find Your Bathroom Vanity and Tile Style

Creating a unique, stylish bathroom is easy with the right tile and vanity pairings. From classic marble tiles  to modern glass tiles, there's a perfect vanity combination to suit every style. Whether you want to make a bold statement or simply add an elegant touch, consider these creative ideas for combining tiles and vanities in your bathroom space. 

With thoughtful planning, you can create a beautiful, timeless look that will be admired for years to come. So let's get inspired and find the perfect pairing for your bathroom!

The importance of choosing a unique tile and vanity pairing can be seen in the above bathroom. A handmade-look high gloss ceramic tile pairs flawlessly with the red base vanity and extravagant marble sink. The space is all-at-once individualistic and breathtaking with minimal effort. That is the beauty we will be talking about in this post.

First, learn the importance of pairing tiles with the right vanity.

Tiles and vanities are two of the most important elements of any bathroom. 

Why? The right combination of tiles and vanity can help tie together the look of your room while providing an inviting atmosphere for your guests!

This pairing should never be underestimated, and we’ll tell you exactly why.

Choosing tiles and carefully selecting complementary colors for your vanity and bathing area is a simple way to create an eye-catching aesthetic. It always you to find ways of getting creative with the placement of tiles which can really elevate the look of your bathroom. Not to mention,  picking out luxurious accents such as hardware, mirrors or decorative trims will make all the difference in tying together your carefully chosen color palette. The two just work together, don’t fight it.

This is an example of how you can use vanities and tile together to create a truly remarkable bathroom transformation. With the perfect tiles, you can bring any design vision to life.  We love the way this bathroom incorporates chic, time-withstanding elements like the brass lighting and mirror with more modern elements like our very own Palisades White Ceramic Picket Tile for the backsplash.

Whether you’re aiming for a trendy style or something more ageless, keep the combination of materials in mind. For instance – why not combine a smooth marble vanity with a glossy ceramic tile for a classic style in your bathroom? This pairing of materials offers just the right blend of texture and design that you can enjoy and will look beautiful for years to come. Plus, these two will ensure that your bathroom retains its timeless charm with little maintenance required. 

Alternatively, you can spruce things up with a minimalist wooden vanity paired with a statement, trending tile. The fusion of these two together can captivate your guests and still provide a cool aesthetic for the future (with easy upgrading if the picket tile trend goes away; wood is always in). 

This luxe-look bathroom is a masterpiece of design that fully harnesses the power of our Emporio Calacatta Blue large format tile and modern contemporary style. Contrasting the space saving urban vanity setup, you have an amazing mixture of materials that create a timeless yet chic design. To top it off, add some sleek modern hardware and ceiling-mounted lighting to give your bathroom an extra touch of sophistication, allowing you to experience all the finer elements of marble without the maintenance of the real thing.

Lastly, don't forget to consider the size of your bathroom and the layout when deciding on the best combination for you. If you deal with a smaller bathroom, try out a large format tile on the walls and floors. This will give a more endless, spacious touch. Then, to save space and further entice the illusion of square footage, add a smaller scale statement vanity to tie things together beautifully. 

Now, let’s get into the details and see ways to pair up unique tiles and vanities properly.

After all, the knowing is in the execution, isn’t it? So below, we ‘ll go through some inspirational combinations that might just spark something within you. Enjoy!

Use the tile as the vanity. 

When in doubt, keep things simple. Use the tile from your walls as your bathroom’s vanity.  This is a great option for our over-thinkers or indecisive designers out there. 

The result is monochromatic yet seamless , and it'll also help you save money - bonus!  

The green zellige handmade look ceramic tiles for the vanity are an exceptional aesthetic choice. The natural, earthy tones of the tile's surface provide a distinct, modern flair that stands out from other designs. The vibrant color pairs perfectly with the wall behind it, creating a unified style that is both visually appealing and distinctive. 
This bathroom renovation has an upscale look that utilizes the Emporio Earth Natural tiles as a central design element. The marble look tiles are carefully selected to match in terms of both color and texture, creating a cohesive and luxurious vibe. The vanity unit is also crafted to complement the overall design of the room, with its pair of marble look countertop bringing out the best in the marble tiles. The mirror frames are also custom-made to match the design, making it feel like one big ensemble.  

Make use of contrast between the tile and vanity.

If you’re looking to add depth and impact to your bathroom, try using contrasting colors for the tile and vanity.  A playful combination of light colors like pink or beige with darker hues like navy or charcoal will make a statement that keeps the eye drawn in.

For a more subtle effect, choose colors from the same family—like cooler shades of blues paired with greens. No matter which combination you choose, make sure to use complementary accessories and fixtures to tie the look together. With a little bit of creativity and thoughtfulness, you can transform your bathroom into a beautiful oasis!

Contrast done right in this pink Emporio Pink Onyx bathroom. It features a unique pink basketweave backsplash that works against the dark black marble floating vanity. Combined with a gold mirror this bathroom exudes luxury and contemporary style.  The white circular porcelain sink and polished brass fixtures add the perfect finishing touch. The marble flooring (sight unseen) ties it all together for a timeless look that will never go out of style. It is sure to be the envy of all who visit!

Find Some French Flair. 

Adding a bit of French-inspired style can add an elegant touch to your bathroom. Consider using items like ornate mirrors, round vanities, and marble details for a timeless look. 

Try incorporating elements such as floral wallpaper or architectural accents to give the room a truly luxurious feel. French shabby chic has an allure to it that’s both romantic and cozy all at once. So, don’t get shy – allow yourself to live out a fantasy novel and create a bathroom of epic proportions!

Did someone transport us to 19th century France? We think yes! This bathroom has all the classical components of French shabby chic. Starting with the french allure of our Gilded Age Blue Tile complementing each wall in this bathroom and paired with a freestanding vintage french vanity. To add even more personality, two small-scale, beaded vintage chandeliers and an ornate mirror frame this beautiful scene. To complete the look, we added white wooden trims around the vanity with floral decadence, and a natural light window to give just a hint of rustic charm. We are so in love with how it all turned out! What do you think?  

Accessorize with Unique Touches On the Vanity.

The vanity is a great place to make a statement. Consider adding some unique touches like a candle, colorful vase, or small bowl of accent pieces, like seashells,  for an element of surprise. Make sure to keep the items you choose cohesive in terms of color and material so that it doesn’t appear cluttered.

When it comes to crafting a tile-vanity combination, the devil really is in the details. Take for instance the above design. It uses a bold, blue vanity and then curates the decorative elements atop it to bridge the gap with the romantic flair of the backsplash tile. The tile itself is a feminine mother of pearl geometric tile (Herringbone Pearl White Thassos Tile) which contrasts with the dark floor tiles. However, using florals and sparkly blue candle holders, the space is balanced and pristine.

Create a Two-Toned Schemed Theme Between Wall Tile and Vanity.

Why not bring the color from your wall onto your vanity ? This is a welcomed touch that makes for a color story that’s easy on the eyes. It draws the focus inward and develops a foundation for your design. Not only will you have a balanced interior, you can find ways to decorate your bathroom around the one color you’ve chosen for your unique tile and vanity. 

Monochromatic waves make this space! The beauty of the navy is a sight to be had. The navy blue herringbone glass tiles on the backsplash match the metallic navy blue inset of the floating, modern bathroom vanity. The sleek chrome faucet and light fixtures complement the look of this modern, yet timeless bathroom. Plus, the glass shower walls and doors bring an airy feel to the space while the deep gray stone floor tiles add warmth and texture. The white marble top of the vanity is an eye-catching piece that ties the whole look together. As a final touch, an oversized white round, framed mirror brings a bold and luxurious statement to the room. Dual tones have truly made its mark in this bathroom renovation!

A two-tone color effort makes this bathroom endearing. The vanity has a neutral, light wood paired with a coral color countertop that complements the backdrops of the built-in storage. All of this pairs beautifully with the Palisades Muslin Ceramic Picket Tiles along the bathroom walls. A tile and vanity combination that  creates a beautiful aesthetic in the bathroom that wouldn’t be possible without the right tile choice. Let your bathroom renovation dreams come to life with a colorful, daring combination such as this one.

Make a nod to mid-century cool with your tile and vanity pairing.

Achieving a mid-century minimalist and cool look in your bathroom can be as simple as selecting the right tile and vanity combination. Consider pairing neutral wood vanities with white subway tiles or mosaic patterned floor tiling to create a timeless yet modern appeal. For added impact, opt for a unique color scheme by choosing pastel-colored tiles in various shapes and sizes. 

Contrast these soft hues with a bold black or navy vanity countertop to create a stylish statement piece in your bathroom space. By combining traditional elements with modern touches, you can create an inviting yet timeless atmosphere that is sure to impress anyone who enters.

This moody blue terrazzo hex tile backsplash (Stormy Sky Terrazzo Tile) complements the mid century modern bathroom’s textured vanity perfectly. The result is a tile-vanity combination that’s undeniable classic and contemporary.  Plus, the patterned tile creates visual interest while completing the look. For a more eclectic bathroom feel, try mixing materials with bold colors to create a unique and eye-catching vanity setup. Consider pairing sleek stainless steel faucets and handles with marble countertops for an elegant touch. 

Wrapping it all up 

From classic and sleek, to funky and whimsical, there are countless possibilities for unique tile and vanity pairings that can make your vision come alive. No matter what style you prefer, the right mix of tile and a vanity can bring out the best in each other while adding personality to your home’s bathroom. 

Whether you prefer a monochromatic look, a two-tone color scheme, or something with more of an eclectic flair, the combinations are truly endless when it comes to tile and vanity pairings. 

Get creative and try out different shapes and colors to create the perfect look that reflects your personal style. With just the right touch, tile and vanity can take your bathroom from everyday to extraordinary.

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