Get Creative Designing with Marble Tiles

Much like diamonds, marble is one of nature’s most remarkably beautiful creations. 

With its grand applications ranging from the Parthenon in Athens to the opulent palace of the Taj Mahal, marble has been the most sought-after material for prestige architecture and luxury interior design. From ancient civilizations to today’s homes and commercial spaces, this stone has long been associated with elegance and luxury - an upscale building style that never goes out of fashion!

‘Marble fascinates us because it reflects the desire to go back to the value of long-lasting materials’, says Italian industrial designer Raffaello Galiotto. Designing with marble tiles is a smart way to always keep your décor vibe elegant and classic, making sure that the design remains timeless year after year!

Calacatta Gold Marble Tile Backsplash for a Gorgeous Kitchen Design

Whether you’re looking to create a wow-effect  with Calacatta Gold Diamond & Square Mosaic Tile or a more sleek design with Calacatta Gold Subway Tiles, this marble is sure to be a major highlight wherever you use it at home!  

When you picture marble as a design element, odds are that you have an impression of large and cold rooms designed with floor-to-ceiling white stones. These days, marble designs can be used for both traditional homes and more contemporary interiors - its all about finding the right material!

While larger white marble tiles have long been a dominant material in design, marble tiles actually come in a range of diverse color variations and size formats for every design sensibility and application. Not only do they come in different colors due to the minerals that are present during its formation, but they also come in different patterns – gone are the days when all marble designs looked like ancient Greek sculptures!

Knowing the types of marble tiles available in today’s design world, and a number of ways to incorporate them into your settings will help you make informed decisions. That’s why we’ve rounded up our favorite types of marbles and ways to use them- get ready to steal some ideas for a ‘marbelous’ project! 


Which Marble is Right for your Design?

Love the look of marble, but don't know where to start? Check out our primer on marble styles and stone origins to find the perfect natural stone from luminous white marble subway tiles to exquisite veining in Italian marble designs, to bold black marble tiles!

Thassos Marble 

Glamorous White Kitchen with Marble Tiles and Natural Wood Beams

This luxurious white farmhouse kitchen gets a sparking upgrade thanks to a combination of sugar white Thassos marble and Mother of Pearl shell details!

Known for its snowy white appearance, Thassos marble is the purest white stone in the world with absolutely no streaks or veins. This crystal-like white marble is named after the Greek island of Thassos where it’s been quarried since ancient times. The unmatched reputation of Thassos marble tiles comes from its translucent beauty that allows light to enter and produce a soft glow similar to a sugar cube! Although it has a captivating luster, the simplicity of Thassos marble tile allows it to blend well with other materials and colors – Thassos is a popular white marble tile choice in waterjet mosaics, Mother of Pearl mosaic tiles, and geometric tiles with many striking patterns.  

Luminous Thassos White Marble Tile Backsplash for a Farmhouse Kitchen with Blue Cabinets

A Thassos marble mosaic backsplash with iridescent pearl details such as Geometric Pearl with White Thassos Shell will carry a luxurious yet unique sense of feminine glamour for any backsplash design. 

Bianco Carrara Marble

Bianco Carrara – usually the first type of marble that comes to mind – is one of the most commonly used marbles in residences and businesses thanks to its affordability and versatile look. Originating from Italy’s Carrara region, this nearly white stone is marked with soft grey veins – it's veining can be darker, lighter, or sometimes even blueish depending on the origin. Its clean look with unique feather-like veining makes Bianco Carrara marble tile an excellent choice for marble bathroom floors, kitchen backsplashes, fireplace surrounds and much more. Once you bring Michelangelo’s material of choice into your home, you bring a piece of eternity!

Designing with Marble Tiles is even easy for DIY Home Improvements with Carrara Peel and Stick Tile

If you’re feeling a little iffy about pure white but adore the clean look of a marble tile, our 2.5” Carrara Hexagon Peel and Stick Tile is an affordable white and grey marble mosaic backsplash option in a peel-and-stick tile format, which is versatile enough to blend in with different colors in any type of décor scheme. That’s right, you can DIY a tile backsplash thanks to genuine marble peel and stick tiles!

Calacatta Gold Marble

Traditional Kitchen Design with Calacatta Gold Marble Subway Tiles

The crisp and refined backdrop created by Calacatta Gold 3x6 Beveled Marble Tile is a quintessential classic to a timeless kitchen décor – it’s adaptable to many styles, including traditional, contemporary and modern and many more.

More dramatic-looking than Carrara, Calacatta Gold Marble tile is considered to be the epitome of grand and luxury design! This marble is characterized with a warm white tone and contains dramatic natural veining in beige, gold and grey tones that vary in size. As a classic Italian marble that is quarried in the Apuan Mountains near Carrara, Italy, Calacatta Gold marble tiles continue to be a mainstay in luxury home design. It has risen to prominence in opulent architecture and cozy homes alike! This marble tile should be displayed prominently in bathrooms, kitchens, hallways, or wherever a stylish elegance is required!

Natural Stone Veining with Calacatta Gold Marble Tiles

This dramatic gold veining is signature to the highly coveted Calacatta marble, making it a top choice for grand interiors. If you want to create the look of a marble slab backsplash wall or floor, large format Calacatta marble tiles like our 10” Hexagons add drama and depth to any surface.

Crema Marfil Marble

Give Neutral Interiors some Warmth with Crema Marfil Marble for French Country Homes

If you’re looking for the perfect solid tones in a backsplash to finish off a charming farmhouse kitchen or bathroom, Crema Marfil Arabesque Tile with Dots is a marble mosaic backsplash option that lends itself to rustic and country decor!

This warm sandy color stone with soft veins is called Crema Marfil Marble – it’s one of the most desirable natural stones thanks to its unique and exclusive character! It has warmer tones than white marble varieties and comes from famous Spanish quarries. Recalling ancient palatial architecture, it creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere when you’re designing with marble tiles. Crema Marfil marble tiles are quite versatile and can be used in many different applications including indoor decoration and outdoor wall coverings. 

This lovely stone is a great element when designing for Mediterannean, Spanish, or Tuscan interior styles, as it naturally complements terracotta accents, earth tone color palettes, and organic elements like potted plants. It can also be paired with natural wood furniture and dried lavender to create the Provence-inspired French Country style!

Warm Golden Stone with Marble Herringbone Tiles for a Cozy Kitchen Backsplash

Our Crema Marfil herringbone marble mosaic tile showcases the beautiful range of warm color in this golden stone, and is a timeless choice for floors and wall coverings, herringbone fireplace surrounds, showers, or backsplash tiles!

Bardiglio Marble

Another famous Italian marble is named Bardiglio, a marble that’s typically known for its deep gray, cloudy look. Quarried in Italy’s Tuscany region, the color of the flowing veins in Bardiglio marble tiles range from dark grey to blackish hues. If you are looking for darker tones while designing with marble tiles, you can use the moody and dramatic natural design of Bardiglio as an exotic choice for marble tile floors and walls, and complete your remodeling project in any style ranging from ultra-modern to classic! 

The range of shades that naturally occur in this dark gray marble creates a cloudy effect that is beautiful in small mosaic chips like penny rounds or hexagon tiles, or creates a beautiful swirl of color in larger format field tiles for a marble floor or wall covering. The colors are a gorgeous match for blue and white in a coastal home design, or can be paired with pops of accent color for a more contemporary look!

Designing with Marble Tile is Easy with Classic Penny Rounds

Bring some drama to  the table, or let’s say your backsplash, with Bardiglio Penny Rounds Marble Polished Mosaic Tile! Whether you love industrial style interiors with dark decor, the retro style of the penny tile, or just want to embrace the trend of darker tones in home décor, we’ve got you covered! 

Nero Marquina Marble

Black and White Hexagon Tiles with Nero Marquina Marble

An ever-classic shape (such as hexagons) in a monochrome marble mosaic backsplash – like our Nero Marquina and Thassos White 6 Inch Hexagon Marble Mosaic Tile – is a timeless choice that works in just about any style interior!

An amazing stone with a deep and genuine black color… Nero Marquina is considered the contemporary interpretation of marble interiors, due to its modern appeal. The strong contrast between the dark black and well-defined white veins brings this classical material into the Twenty-first Century! 

This Spanish marble is quarried from the region of Markina, in the North of Spain and offers a both classic and modern inspired look in design projects. Nero Marquina marble tiles are distinctive for their infinite visual depth and noble quality, and showcase an elegant, luxurious and strong look. 

Whether you love them in a dramatic black and white motif paired with Thassos, or prefer the bold look of large format black marble tiles, this exquisite material can be used in any room that could benefit from bold design! 

Black and White Basket Weave Tile Backsplash for a Classic Marble Kitchen

From contemporary to classic - this beautiful black marble tile has it all! The basket weave pattern is a quintessential part of traditional home design, and adding a Nero Marquina base to this beautiful lattice mosaic tile backsplash adds a splash of drama to an all white kitchen.

Azul Cielo Marble

Get Creative Designing with Marble Tiles with this Mosaic in White and Blue

Waterfall Azul Cielo & Thassos Marble Mosaic Tile Polished combines the airy light blue color with the elegance of white in a rare, eye-catching wavy design for a beautiful backsplash décor, perfect for an upscale farmhouse or Mediterranean style home. 

Unlike many other marbles, Azul Cielo is quarried outside of Italy – it’s an Argentinean marble known for its airy blue color. This marble is named for the blue sky for which it is reminiscent of. Azul Cielo tiles feature a cerulean color with subtle gold veins and green undertones throughout the stone which confirms the beauty found in nature. 

Our favorite way to design with this charming blue marble? As an accent color to a crisp white interior! It pairs beautifully with Thassos marble in some of our favorite mosaic tiles to create an elegant design that is a stunning fit for classic interiors.

Blue and White Marble Mosaic Tile to Create a Classic Home

Wooden Gray 

Wood Look Marble Tile for Natural Stone with Organic Home Design

The warmth of wood with the elegance of natural stone - this beautiful marble material combines natural charm with longevity and durability for a wonderful neutral building material.

This marble – also known as the ‘Wood Stone’ or ‘Athens Grey’ - is a very recognizable material due to its wood grain veining and dramatic linear pattern. Quarried in China, this marble has the impression of a ceramic or porcelain due to its one-of-a-kind wooden pattern. Wooden Gray marble tiles add elegance and originality to every project with their distinctive gray and taupe color look – they work beautifully with various styles from contemporary interiors to rustic modern farmhouse designs. 

It can be used to create an elegant rustic interior style alongside other marbles in mosaic patterns - a fun way to decorate your farmhouse kitchen or cozy cottage living room! Since it’s more water resistant than wood and doesn’t have to be refinished to retain its luster, wood look tiles are a great way to give your home the perfect blend of country elegance.

Farmhouse Kitchen Style with Rustic Wood Look Marble Tile

Roman Flower Wooden Beige and Carrara Marble Mosaic Tile brings the organic décor feature of wood-look surfaces with an intricate floral design that can be used as a beautiful accent for shower walls, kitchen backsplashes or even floors!

Marvelous Ideas to Design with Marble Tiles

The uses for marble are almost endless! Whether you’re envisioning marble bathroom decor for an ultra-modern apartment, a marble mosaic backsplash design for the kitchen of a French Villa, a fireplace surround to match a contemporary style living room or a gorgeous marble tile floor for a Victorian style home or hotel – there is a marble tile to work with all types of architectural styles!

It’s hard to go wrong when using marble in your space; however, to help you choose the perfect material for your project, here are our favorite ways to use marble tiles along with style tips to make your designs stand out!

Spa-Worthy Marble Tile Showers 

Dreaming of a bath as sculptural as it is inviting? A gorgeous marble shower tile design elevates any ordinary bathroom to a spa-worthy space, and creates your own retreat to relax and unwind after a long day’s work. If you prefer a peaceful sense of harmony in your retreat, opt for white marble tiles for the majority of your shower design. To make your home-spa much more welcoming, add an accent wall, shower niche or a bench design with different colors or patterns of marble or other materials that reminds you of your unique style. 

Gold and Marble Subway Tile and Mosaic Shower

Design Tip: Marble shower tile that is used both on floors and walls can be paired with warm metals to balance the temperature and avoid the space looking too cold, such as in this shower where the cool tones of the white and blue in Thassos Octagon with Azul Cielo Squares Marble Mosaic Tile are offset with gold bathroom fixtures! The marble subway tile shower walls are made of Bianco Carrara, allowing three types of marble to harmoniously work together!

Tile Like a Rug

Another favorite way to design with marble tiles is as elegant flooring – whether that be the grand entryway of a business, a foyer that welcomes guests to your home, or a dramatic floor design for a master bathroom or kitchen. One way to really ‘wow’ with marble tile floor designs is to create a rug effect by using marble mosaic tiles in geometric or intricate patterns that look as if tiles are mimicking the pattern of a rug. This foyer designed with Arches Wooden Beige & Bardiglio Marble Tile is a great representation of how marble mosaic tiles can add an instant artistic touch to a flooring design in a very sophisticated way!

Stunning Entryway Design with Marble Tiles in a Mid Century Modern Pattern

Design Tip: Opt for mosaic tiles that mix and match different marbles types or contrasting colors if you want the mesmerizing patterns to stand out even more

A Backsplash for the Chef

Want to design a top-of-the-line chef’s kitchen? Look no further than our kitchen marble mosaic backsplash tiles – there are so many design opportunities to choose from including elegant lantern patterns, classic arabesque shapes, modern penny rounds, timeless chevron patterns and many other mosaic marble tile options for a stunning kitchen backsplash design! This kitchen designed with Calacatta Gold Octagon and Thassos Square Marble Mosaic Tile shows how marble mosaic backsplash tiles can add a stylish touch to a kitchen that looks otherwise so minimal and neutral. 

Neutral Kitchen Design with Marble Tile Backsplash for a Cozy Place to Cook

Design Tip: Pair mosaic marble backsplash tiles with either white, grey or black countertops to avoid having too many competing colors. If there’s more going on with your countertop pattern, then try keeping the backsplash design minimal such as by switching to a marble subway tile backsplash!

Adding other natural elements to complement stone is the best way to keep your decor timeless - live edge wood countertops or open shelving is a great way to style the earthy colors found in stone!


Tile Fireplace Surrounds

If you’re aiming to bring a new hearth into your home or just thinking about upgrading your existing fireplace, a marble tile fireplace surround adds elegance while helping you warm up your space. Whether you’re looking to establish a rustic feel, an eye-catching texture, or a chic touch, marble mosaic tiles can fit a variety of design styles while turning your fireplace into a work of art! Marble mosaic tiles do not only bring a luxurious touch but also captivating geometry, unique textures and modern details such as in this Golden Arrow Marble Mosaic Tile installed around the fireplace.

Update your Living Room with a Marble Mosaic Tile Fireplace Surround

Design Tip: When you want some perspective for your fireplace area, patterns such as chevrons, herringbones, hexagons or even arrows like this tile will offer a more sophisticated look! 

Marble Field Tile

Large scale marble field tiles can be used in a variety of ways including modern walk-in showers, outdoor patios, and commercial designs in retail, hospitality and business settings. They can go basically in any space where marble tiles are desired to cover larger areas. As a great alternative to marble slab backsplash and wall coverings, marble field tiles can also create stunning wall designs with a smooth and seamless finish.

Large Format Hexagon Marble Tiles in Carrara and Thassos

Imagine an entryway floor or lobby with these Selo Grand Hexagon Carrara And Thassos Marble Mosaic tiles for a grand statement with the elegance of marble!

Design Tip: Large marble field tiles emphasize the smooth, clean appearance of the stone particularly when the marble is predominantly white with striking veins against a pure backdrop. When you want to highlight the cleanliness of a décor, opt for white marble field tiles to showcase the stone’s smooth, pure surface on a larger area. 


What do you think - have you found the perfect marble for your next design project? Hopefully we helped with the difference between while marble styles or sourced the perfect black marble for your next project, but take a spin through our Marble Tile collection to see the different designs you can use to find your perfect style!

Modern Mosaic Tile in Marble and Brass

As an eloquent beauty, marble is always shaking up interiors even centuries later through innovative tile designs. From the purest white to the most dramatic black stones, there are many different types of marble tiles– and let’s face it, pretty much all of them are stunningly beautiful and luxurious! Whether paired with traditional details or sleek, modern accents, marble tiles always stand the test of time because when you’re designing with marble tiles, you design with a piece of eternity!

If you could design your home with marble, where would you choose to install marble tiles? Please let us know your ideas, and in case you need any help with your design, please feel free to reach out to us! 

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