Gorgeous Green Home Remodeling Ideas to Freshen up Your Space

It’s the perfect time of year to start thinking about new remodel ideas, exciting home upgrades, and fresh changes to your living space! We’re talking about spring, of course - the time of year we focus on cleaning and decluttering our space to turn over a new leaf! If you’re thinking about taking your interior in an energizing new direction, these gorgeous green home design ideas are here to inspire you!

Carrara Marble and Green Glass Brick Tile Pattern

You’ll feel lucky all year round with these beautiful colorful home decor ideas to inspire bathroom remodeling or kitchen makeovers in our favorite shade of the season! White Carrara marble meets green glass for a geometric brick pattern that will look amazing any time of year!

From soothing ceramic designs to create a zen-like space if you need a place to destress, vibrant emerald green details that add jewel-tone color, passion, and pizzazz to a bold interior, and every stylish shade in between - these gorgeous green tiles are here to make your home feel new again!

Create a Calming Home with these Soothing Green Interiors

One of the most desirable draws of choosing green for your home decor palette is the soothing feeling you can create! Light green shades for your wall color, tile, and home decor can easily create a calming environment if you could use a little more zen in your day-to-day space!

Bathroom Remodeling Ideas with Green Ceramic Artisan Tiles for a Minimalist Vanity

If you love the soft style of Scandinavian interiors, this combination of blonde wood countertops, a porcelain vessel sink, and our zellige tiles in Mallorca Green square ceramic tiles add up to a beautiful yet minimalist bathroom remodeling design! This classic Moroccan technique of creating handcrafted ceramic pieces has been referred to as ‘sequin tile’, thanks to the way the unique surface texture of each piece catches the light! The subtle color and velvety glaze is a perfect pick to create a spa oasis in your bathroom home - who couldn’t use a little more escape in their life!

Thinking of a soothing green cabinet paint? This airy kitchen makes for a relaxing space to cook, gather, and unwind with a glass of wine! The celadon shade on the cabinets was the perfect pick to capture the way light shifted off the sea in this coastal kitchen. The addition of a stunning touch to the classic subway tile backsplash - the combination is at once stylish and soothing in this perfect space with a view of the water!

Sage Green Frosted Diamond Tiles for a Wine Bar Backsplash

Is sage green a little more your style? This soft green-gray color will always add a sophisticated touch to your home, and it pairs beautifully with just about any color scheme! The crisp white cabinets on this wine bar is a stunning combination to elevate your den, indoor entertaining space, or living room! The accent backsplash with our Sage Frost Diamond Glass Mosaic Tile combines frosted glass with a gleaming chrome trim to create an Art Deco-inspired pattern that adds decorative detail to your home in the most elegant way!

Energize your Space with these Bold Green Accents!

Want a space that pumps up your mood and energy? Adding a vibrant pop of color can be an amazing way to boost the energy in your space! Bold jewel tone colors like emerald, jade, or even aqua can contribute to a space that feels airy and enchanting!

jade green glass mosaic tile backsplash will make you feel awake and alert even before you splash water on your face in the morning! The combination of iridescent glass and a lively green hue gives this modern bathroom the perfect mood-boosting ability!

This jade green glass mosaic tile backsplash will make you feel awake and alert even before you splash water on your face in the morning! The combination of iridescent glass and a lively green hue gives this modern bathroom the perfect mood-boosting ability!

Green is the color of nature and growing things - so what could be better than introducing live plants into your home! Potted plants have subtle health benefits when introduced to your living space - especially when you’re indoors all day or starting to feel confined at home. The oxygenation benefits of having live plants in your home can be a wonderful benefit during quarantine, not to mention the social benefits of caring for a plant. For a bonus - start a kitchen garden with potted herbs that you can use to spice up home cooked meals with that farm to table flavor!

Electric Green Glass Mosaic Tile Backsplash in a Contemporary Black and White Kitchen

You can feel the electricity from this Emerald Green Foil Glossy And Frosted Square Mosaic Tile backsplash! Pairing the checkerboard glass backsplash time with matte black cabinets and a minimalist white countertop allows the sizzling color to take center stage - and the undercabinet lighting enhances the dazzling finish on the mixture of matte and polished glass squares in this eye-catching mosaic design!

Gemstone Inspired Green Interior Upgrades

Looking to add a sense of luxury to your bathroom remodel or kitchen makeover? Adding  jewel-toned colors or gemstone details are a fabulous way to add color, shine, and luxe elements to your home!

Glossy Green Artisan Ceramic Zellige Tiles for a Modern Bohemian Bathroom Wall

Glossy green tiles in a rich jewel-tone shade give us all the happy green vibes in this stunning modern bohemian bathroom! The glazed surface of our zellige La Riviera Quetzal ceramic tile adds bold green color, a high-gloss shine, and a beautiful artisan finish to this magnificent marble pedestal sink!

Diamond Aqua Glass Backsplash for a Coastal Bathroom with Green Glass Decor

This Diamond Aqua Glass Pebble Mosaic Tile is a total gem! The pebble pattern in dazzling jewel-like glass mosaic chips is mounted on a mesh backing to make it easy to install this seaglass pattern! Add a coastal flair to your bathroom remodeling plans - along with a subtle touch of glamour - or a chic mint green color to a fresh new kitchen backsplash. The polished glass surface is easy to clean, even with the fun pattern of diamond chips, making this an ideal pick to liven up your bathroom remodel or kitchen with the glitter of glass!

Emerald Hexagon Shower Wall Tile for a Soothing Waterfall Effect

Add the dazzle of emeralds to your shower wall with these stunning glass hexagon mosaic tiles! The mix of greens in this gorgeous gemstone-inspired tile (perfect for a glamorous touch for bathrooms, kitchens, fireplaces, and beyond!) adds a lovely wash of color to any indoor wall installation that could use a gorgeous green makeover!

Go ‘Green’ at Home with Sustainable Building Materials!

HGTV’s Rock the Block with Tiffany Brooks and David Bromstad with Recycled Glass Tile in a Calacatta Gold marble pattern and bold green cabinet paint for a stunning kitchen remodeling idea!

This kitchen on HGTV’s Rock the Block with Tiffany Brooks and David Bromstad combines ‘green’ Recycled Glass Tile in a Calacatta Gold marble pattern with bold green cabinet paint to combine the best of both worlds with their stunning kitchen remodeling idea!

Even if you don’t love green as a color, you can still embrace the sustainable side of home decor! We love the ‘green’ aspect of our Recycled Glass tiles - and the variety of color options! Old bottles come to new life in beautiful patterns for your kitchen, bathroom, or other areas of your home - that’s right, those bottles you toss in the recycling bin really do some good! They’re processed into beautiful tiles that are not only lovely but extremely strong and durable - even for glass! Better yet, they continue the cycle of sustainability, as they can be recycled over and over without loss of quality - so you can feel good about the ‘green choices’ you make for your home!

There you have it! Whether you love the color green - in all the glorious shades available - or the concept of green building and sustainable homes, you can add the fresh feeling of spring to your home at any time of year by bringing in these ideas for a fabulous green home!

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