House of Jade Basement Bathroom Remodel Reveal

We fall in love with everything House of Jade designs, so you can bet we are beyond delighted to help reveal their latest renovation project - a basement bathroom remodel filled with Tile Club designs! We loved working with lead designer Kirsten Krason to find the perfect tiles to suit her vision for an airy yet bold full bathroom in the basement suite of their Utah home. Working with a top designer is a pleasure on its own, but helping that designer find the perfect tiles for her OWN home is just about as fabulous as it gets!

House of Jade Basement Bathroom Remodel Reveal

They just revealed the final design for their timeless and tastefully trendy bathroom remodel, and it is a wow factor at every turn! They managed to incorporate classic design elements in a totally fresh way, from the white and gray diamond floor to the Arts and Crafts style wallpaper design!

Check out the full basement remodel reveal and sources on the House of Jade Interiors blog

Marble checkerboard floor tiles have become the must-have interior design trend, and we love how Kirsten Krason took a softer approach to the classic black and white checkerboard pattern by pairing white and gray. She achieved this elegant combination by combining our Thassos marble field tiles with Carrara marble squares! 

Basement Bathroom Remodel by House of Jade with White Ceramic Subway Tiles and Checkerboard Floor Tiles

The Thassos 12” x 24” white marble tiles were originally chosen for their pure white color and subtle crystal shimmer! The House of Jade design team chose to cut the rectangular tiles in half and pair them with 12” square Carrara marble tiles to create a beautiful custom design! 

The first thing we decided on for this bathroom was the floor tile. From the moment this bathroom was conceived it was destiny for it to have a gray and white diamond floor. It was nonnegotiable. Kirsten worked with the Tile Club to create the perfect pairing of Bianco Carrara honed marble and Thassos white honed marble. Thassos marble is the purest white marble and can be harder to find. When we got the sample of this one we knew we needed look no further.

This fresh take on classic checkerboard floor tiles was perfectly in line with designer Kirsten’s vision for a basement bathroom design that combined timeless details with fresh finishes! They laid out the tiles in a diamond pattern with alternating white and gray to create their ideal bathroom floor and we love how it turned out! The Carrara marble countertop on the bathroom vanity picks up the soft gray tone and veins in the floor tiles! 


Bianco Carrara 12 X 12 Honed Marble Tile

Thassos White 12 X 24 Honed Marble Tile

(shown cut in half for checkerboard floor)

They picked out lighting fixtures and finishes to suit their modern cottage bathroom theme. This design team is unafraid to mix metals, and the overall design beautifully ties in the colors in the bathroom tiles, countertop, and wallpaper! They opted for brushed nickel bathroom fixtures with a gooseneck faucet to complement the honed marble countertop and the soft colors of the white and gray vanity.

One of the House of Jade designer’s biggest priority for their basement bathroom was to increase the feeling of natural light and spaciousness. They were looking for a wall and shower tile that would maximize the lighting in the space, while giving their wall treatment an elegant quality with the handmade look of zellige tile

Zellige Ceramic Tile Shower with White Marble Shelf Inserts from Tile Club

La Riviera Blanc white wall tile 

Thassos White 12 X 24 Honed Marble Tile shelves

They chose our La Riviera Blanc white ceramic subway tiles to add a handcrafted look to their basement bathroom wall. They used our Thassos white marble tiles for the shelving in their shower niche, lining the insets with La Riviera Blanc white ceramic tiles to create gorgeous storage solutions in their standing tub and shower! 

For the shower and wall tile we wanted something that had a very subtle color variation and also a hand made quality about it. We went through several samples from the Tile Club and ended up loving their La Riviera Blanc 2.5 x 8 tile. It is a combination of luxe sheen with just the right amount of organic texture.

House of Jade ran the white ceramic tiles across the bathroom wall and into the vanity backsplash, to create an airy and open feeling even in a basement bathroom without a lot of natural light! Textured metal wall sconces from Hudson Valley Lighting added to the light and bright feeling of the full downstairs bathroom. They chose antique brass for many of the bathroom fixtures, including the wall lights, Emtek door knobs, and robe hooks!

Basement Bathroom Remodel with Marble Checkerboard Floor Tiles and Art Nouveau Floral Wallpaper

They used earthenware jugs and planters to add a natural texture to the bathroom, perfect for arranging seasonal flowers or greenery to bring spring into the chic marble and ceramic bathroom! The linens and towels were carefully chosen to play off the white tones in the wall and floor tiles, with a subtle stripe to add to the elegant country theme!

White and Gray Basement Bathroom Remodel with Marble Floor Tiles and Floral Pattern Wallpaper

They artfully combined the white tiled walls with a dramatic wallpaper - the William Morris floral pattern wallpaper added an Art Nouveau pattern to the bathroom! They tiled the areas most likely to get splashed from the tub or sink, making sure that the delicate wallpaper was well out of the way to avoid water damage! The swirling pattern in forest green, russet, and rose pink brought an Old World elegance to the space that beautifully played off the classic checkerboard pattern on the floor! 

Definitely check out the House of Jade blog for more of their design process and sources for their full basement remodel!

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