Black + Bold Interiors: Creative Ways To Incorporate Into Your Interior Design

Black is the color of mystery, but it can also be elegant, sumptuous, welcoming, and warm. For some, the idea of incorporating black into their design scheme may seem daunting. There's no need to be intimidated by bold interiors. With just a few tips from our team, you'll have your space looking its best in no time!

Once you know how to decorate with this striking yet timeless hue, you can transform every corner of your home into a sanctuary you’ve always dreamt of. We love how the Ionic Steel Rectified Porcelain Tile lends itself effortlessly to this stunning bathroom scheme. 

Adding dark accents to your interiors can anchor the space with a distinctive and intense statement. It tends to have an authoritative feel, which makes it perfect for use as both floor-to ceiling home décor or accenting in different areas of a room.

If you are drawn to moody interiors, goth aesthetics, and the new trend that has taken the design world by storm, dark academia, but aren’t sure how to work this magical color, we are here to solve your inner turmoil. Ahead, we share inspiring design tips on how to integrate black into your design project. 

The Versatility of Black Interiors

With eye-catching and vibrant aesthetics continuing to top décor enthusiasts’ lists, creating a composition for your living space based on dark colors brings an added layer of drama. This bold and timeless color can act as a show-stopping canvas for both daring and subdued colors or anchor an otherwise minimal setting—resulting in a space that’s alive with both elegance and intrigue.

We especially love how this hue complements all sorts of aesthetic tastes and can engage with almost every color to evoke an intimate mood and a mysterious atmosphere. From modern contemporary ideas to eclectic and ever-popular Art Deco design, there are plenty of black interiors that have been beautifully executed. 

 A mix of finishes in equally saturated hues can create beautiful juxtapositions of color and texture, as seen here in a living room designed by Mark Cunningham.

This bold color does absorb a lot of natural light, so it’s always a good idea to ensure that the room has adequate illumination. To avoid drowning an entire room with dark tiles, you can certainly test the waters with an accent wall or frame certain architectural features.

Go all black with walls and furniture pieces

With a considered eye, the addition of bold design elements infuses punch, dimension, and a modern edge to a space. Using dark hues in repetition—wall tiles, key furniture pieces, and decorative accents—works absolute wonders in elevating a design and tying the overall scheme together beautifully. 

Despite its slightly gothic ambiance, this season’s biggest trend, dark academia, is rooted in showcasing dark-toned surfaces and furnishes in a way that provokes excitement and intrigue. Image via: Chloe Dominik

If you want some variation in color to prevent the room from feeling dark and dingy, warmer, lighter touches here and there, such as white, soft gray, and light wood tones, chime nicely with ebony-inspired décor. Additionally, introducing green indoor plants, along with the leafy view beyond, is yet another brilliant way to make a mostly dark interior scheme feel more grounded and absolute. 

Introduce sleek textures for a contemporary look

Introducing sleek and sophisticated textures is where the black and bold theme gets to really shine! Added with taste, shiny dark metal elements in the form of statement light fixtures and gorgeous nouveau wall tiles over high-end contemporary furnishings in moody colors create an atmospheric finish that effortlessly draws the eye in. 

Balance off sleek and smooth surfaces with a careful composition of grainy textures here and there to add discernible contrast and visual weight to the scheme of things. Image: Shelby Girard

Wow with a striking floor design

Dark floors add plenty of character and charm to contemporary and classical interiors alike. We recommend going with a polished sable floor tile and dark grout to beautifully channel a modern contemporary vibe. 

Jazz up the floors with a punch of obsidian! Here, our Nero Marquina and Thassos White 6 Inch Hexagon Marble Mosaic Tile give this entrance a vivacious, unique personality. The repetition of dark colors on different surfaces lends plenty of visual interest without throwing off the cohesive look. 

Opulent and durable, sleek marble tiles are a wonderfully effective way to elevate living rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms. Don’t hesitate to break the austerity of darker floors with furnishings in saturated colors like deep chocolates, sumptuous mochas, charcoal grays, or rich greens for a sense of completeness. Feel free to incorporate gold fittings and fixtures to set the tone for a luxurious and warm space.

A patterned matte tile is a fantastic way to show personality and define a designer-inspired bathroom or kitchen. This classic pairing of contrasting colors packs a chic punch without being too overwhelming. Better yet, floor tiles such as porcelain and marble are easy to clean and care for.

Ensure the room receives adequate natural light

Despite its seemingly bold appearance, a predominantly black design theme can somewhat restrict the size and shape of the room by making it appear small and cramped. The right lighting makes all the difference in emphasizing a sense of space. 

Luxury dining room with Wheel Deco Black Marble and Brass Inlay Mosaic Tile wall art
With its luminous finish, the Wheel Deco Black Marble and Brass Inlay Mosaic Tile allow light to bounce around the room and, in turn, enhance the feeling of space.

When placed well, glass panels and large windows can optimize the amount of light coming in—or install reflective surfaces such as glass mosaic wall tiles to allow sunshine to spread throughout the room.

Design Ideas for Every Room with Black Tile

A perfect base for any décor, raven colored wall and floor tiles are a fresh and visually pleasing way to create bold interiors with zing. Whether you fancy solid and polished, striking patterned, or simple and understated pairing with white, black is a timeless classic that adds a chic touch of style wherever it goes. 

Looking for some inspiration? We’ve chosen a few of our favorite ideas to inspire your next design project:

Black and bold bathroom tile ideas: from shower walls to backsplashes

Now more than ever, homeowners are seeking to create a sense of tranquility in their homes. Having a personalized bathroom can give your home an indulgent feel away from the hustle and bustle of the day. 

Neutrals are commonplace, but if you’re looking for something a bit more intense and vibrant, go for it! Embracing moody hues keeps a space from looking washed out and is both timeless and full of charm. Simple details will tie everything together and give your bathroom a refined look.

  • Large-format tiles for a luxuriously seamless finish.
  • The key to achieving a bold, sleek, and 

    Simply due to their size, Tile Club's Slatestone Black Large Format Porcelain Tile visually broadens the room. Used vertically on the walls, large-format tiles give an illusion of taller and exaggerated walls.  

    Design a captivating floor design with stone effect porcelain tiles that sit in proportion with the room itself. In bathroom design, porcelain is a great performer as its incredible durability holds up well in wet areas. Translate all these qualities to a large format stone effect tile and you’ll have yourself a surface finish that makes the space feel extra special for an at-home retreat. 

    Used with dark grout color, the minuscule grout lines almost completely vanish. For a truly dynamic space that appears unified, pair large-format floor tiles with wall glass mosaics and watch how the opposite sizes play off each other stunningly.

    Pairing the Mallorca Black Ceramic Subway Tile and Spiga Olson Blanco Wood-Look Chevron Porcelain Tile brings variation in color, style, and visual texture! 

    Creating contrast between different room surfaces results in a visually interesting and cohesive finish. For example, a textured porcelain floor tile in a 3D graphic pattern will instantly add a sense of dynamism. 

    Playing off this textured finish with a polished wall application adds a contrasting twist to the overall aesthetic while maintaining a bold design statement. 

    • A bold focal point to accentuate the room's aesthetic. 

    With any room design, it’s essential to have a focal point to which the eye is naturally drawn. The largest defining design element can be an oversized shower, which stands out even more if you tile it with a bold color that's different from the rest of the room. The main design feature can also represent the starting concept on which the rest of the room is based. 

    Modern Black and Both Bathroom with Peel and Stick Tile with Marble Patterns

    Chic and refined, black tiles with striking touches of gold add a sense of luxury to the bathroom. Here, Black and Gold Hexagon Peel and Stick Tile work beautifully with darker cabinets to give the space a characteristic ambiance.

    Think outside a single dark shade and try a multi-toned mosaic tile to make the space feel light and playful. For example, using hexagon tiles in complementary shades can create a look that is distinctive and modernized. This is also a great way to make one area of the bathroom—like the tub surround or vanity backsplash—the focal point. 

    • Create a timeless look with monochrome design 

    The contrast between light and dark offers a stylish monochromatic look. This classic pairing has remained an iconic design—it is bold, sophisticated, and infuses just the right drama into glamorous and edgy spaces alike. 

    A graphic tile look, whether used on the floor or wall, delivers punctuating contrast with a bit of pizzazz without being overwhelming. We especially love how the two colors balance each other: black absorbs light and white simply reflects it!

    Our Magic Black Porcelain Hexagon Tile and Magic White Matte Porcelain Hexagon Tile set against white marble wall tiles with intense veining deliver a chic, sophisticated look. 

    There are endless ways to style this versatile color scheme to make your interior a whole lot bolder. Large checkered floor tiles in a 3d graphic pattern? No problem! Complete the scheme with gold or brass fixtures for a classical look or with an ebony toned bathtub and shiny chrome fittings for a more contemporary finish. 

    Living room tile ideas: sophisticated yet inviting

    In living rooms, tiles can be vivid and unexpected and yet deliver a homely atmosphere. Whether you’re looking to create a mood-inspired aesthetic that leans towards a gothic feel or a bold interior that’s straight out modern and edgy, this mysterious-yet-grand color knows exactly what it has to say and how it wants to make you feel!

    • Enrich the room with a striking accent wall.  A place where we spend the most time with family and friends, our living rooms often express our unique sense of style.  Deeper toned tiles are a modern and chic aesthetic that instantly makes a space look upscale. And what better way to show off the rooms’ brilliance than with an eye-catching accent wall. 

    Pairing gorgeous Nero Marquina 3x6 Beveled Marble Tile with rich upholstery in distinguishing textures, metallic fixtures, and natural stone accents is a perfect way to not only achieve a bold, moody aesthetic but also add inviting warmth.  

    If glam and luxury are your styles, a polished marble mosaic tile adds a more dramatic contrast paired with equally saturated hues such as charcoal gray and deep navy. Choosing tiles in a striking pattern like a hexagon increases the visual movement of the space. The statement wall easily becomes the focal point of the room, adding much-needed depth and dimension to the scheme of things. 

    Black Rectified Porcelain Tile

    Our Kasai Notte Kintsugi 10x60" Rectified Porcelain Tile injects the right kind of pizzazz that will undoubtedly seduce contemporary design fans. Its gold detailing and large size adds both visual allure and extra dimension. 

    A perfect balance of dark and subdued. Bold interiors don’t have to translate into chaotic. Some of the best living room aesthetics find a perfect balance between bold and subdued. Sticking to a dark tile theme to highlight architectural details, such as borders, a fireplace surround, and a decorative alcove creates a cohesive look that feels effortlessly sophisticated. Here, furniture in neutrals like brown, ivory, or taupe can be introduced to accent the powerful prominence of black while adding a warming quality throughout the space.

    Black and white tuxedo bathroom with Nero Marquina honed black marble subway tile

    Combine Nero Marquina Honed Marble Tile with luxe marble flooring and backsplash tiles and you have yourself a super-timeless style that’s always on-trend. 

    Modern kitchen design trends usually point to an all-white theme—but opting for the opposite end of the spectrum can deliver a balance of simplicity and drama that infuses the room with a sophisticated edge.  With careful planning and considered styling, onyx-inspired tile can bring tons of depth, personality, and uniqueness—plus it is resistant to all the splashing and spilling that occur in the kitchen.

    Going floor-to-wall with basketweave tiles is a bold and elegant choice for both contemporary and classical spaces. Add a unified effect that ties everything together with matte faucets and fixtures. 

    • Reinvented black-on-black aesthetic. The dark academia trend celebrates the drama and impact of black by using it solidly throughout the space. You’re sure to make a stand-out style statement when you layer a daring, dramatic, and uber-chic backsplash tile with charcoal cabinets. There is a wide selection of dark tiles that can create an astonishing backsplash, from marble mosaics to reflective glass tiles. 
    Our Bardiglio & Carrara Penny Rounds Polished Marble Mosaic Tile is a perfect example of achieving a bold kitchen interior with colossal versatility and elegance. Paired with white cabinetry framed with a sleek black countertop and an equally striking multi-toned hexagon floor tile, it easily becomes the focal of the room without overwhelming the eye.

    Really get your visitors to swoon by bringing your backsplash tile all the way to the ceiling for greater impact. For a sultry statement, maximize this bold look with a hefty hit of jet color by using the same tiles on your kitchen island. Alternatively, you can pair obsidian wall and floor tiles with cabinets in natural pale wood to add calm to the scheme of things and finish off the look with the warming qualities of gilded metallics. 

    Black and White Basket Weave Kitchen Floor

    Spice up your pantry with checkerboard tile to create depth and interest! From kitchen floors to bathroom backsplashes, our Boulevard Marquina and Carrara tile fits the bill for a moody yet playful interior design.

    From traditional to gothic to ultra-modern, black makes quite an impression in any room that calls for sophisticated flair. Darker tiles, whether added to a small or large space, accentuate the rooms’ surfaces and architectural features with a moody but stylish vibe. If you gravitate toward dark and bold interiors, Tile Club offers a wide variety of tiles to create the design of your dreams! Shop now and sign up to save on all tiles online!

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