Create a Jewelry Box Bathroom with Gemstone Tiles

When we think of adding color to our home, kitchens, bedrooms and living rooms are often our priority. For some reason, bathrooms are not running for exciting color schemes – we like playing it safe with a neutral color palette. While white bathrooms will always have a place in our hearts, there’s plenty of options to add some rich color to energize your morning routine! That’s where jewel tones come to the rescue, to bring the perfect punch of color to reinvent your space! 

It’s hard to deny the allure of jewelry box bathrooms that recall precious stones - from emerald greens and quartz pinks, pearl whites to sapphire blues and onyx blacks. Speaking of high-end luxury interiors, jewel tone décor instantly elevates your space with a gorgeous gemstone finish!

White Marble and Pearl Arrowhead Tile for a Jewelry Box Bathroom

Arrowhead Pearl Marble Mosaic Tile

Jewel colors transform any size bathroom into an awe-inspiring one, while playing up the room’s best qualities. A large and spacious bathroom, for instance, can feel more intimate and luxurious with the intense tones of a sapphire blue shower tile, while a narrow powder room can get a cozy glam look with gold tile behind a small bathroom vanity! Interior designers say that concentrated shades, like teal and ruby red, with reflective accents make you feel enveloped by the color rather than imprisoned by a tiny room.   

The luminous details on jewel-like tile, from pearlescent shells to gemstone glass, can also serve a dual purpose in a small bathroom. Not only can reflective tiles amplify natural light, but they serve as a flattering light source that any beauty guru will tell you is a must! 

Depending on your level of commitment and choice of color, there are a number of ways to enrich a bathroom with jewel tone tiles – you can easily create an impressive bathroom vanity backsplash, or glamorous shower design that turns a bathroom into the hidden gem of your home! The tricky part is finding balance - too little color may go unnoticed, while too much color may take away from the sense of tranquility of your bathroom. Showcasing the right balance without moving away from that spa-inspired look is the key to create a jewelry box interior that blends serenity with colorful bliss! 

We compiled some of our favorite designs to show how you can use these powerful hues in your bathroom, and create something similar and maybe (who knows?) your one-of-a kind jewelry box for your next bathroom project! 

These Jewel Tone Tiles create a Previous Gem Bathroom Design!

Luxurious Gold Bathroom Ideas

Gold Arabesque Mosaic Tile for a Bathroom with a Metallic Shine

Gold Arabesque Mosaic Tile

Nothing feels more opulent than the sparkle of gold, the color of luxury, for bathroom décor that adds a sophisticated allure! Looking to pamper yourself in 5-star luxury? Create a home spa-bath surrounded with a reflective gold glass mosaic tile backsplash to relax and unwind in an elegant space, or turn your tiny room into a legitimate jewelry box with sparkling gold tile behind the bathroom vanity where you’ll enjoy every moment spent while getting ready for the day!

Gold Glass Penny Round Tiles add a Precious Shine to your Luxury Bathroom

If a wall decorated in gold tile feels a touch too over-the-top, why not go down a different path and install a horizontal strip with gold glass mosaic tiles instead, and evoke the same aura of opulence with a modern take? Take a cue from this bathroom where Gold Glass Penny Round Mosaic Tiles are paired with white marble behind the free-standing tub – the result is a design that combines the clean look of white stone with luminous gold for a luxury bathroom that’s bright and inviting! Finally, complete the look with fixtures in warm metals to complement the gold elements and create a space that’s a real stunner!

Designer Tip:  Golden tones run the risk of becoming overwhelming to the eye, therefore, it’s best to pair gold tile with neutrals instead of bold colors in the room - neutral furniture and countertops will help provide space for the eyes to rest! 

Deep Sapphire Blue Tiles

Add a Sapphire Bathroom Touch with Gemstone Patterned Sapphire Blue Glass Tiles

Jewel tone interiors reach a new height with the deep blue inkjet-printed pattern on our 3x12 Celestial Sky Lapis Glass Tile – these agate glass tiles with a beautiful gem look will take center stage in any space they’re installed! 

How about tiles with deep blue hues to bring a soothing touch of glam while activating your Zen, such as in this geode bathroom shower? If you prefer drama with your jewel tones, consider adding an unexpected statement wall with rich blue tiles behind the bathroom vanity, creating a haven of relaxation with a blue agate glass shower wall or dramatic tub surround to dress up a bathroom. 

Geode bathroom décor with the organic pattern of blue gemstone slices is a great way to shape up a neutral bathroom  palette and create a striking transformation. Let the creative color variation on these crystal geode-patterned tiles treat the bathroom like a crown with many jewels – royal and absolutely charming! 

Sapphire Blue Glass and Chrome Hexagon Shower Tiles

While it’s true that lustrous surfaces give jewel tones a kick, there are occasions when matte tiles work too! The deeply satisfying blue and grey tones found in our Sapphire Marbled Glass Hexagon Mosaic Tile add a beautiful touch with a matte finish, when you desire a modern style with deep color! Change your shower’s palette by adding a splash of drama, and let the gem-like details turn it into a beautiful jewelry box! The chrome finish on these unique hexagon tiles is perfect for a metallic shower faucet and glass walk in enclosure.

Sea Glass Tiles for a Coastal Bathroom

It may not be the most precious of gemstones, but who hasn’t been excited to come across a piece of sea glass on the beach? These gorgeous glass tiles are perfect for a coastal bathroom, or to add color and glass shine to any space!

Gemstone Tile with an Ocean Glass Twist for a Glam Coastal Bathroom Design

This marble vanity is elegant on its own, but the Sea  Glass Louvre Blue Mosaic Tile really elevates this bathroom thanks to the vintage-inspired shape of the patterned wall tiles. The glossy finished on these polished glass tiles, combined with the unique pattern of the hand poured colors, adds depth and shine to any room, instantly achieving the glamorous look of a gorgeous vanity!

Lovers of classic subway tile will adore this glass tile alternative! Our Ocean Glass designs are also available in a 3” x 9” option, offering a traditional interior look with the beautiful shifting colors of sea glass bathroom tiles. Our Sea  Glass Blue 3X9 Tile made this natural wood and gold bathroom vanity wall a total winner thanks to the moody hues of the glass tiles!

Patterned Tiles for a Fresh Subway Tile Layout behind your Bathroom Vanity

Elegant Amethyst Purple Bathroom Tile

When looking for a color that’s spectacular and royal, purple is the way to go for a remarkable bath design! Glass mosaic tiles that include the various tones of purple ranging from deep plums to lavenders fill bathrooms with a regal air. Glass purple tiles catch the light in the most luminescent way regardless of the shade you choose, giving them additional shimmer and sparkle that makes it easier to decorate with. Whether you combine with neutral hues to breathe life into a sleek palette or create a bold purple bathroom that’s designed for a queen, these majestic tones are sure to create one of the most vibrant designs!

Amethyst Purple Glass Tiles for a Bathroom fit for a Queen

Purple Foil Glossy and Frosted Square Glass Mosaic Tile

Think purple décor is too risky for you? There’s no need to make a huge commitment to outfit your bathroom with the beautiful shades of purple! Take a look at this bathroom design to see how the décor lends itself to an incredibly luxurious look with purple tiles only around the tub and inside the niche, by improving the pale wall space decorated with white tiles and very minimal lines. Amethyst tones in this bathroom are playing a small role, but their presence does not go unnoticed!

You can easily make this style feel perfect for a contemporary bathroom by pairing rich purple tiles with ultra modern sinks and finishes. This all white bathroom with our Plum Foil Glossy And Frosted Square Mosaic Tile keeps the color focus on the dramatic vanity backsplash tile, with minimalist - almost futuristic - vessel sinks and black faucets and lighting fixtures to introduce contrast.

Modern White and Bathroom with Plum Purple Tiles

Designer Tip: Complete the look with rich metallic accents for modern glamour, or spin it rustic with wooden furniture and accessories for a gray and purple modest look.  

Semi Precious Aquamarines

Not into bold, vibrant colors? Try more subdued hues like aquamarine or seafoam blues – they are bright, iridescent, and impossibly fresh to create small bursts of drama and glam throughout the room! Once a popular mid-century color that was the height of style, these shades have been getting more popular lately for decorating colorful bathrooms in any aesthetic. Calming and peaceful, can you see how this hue can exuberate classiness and happiness at the same time?

Aquamarine Wall with Gemstone Glass Tiles for a Jewelry Box Bathroom

You can play with this calming hue without fear, but we recommend keeping it on only one wall such as in this beach-inspired powder room with Diamond Aqua Glass Pebble Mosaic Tile as the focal point. If you want to keep it less visible, look for the narrowest wall in your powder room, consider it behind the bathroom vanity with an oversized mirror, or run a strip across the shower to complement your existing décor. Pair with brass pulls or stainless-steel bathroom fixtures for a space that’s most accurately described as a jewelry box! 

Designer Tip: To add some romantic contrast to your aqua blue tiles, muted shades of pink and peach tones can add just the right amount of sophistication when incorporated through rugs, shower curtains, towels or even a patterned footstool!

Emerald Green Tiles 

Your shower could use a little of the jewel tone love, too! Gemstone glass shower tiles are a great choice, thanks to their easy to clean surfaces and the non-porous material. You can combine the perks of a low-maintenance material with a totally gorgeous design for your shower walls and floors with a wide range of stunning mosaic tiles.

Emerald Hexagon Glass Tiles for a Shower Accent Wall

This glossy emerald green glass mosaic tile adds the perfect crystal finish to a small shower stall or a stunning accent tile to a large walk-in spa space! The reflective qualities of glass, combined with the mix of green shades in this stunning mosaic pattern, is a great way to amplify the feeling or light and space in your bathroom!

Sumptuous Silvers

While we all love warm metals, there is something about silver tones that’s so soothing and elegant. Silver always adds polish to bathrooms with a sophisticated detail, and its timeless elegance can be worked in any size of room no matter the color scheme. But if you’re going to play with shimmering silver tile in the bathroom, get ready to make a big style statement – in other words, go big or go home!

Old Hollywood Luxe Jewelry Box Bathroom with Gray and Silver Tiles in an Art Deco Pattern

To bring real sparkle, choose silver tile to dominate one large wall – such as in this design where the statement wall with Gray Deco Fan Glass Mosaic Tiles creates a glowing room of jewel tone heaven! Silver glass reflects light and can open up a space, giving a dull room an unexpected touch. Small powder rooms are also perfect to style with luminous silver tiles – you can instantly bring an intricate effect with geometric silver tiles, or even push the limits with a dimensional illusion using 3D tiles and give your guests something to talk about!

Silver Glass Hexagon Vanity Wall Backsplash for a Modern Minimalist Bathroom

Silver and chrome can also feel modern and contemporary, depending on how you style them! This minimalist bathroom uses rich color and metallic shine to make a statement without fuss, pairing charcoal gray and plum purple details with our Glossy Silver Hexagon Glass Mosaic Tile to give a small bathroom an airy feeling thanks to the amplified light!

Designer Tip: It’s always best to stick with one dominant metal – such as silver tile in this case – and bring one or two other accent metals throughout the room. Silver is already a simple and powerful hue, so unless what you want to achieve is a shabby chic style, or create an atmosphere of the palace at Versailles during the eighteenth century, avoid bringing in too much gold with excessive use of colors! 

Rose Quartz Pinks

On the other side, soft pinks are ideal for someone searching for a light color to finish off a bathroom without going overboard! Coming in a range of candy-colored shades, pink tiles offer a playful detail in an uplifting way that can be seriously chic, bohemian cool or even edgy depending on how you style them!

Pretty in Pink Girl's Bathroom with Gemstone Glass Tile

Don’t you think this bathroom looks positively divine with Diamond Pink Glass Pebble Mosaic Tile in this cheery color?  These pink tiles add a modern twist to any wall with a crystalline diamond effect that’s intricate and beautiful. The subtle tone of rose quartz pink tiles have just enough presence to be impactful if you’re hesitant to commit a stronger color like magenta or fuchsia. Whether you want to create a fairy-tale inspired space for a kid’s bathroom, or a romantic focal point in your master shower, jewel pink tiles are sure to add a ‘smile’ on any bathroom’s face!

Blush Pink Glass Tiles for a Vintage Jewelry Box Bathroom Wall

Had something a little more sophisticated in mind? This vintage bathroom with our Blush Frost Diamond Glass tiles is a dream for little girls all grown up! The claw foot bathtub and crystal chandelier can appeal to the girly style lover and the pink hues in the frosted glass and chrome tiles adds warmth and femininity.

Designer Tip: When in doubt, white is the easiest color to pair with any shade of pink, from blush to fuchsia. Pink with sapphire blue, on the other hand, creates a more jewel-toned effect, toning down the feminine color while keeping the maximum color impact! 

Onyx Blacks

If you’re trending towards the darkest design palette, black jewel tones can be the edgiest touch to a bathroom design that leaves a long-lasting impression. Thinking of textured black tiles for a bathroom wall or glossy black shower tiles for a minimalist décor? Black jewel tones are sure to evoke confidence, sophistication and style. Plus, think about the traditional ‘little black dress’ – it will never go out of style or look dated!

Smoky Quartz Bathroom Tiles with Dark Glass

Ash Foil Glossy and Frosted Square Mosaic Tile

While saturated and dark hues run the risk of overpowering large rooms, black tiles work best in small to mid-sized rooms to produce the best contrast and dimension. In small bathrooms, it’s worth covering one surface with black tiles- whether that be the floor, ceiling or a statement wall – to add help open up the space. Yes, dark tiles can surprisingly make the room feel a lot larger by adding a great deal of depth and dimension in an unexpected way! Glossy black glass tiles add a reflective surface to the room, and tiles with a matte surface carry a contemporary style that looks a little futuristic, though additionally, they’re both great at hiding dirt! 

Modern Bathroom Wall Tiles for a Jewelry Box Bathroom in Black Obsidian

This statement wall and water-resistant bathtub surround with Obsidian Black Herringbone Glass Tile makes this modern bathroom feel larger by reflecting light. 

Black Diamond Glass for a Jewelry Box Bathroom with Masculine Style

Black glass tiles and jewelry box bathrooms don’t have to feel feminine to capture the sparkling sense of style! This black and bold tile option might be a great choice for a man cave or masculine bathroom style, with a stunning black glass pebble effect that captures that gemstone detailing.

Designer Tip: Black tiles require good lighting - if natural light isn’t present then particular care must be paid to creating dramatic lighting in the room with artificial light. Crystal sconces and metal candlesticks can complete the interior while also creating a fairly intimate lighting too!

Pearly Whites

More opulent than your basic white tiles, we love how the sparkling Mother of Pearl tiles add a glamorous jewel touch to a classic neutral bathroom! White sets the stage for a clean look, but it’s the iridescent shine of shell tiles that takes white bathroom décor from ordinary to showstopper! Thanks to their reflective quality and versatile look, Mother of Pearl tiles can be a beautiful accent behind the bathroom vanity , a luxurious touch in a water-resistant shower or a glamorous accent wall. 

Marble and Pearl Waterjet Tiles for a White Jewelry Box Bathroom

With their stunning hues that shine on their own, shell tiles can also add some coastal vibes or Mediterranean feel to a bathroom - perfect if you don’t see sunny weather all year around. You can bring a touch of sunlight from the beach by dressing up the bathroom vanity area while adding a feminine touch to the walls.  For powder rooms, which come with a smaller footprint than a full bathroom, you can select higher-end tile such as Pearl Flower White Marble & Mother of Pearl Waterjet Mosaic Tile to display stunning designs without breaking the bank!  

White Mother of Pearl Oval Shell Tiles for an Iridescent Shower Tile

They’re just as gorgeous all on their own, like this dazzling shower wall with our White Mother Of Pearl Oval Mosaic Tile! The water-resistant non-porous shell is surprisingly hardy despite its delicate shine, making it a natural choice for areas that regularly get wet.

Earthy Jewel Tone Bathroom Tile with Topaz Pearl Notes

Even earthy shades like topaz can get the jewelry box bathroom treatment with the shine of Mother Of Pearl Wild Triangle Mosaic Tile!

If you’re looking for ways to turn your bathroom into a color-filled self-care space, the attention-grabbing hues of jewel tone tiles may be what you need for a vibrant bathroom design. While we all love light and bright when it comes to bathroom décor, don’t we have a soft spot for those rich, gem-inspired colors and the allure they bring to our space? 

Jewelry box bathroom designs can be the next best thing to satisfy those gem cravings in your home – whether you’re fascinated by the upscale amethysts, opulent golds or cheery pinks in décor. Bring in a jewel shine with colorful tiles, and create a bathroom that reflects something totally precious!

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