How to Create the Marble Bathroom Style of your Dreams

For centuries marble has withstood the test of time and proven itself as a timeless building material and a staple within modern design styles of every era. Even if you aren’t a fan of the centuries-old floor-to-ceiling marble bathrooms, today’s marble tiles boast fresh and new design patterns, sizes, and a mixture of materials, to seamlessly complement dozens of design aesthetics.

Today, we’ll walk you through some of the most popular variations of marble stone used to make bathroom tile and how they’ve been reimagined to complement current and evolving trends for 2022 homes!

Gray and white checkerboard floor for a marble bathroom

House of Jade’s recent marble bathroom floor tile reveal uses a combination of  Tile Club’s Thassos White Marble Tiles and Carrara marble squares for a classic checkerboard floor pattern!

We’ll also share five things you should know about marble tile when considering what marble bathroom ideas will work best for your lifestyle.

Looking for a quick primer? Check out our visual guide to different marble types!

White Marble Tile Bathrooms

There is no doubt that white marble tile bathrooms are a foundation for chic, luxurious residential and commercial design, but all too often we hear the question: should you use white marble tiles in your shower? To this, we say, yes! With a little extra effort to keep them cleaned and sealed, you can enjoy beautiful white marble bathrooms and shower for years to come.

Carrara Marble Bathroom and Shower Tiles

Looking for a creative shower tile idea to upgrade your morning? A patterned tile shower floor can certainly do the trick, like this marble herringbone mosaic-tiled shower floor and Calacatta Gold Honed Marble Bathroom Wall Tiles.

For instance, using the right marble cleaning products make it easier than ever to keep marble shower tiles clean and stain-free, allowing you to maintain the look of your white marble tile bathroom and shower tile for years to come. 

Also, strategically planning your white marble tile bathroom can minimize the potential that you notice any of the possible discolorations that may naturally occur, like using a textured or patterned marble shower floor tile rather than smooth slabs.
Now, let’s dive into the different white marble tile options you can add to your list of marble bathroom ideas!

Calacatta Marble Bathroom Tiles

A distinctive and luxurious marble sourced from Italy, Calacatta marble boasts light gray veining with notes of gold and amber and dates back to classic Rome. Calacatta Gold marble is a gorgeous white stone with more prominent gold and gray streaks varying in thickness and pattern. Their signature veining is a significant draw for this favorite of interior designers like Nate Berkus and Amber Interiors!

Calacatta Gold Marble Penny Tile Shower

Choosing a patterned marble bathroom floor tile or wall tile like this Calacatta Gold Marble Round Penny Tile can mask discoloration or stains caused by hair products, standing water, iron, or mineral deposits natural to your water. 

Marble Bathroom Wall with Herringbone Mosaic Tiles

A Calacatta Gold Skinny Herringbone Mosaic Tile provides a gorgeous backdrop to a warm and welcoming guest bath.

Carrara White Marble

Sourced from the Carrara quarries of northern Tuscany, Carrara White marble is famed for its use in the construction of several notable Italian monuments and buildings, including the Basilica of Massa, the Pantheon, and countless sculptures. Carrara marble features gorgeous gray veining atop a gray and white base.

Carrara Marble Cloud Mosaic Tile for Bathroom Floors and Walls

Approved for shower wall and floor use, this Carrara Clouds Marble Mosaic Tile provides the perfect backdrop for a sacred space designed to help melt away the stresses of the day.

Textured Carrara Marble Subway Tile Bathroom Wall

For a marble bathroom wall tile bursting with texture, the Carrara Dots Etched Subway Tile is a proven winner.

Carrara Marble Hexagon Bathroom Floor Tile

We just can’t help ourselves! These Victoria White Carrara Hexagon Marble Bathroom Tiles are just too gorgeous not to share. Install these on shower walls or floors for a magnificent marble bathroom design you’ll want to soak in all day long. Thanks to the mosaic details of this hexagon floor tile, it’s slip-resistant and safe for a wetroom environment!

Thassos White Marble

Known as one of the “whitest marbles in the world,” Thassos White is a dolomite marble sourced from the Grecian quarries and used to construct the ever famous Parthenon in Athens, Greece.

This white has a subtle shimmering crystal quality that adds a gorgeous glitter to your bathroom!

Crystal White Thassos Marble Bathroom Tile

Simple and clean, these 10 Inch Thassos White Marble Hexagon Tiles make the perfect marble bathroom floor and wall tiles to emphasize a gorgeous soaking tub, walk-in shower, or hand-picked accents.

Mid-Century Modern Bathroom Tile with a Marble Pattern

Love the simplicity of Thassos, but don’t want to go overboard with white? Try a patterned Thassos tile, like this Sand Valley and Thassos Leaf Marble Mosaic Tile!

Thassos White Marble Bathroom Floor

If subtle beauty is your thing, Thassos Marble Mini Arabesque Mosaic Tile is the tile for you! 

Gray Marble Tile Bathrooms

Whether you love a soft and cloudy gray to create a calming spa-like bathroom, or you want to punch up the drama, a gray bathroom can be the way to go! This gorgeous color is a natural choice for a soothing space in your home, and there are gorgeous natural materials that can help bring your gray interior to life!

Bardiglio Marble

Another Italian marble, Bardiglio marble takes the best of light, dark, and silvery grays and brings them together to form a breathtakingly beautiful tile option for your new marble bathroom. The deep gray veining in this darker stone is a beautiful way to add a dose of drama to your bathroom walls or floors!

Dramatic Bathroom Tile with Dark Gray Bardiglio Marble

Indulge yourself with the breathtakingly beautiful design of a Bardiglio marble tile, like this Excalibur Bardiglio & Carrara Marble Waterjet Tile, approved for shower wall and floor use. The combination of Carrara and Bardiglio marbles creates a layered color scheme of pale and stormy gray tones!

Gray and White Marble Diamond Patterned Bathroom Wall

Don’t be afraid to play with patterns and color in your next marble bathroom wall tile renovation. This gorgeous Bardiglio & Carrara Diamond Marble Mosaic Tile shows you exactly how to do it!

Blue Marble Tile Bathrooms

We know what you’re thinking - there’s naturally blue marble? That’s right! These dreamy shades are not a bright and bold tone, but they can be the most romantic way to add a little hazy blue color to your bathroom.

Blue Celeste Marble

From the quarries of Brazil and Eastern Europe comes Blue Celeste, a baby blue marble capable of turning any fixer-upper into a relaxing and luxurious country getaway, and a perfect addition to your list of marble tile bathroom ideas! If you love blue and white interiors, it pairs beautifully with Thassos marble in some of our favorite marble mosaics!

Blue and White Marble Bathroom with Diamond Pattern Details

This Thassos Diagonal Square and Blue Celeste Marble Tile is the perfect combination of elegance and simplicity for an easy-to-clean marble bathroom wall tile you’ll love to show off. This classic home combination is a beautiful way to dress up your master bathroom, walk-in shower, or powder room!

Azul Cielo Marble

Sourced from the quarries of Argentina, Azul Cielo marble is a light-reflecting stone famous for its shine and natural, blue sky-like color. This is another type of stone that’s gorgeous on its own but also is a natural complement to white marble for a beautiful color combination!

Blue and White Marble Hexagon Bathroom Floor with Shiplap Walls

Marble bathroom floor tiles like this Thassos and Azul Cielo Double Hexagon Marble Mosaic Tile are the perfect way to spruce up a master or guest bath!

Blue and White Marble Shower with Mosaic Details and Brass Bathroom FixturesOne of the greatest aspects of marble bathrooms is that you can mix and match the marble you use, and the result will be a gorgeous, timeless bathroom design! Just take this combination of Thassos Octagon With Azul Cielo Squares Marble Mosaic Tile paired and Bianco Carrara marble subway tile!

Cream & Beige Marble Bathroom Tiles

If you’re dreaming of a warm and cozy bathroom design, starting with cream and beige tiles is the way to go! 

Crema Marfil Marble

Crema Marfil is sourced from southeastern Spain and is widely known as the world’s best-selling beige marble. Like many other types of marble, each slab of Crema Marfil marble is unique, making it easy to add a one-of-a-kind look to your marble tile bathroom. It has a warm undertone with white veins through the creamy base, creating a natural choice for a French Country bathroom or a Tuscan interior!

Beige Bathroom Design with Crema Marfil Marble

Create a marble bathroom destined to stand out from the rest with a Textured Crema Marfil Chevron Marfil Mosaic Tile, approved for shower wall and floor use.

Patterned Warm Neutral Marble Bathroom Tiles

If Crema Marfil marble tile could speak, we think it’d say, “have fun with it!” This Sails Crema Marfil and Carrara Etched Marble Mosaic Tile certainly did, and we love every inch of it! And since it’s approved for shower wall and floor use, you can create a genuinely stunning marble tile bathroom and shower space you didn’t know was possible!

Sand Beige Marble

Sourced from the quarries of Turkey, Sand Beige marble is a beautiful neutral marble tile option to serve as a backdrop to a walk-in shower, soaking tub, or custom-made wall-length vanity.

Neutral Bathroom Floor with Marble Mosaic Tiles

Another gorgeous neutral marble bathroom floor tile option is the Sand Valley and Thassos Wave Marble Mosaic Tile, a gorgeous blend of Thassos White marble and crystal sand tiles in an elongated octagon pattern approved for use on bathroom or shower walls and floors.

Black Marble Bathroom Tiles

Give your bathroom a dose of drama with black marble! Dramatic black stones with natural white veins have become a must-have trend for bathrooms, from floors to countertops to showers! Whether you add an accent wall for a pop of black marble,or want to go all out with black marble surfaces, you can find the perfect fit for your style!

Nero Marquina Marble

Want a marble tile bathroom idea that makes a statement? Just add Nero Maquina marble! Sourced from northern Spain, Marquina Black marble is a high-quality black stone marble with the power to demand the attention of anyone who enters the room.

Black and White Marble Basket Weave Tile for Bathroom Floors and Walls

Approved for shower wall and floor use, the Boulevard Nero Marquina and Carrara Marble Mosaic Tile is a dramatic yet elegant marble bathroom tile sure to impress you and your guests every time you lay eyes on it.

Black and White Hexagon Marble Tiles for a Modern Bathroom Backsplash

The mid-century, contemporary vibe of this Nero Marquina and Thassos White 6 Inch Hexagon Marble Mosaic Tile would look amazing as a floor, wall, or backsplash marble bathroom tile. 

Wood-Look Marble Bathroom Tiles

Now you can enjoy the look of natural wood without worrying about water damage with a wood-look tile from Tile Club! As gorgeous as a shiplap backsplash or a hardwood bathroom floor might look, splashes from your sink, bathtub or shower can easily cause natural wood to warp and swell. Unlike wood, marble wood-look tiles are much less porous, meaning they aren’t damaged by water in the same way. Wood-look tiles are a great alternative to the real thing when you want to add rustic charm or California casual beauty to your bathroom without worrying about damaging your walls and floors!

Wood look marble bathroom floor tiles

This Plaza Wooden Beige Marble Mosaic Tile makes it easy to add those wood and earth tones to your bathroom for a calm aesthetic you can relax in after a long day.

Wood Look Scale Mosaic Tile for a Marble Bathroom Floor or Wall

This stunning Fan Wooden Beige Marble Mosaic Tile combines the best of building material, wood texture, and unique pattern for a one-of-a-kind marble tile bathroom idea you’ll be giddy to complete.

Lean into the look and texture of natural wood with the Silvery Grey Triangles Wooden Beige Marble Mosaic Tiles

Lean into the look and texture of natural wood with the Silvery Grey Triangles Wooden Beige Marble Mosaic Tiles from TIle Club.

Be sure to browse all of our wood-look marble tiles to find the style, pattern, shape, or size best suited for your next marble tile bathroom renovation project!

Mixed Material Marble Bathroom Tiles

Adding texture and materials to your bathroom renovation is made easy with mixed material marble tiles from Tile Club! Here, you’ll find a gorgeous combination of marble mixed with glass tiles, mirror tiles, Mother of Pearl, and more! 

Mixed media tile with Mother of Pearl and white marble for a glamorous modern bathroom


Here’s a gorgeous combination of pattern and material of Herringbone Pearl White Thassos Marble and Shell Tile, approved for shower wall and floor use.

White Marble and Green Glass Mosaic Tile

A mixture of Carrara Marble & Green Glass Tile makes for a unique and captivating bathroom backsplash.

Marble and Mirror Mixed Media Tile

Simple yet dazzling, the Mirror Ribbon Carrara & Mirror Mosaic Tile is all you need to create a wow-effect in your next bathroom remodel.

Marble and Antique Mirror Diamond Tile Design

Dress (your bathroom) to impress with the sophisticated design of this classic Arrowhead Antique Mirror Glass Marble Mosaic Tile!

White and Gold Diamond Pattern Tile for a Luxurious Bathroom Design

Wondering what marble tile bathroom design to go with? Just follow the arrows of the Golden Arrow Marble Mosaic Tile!

Five Things to Know About Marble Tile Bathrooms

1. Marble Tiles are Easy to Clean

While marble tiles do require more maintenance than some other tile materials, you’ll be glad to know that they are easy to clean with the proper marble cleaner and prove to be a long-lasting, worthy investment for your residential or commercial property.

To clean your marble tiles, we recommend steering clear of harsh, acidic cleaners or abrasive scouring pads, as they can scratch the surface of your marble tile. Instead, use a dedicated marble cleaner and soft cloths or mops to clean your marble. Clean up any sign of dirt or debris quickly and regularly to keep it looking new, and deep clean once per month with a pH-neutral, soapless cleaner.

2. Marble Floor Tiles Conduct Radiant Heat Well

Like peanut butter and jelly, marble bathroom floors and radiant heated floors just go together. Marble stone can effortlessly absorb and radiate natural or radiant heat to warm your toes. Now that’s an added benefit we could all use on a chilly morning.

Calacatta Gold Marble Hexagon Marble Bathroom Floor Tiles

You’ll love how your radiant heat marble floor feels on a bitterly cold winter’s day. Pictured here is Tile Club’s Calacatta Gold Honed Hexagon Tile.

3. Marble is Resilient

Aside from marble’s natural ability to bring elegance and luxury to any space, marble is one of the only tile materials that can be resurfaced, repolished, and repaired for a long-lasting, gorgeous building material you can marvel at for years to come!

4. Marble Tile Should Be Sealed Regularly

Since marble is a naturally porous material, marble bathroom floor tiles are more likely to absorb standing water, liquids and show any mineral build-ups coming from your water, which could lead to discoloration. For this reason, a marble tile sealer is highly recommended to prevent staining and water absorption. This is especially important for marble shower floor tiles, to help prevent discoloration or oxidation from regular exposure to standing water.

Mandala Patterned Etched Marble Tiles for Bathroom Wall Designs

Always check a tile’s area of use before installation! For instance, this gorgeous Antique Circles Etched Marble Tile is approved for shower walls but not for shower floors.

5. Always Check Area of Use Before Ordering or Installation

When choosing marble bathroom floor tiles or shower tiles, we always recommend checking the area of use first, which can be found under the description of any marble tile available at Tile Club.

At Tile Club, we pride ourselves on making it easy for customers like you to find the marble tile bathroom ideas, inspiration, and products to bring your marble bathroom dreams to life. Shop our entire selection of marble bathroom wall tiles and floor tiles today to see how incredible our marble bathroom tile selection truly is!

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