Small Bathroom Ideas To Make The Most Of Your Space

When it comes to designing a small bathroom, it may seem like a hard task at hand; however, it’s quite the opposite! There are so many ways that you can really customize your small bathroom layout to not only make your room  feel larger but truly unique to you. Today, we go through several different small bathroom ideas that will help inspire you to rethink what’s possible with your situation.

Open and airy bathroom with Calacatta Gold marble subway tiles

A small bathroom remodel that uses natural light, storage, and a wet room concept to maximize space and create a super stylish design in the process. Using a half glass shower frame, timeless Calacatta Gold marble wall tiles and a stunning wood look porcelain floor tile, the result is a bathroom for the books.

Small bathroom ideas to make the most of your space 

In a small bathroom, become a storage guru 

When it comes to a small bathroom makeover, there’s one thing that should be at the top of your list: storage options. Lots of them. Sure, having storage baskets or organizers in any given room is an obvious choice, but when placed strategically within a smaller scale space? The results are game-changing! 

As New York City based interior designer Anais Chaumien told The Spruce: “Storage boxes and baskets are your best friends if you can't add furniture…Choose neutral colors for the boxes and baskets so as not to overwhelm the space.”

Bathroom Wall with Fabrique Blue Grey Chevron Glass Mosaic Tile Behind the Floating Vanity

Our Fabrique Blue Grey Chevron Chevron Glass Mosaic Tile works wonderfully in this smaller scale bathroom to complement the bold white marble vanity. The sleek, black lacquer below-the-sink storage ledge keeps a captivating contrast to the porcelain soaking tub, and gray porcelain floor tiles to make the space look far larger and open.

There are many different ways to freshen up and tame your space with the right small bathroom organization. We’re fans of the modern approach, where your small bathroom vanity has a two-in-one streamlined function; wash and stowaway. The double vanity sink allows you and your family to navigate busy mornings without interruption, while the floating ledge allows you to easily store bath towels, linens, and other necessities. What’s more, there are so many ways to design the setup inside the bathroom to fit your own personal aesthetic. 

Marble countertop vanities paired with chevron glass backsplash tiles can make for a very expansive feeling to further scale the space, making it appear larger. Knowing the right small bathroom tiles to complement the storage solution gives you so much more power. 

A charming small modern farmhouse bathroom gets a rustic touch with our Tribeca Mixed Planks Tile. With a multitude of neutral colors, and a horizontal lay pattern, the porcelain wall tiles in this space help to elongate it and create the illusion of more room. The addition of an over-the-toilet wooden ladder sells the farm-loving aesthetic while providing a nice balance of small bathroom organization to the home.

Another great way to bring more storage space into a small bathroom floor plan? Thinking outside the box, or in this case, vanity. Taking a look at your bathroom and finding ways to add an over-the-toilet organization or floating shelves is a perfect way to ensure that the floor or below eye-level spots won’t get too crowded. 

Yes, we’re all for the aforementioned vanity storage, but there’s only so much you can store before it gets crowded!

For this reason, it’s important to look upwards – to the walls. 

White Striped Diamonds Marble Mosaic Tile for a Modern Farmhouse Bathroom in White and Blue

Taking this bathroom from traditional to statement-making, our White Striped Diamonds Marble Mosaic Tile creates visual interest and a definite wow factor the homeowner’s guests are sure to love.

Another way to create an effective storage situation in a very small bathroom is by using a floating medicine cabinet and closed cabinet vanity. In doing this, you help to keep any clutter secret and hidden behind closed doors. Since these tend to be on the more traditional side of storage ideas, you may find spicing things up with a statement pattern wall tile or sophisticated marble tile will do the trick for style points!

Don’t be afraid to mix texture in your small bathroom space 

If there ever was a time or place to get creative with textures, it is in small bathroom designs! These rooms crave a statement that adds movement and interest. While it’s wise to not overload a space of this scale with too many textures, using the right touches can make all the difference. 

Bathroom Vanity Wall with Marble Geomtric Backsplash TIle

Varying textures make a splash in this small guest bathroom. The flawless progression of our Triangular Hexagon in Bianco Dolomiti Leyte Blue and Thassos Marble Tile alongside the crisp graining of the light oak vanity and marble countertop is a stupendous example of texture done right in a small space design.

Texture can come in a variety of forms; from natural wood shelving and bath towels to the shiny, smooth porcelain of a basin sink against a hexagon mosaic backsplash tile. 

The best way to make sure texture works for you in a space? Start with the bathroom floor tiles or wall tiles and build up from there. When you’re able to define the tile style you’ll use for bathroom flooring or as a vanity wall, it becomes far easier to have a launching point for texture success. 

Using the natural shimmering beauty of a shell mosaic tile, for instance, can hurtle you into a coastal design where you add matte white shiplap ceilings and a half wall polished subway tile layout to add depth via contrast. Or, using whitewash wood look porcelain flooring in a modern farmhouse bathroom and pairing it with a cement look pattern backsplash tile can give a charming movability that instantly magnifies the space. 

The goal in a home with a small bathroom is to find the right textures that flow with one another to create a seamless, fluid motion. Pairing too many of the same textures in multiple colors can create a chaotic atmosphere; whereas, mixing complementary colors and styles will give a harmonious story arch.

Try going with a darker schema in your small size bathroom 

Think you read that wrong? Nope! Contrary to popular belief, dark interiors do not contract a small space further but can expand it. Sort of like an optical illusion, or design magic, this trick is for you if you love taking a walk on the edgier side. 

Not buying it? Take it from a pro –  Jenny Wolf of Jenny Wold Interiors told Architectural Digest how she likes “to paint small bathrooms [typically windowless rooms] a dark color, like black. It gives depth and creates an illusion of a larger space.” 

Mallorca Black Subway Wall Tile seen on HGTV Battle of the Beach with Ty Pennington

Admirable and charming, this small space bathroom uses our Zellige Mallorca Black Subway Tile in a vertically stacked lay pattern. Thanks to the semi-gloss finish, these black tiles shimmer and shine under the lighting. The outcome is a room that has depth, and a desirable illusion of more space!

The trick to incorporating a dark color the right way is to make sure it’s light reflective so that it has a shimmer and can bounce light around. This will have a sort of mirror effect on the space heightening and expanding it all at once. Polished black subway tiles make a classic choice for walls in a shower or behind a small bathroom vanity. While the dark tone will coat the walls and add a coveted depth, the polished facade will give off the light-loving look you’re after. 

Modern Black and Both Bathroom with Peel and Stick Tile with Marble Patterns

Our Black and Gold Hexagon Peel and Stick Tile creates a gorgeous temporary backsplash tile design in this bathroom. With a metallic hint, thanks to a brass addition, and nero marquina black marble, this geo chic tile can make a definite splash in your space--plus, it works even for rental homes and apartments!

Don’t just stop at plain black tiles, though. You can really make a small space sing by taking things up a notch. 

A dark metallic tile will give you the best of both worlds: a reflective, luxurious material and  the inherent depths you’re seeking to enlarge your space. Something like a Nero Marquina Hex and brass tile can do the trick as a feature wall tile or backsplash tile within a smaller bathroom design. It’ll add a classy yet stylish touch all the while playing off light and depth dually. 

When in doubt, niche it up in your small bathroom’s shower

While we mentioned storage space for the main area of your small bathroom, there’s one more spot that you can utilize to create even more organization; the shower! 

Making the most of your bathroom’s shower can be done by installing a stylish shower tile niche design. Not only will these inset wall designs offer you more space to place shampoos, conditioners, and body washes, they also give a statement tile feature wall. Which is a sure-fire win.

White ceramic subway tile shower with colorful Moroccan tile niche decor

Our Spanish Siesta Mosaic Tile creates a light-hearted and playful design by Jennifer Kizzee. This tile niche breaks up the otherwise all-white subway tile design and adds a cheerful touch.

When it comes to choosing a shower niche tile, there are plenty of options available to you. It should be known that some are more durable, and require less upkeep than others though. If you have a kid-friendly home, try to opt for tile niche styles like glass mosaic tiles or colorful porcelain tiles

These will keep up with your consistent cleaning schedule and won’t fade in the long term! Yet, if you’re crafting a space for yourself or a guest room, the beauty of marble tiles will allow an upscale, sophisticated touch to any smaller space. While these will require a bit more TLC (sealing and resealing), they will allow for a more luxurious impact in your small design.

Like a midas touch for small bathrooms our Gold Glass Penny Round Mosaic Tile works beautifully alongside the marble shower ledge niche. The result is a bathroom filled with luxuriousness even if on the smaller end.

Another ticket item to consider outside of the tile used for shower tile niches? The size. At one point, shower niche designs were pretty similar; rectangular carved out spaces in a shower wall. In recent times, there are far more designs to choose from for your shower niche. If you crave even more storage space, consider going with an extended niche–a shower ledge. 

Alternatively, if keeping things classic is important to you, you can create levels within your shower tile niche design and add a shelf! No matter what you do, really, the result will be a perfectly crafted interior storage situation that wows. 

Find ways to incorporate lots of light in your small bathroom  

Who doesn’t love the beauty of natural light in space? With the rise of organic modern interiors, it seems that virtually everyone loves the impact sunlight has on interior spaces. Such remains true in smaller space designs. These areas crave natural sunlight to make them feel less crowded and more breathable. The goal overall is to make sure that you use wide windows, or sheer curtains to really heighten the capabilities of bringing the sun into the design.

VIntage Farmhouse Bathroom with a Nova Hex Wooden Beige Marble Tile Floor

This light-loving bathroom is proof that the right window and small bathroom flooring anything is possible. Using our Nova Hex Wooden Beige Marble Tile on the floors adds a sense of fluid movement that further enhances the space.

The other thing you can do, if installing large window panes isn’t necessarily available due to the location of your bathroom, is look at artificial light that replicates natural light. By placing the right amount of ceiling lighting or pendant lights above a bathroom vanity, you can create a light-bouncing design that brings a fresh touch to the space. Complement this by using light reflective tiles; creamy white, beige or Carrara marble tiles, for example, would do well and are light-loving options to feed the illusion of more space.

Use mirror tiles to create depth to a small bathroom’s walls 

Mirror tiles are a lovely alternative to traditional mirrors in a bathroom. While of course, you’ll want to style a small bathroom with ample light, and use mirrors wherever possible, the use of mirror tiles do things at once: add a unique design touch while creating a sense of expansiveness to your design.

Bathroom Feature Wall with Etched Marble With Antique Mirror Diamonds Mosaic Tile

Our Etched Marble with Antique Mirror Diamonds Mosaic Tile makes a lovely feature wall design in this bathroom. The fluid motion from the diamond pattern adds visual interest while the mirrored mosaic chips reflect light beautifully.

The trick to making sure your space uses mirror tiles the right way? Balance and scale. Be sure to take into consideration the other decor elements within a space, and find a mirror tile that won’t overwhelm your bathroom. You want these tiles to create interest and movement, not be an eyesore. 

For an art deco inspired bathroom, try out a vintage chic mirror tile, like a 3x12 Beveled Antique Glass tile. This tile will illuminate your space and can work wonderfully as a bathroom vanity wall. If you have a more industrial chic design at hand, aim for a metallic mirror tile with a darker palette. This will not only add dimension to your space but let more light in.

White marble bathroom with patterned mirror tile

This feature wall design uses our Mirror Ribbon Carrara & Mirror Mosaic tile to create a fabulous focal point in this smaller bathroom. Placed directly above is a chandelier whose light reflects onto the mirror tile instantly making a visual impact.

Consider a wet room design in your small scale bathroom 

Wet room designs are another hot trend in 2022. Luckily, this trending interior design also happens to be a perfect solution for small bathrooms. With their seamless, accessible floor plans, they can open up even the tightest of rooms. The layout calls for a central drainage system and gets rid of the need for a clunky soaking tub.

The Square Weave Equator & Thassos Polished Mosaic Tile makes a captivating, seamless floor design that allows this smaller wet room to feel larger. The natural lighting and half glass shower frame give it additional openness that wows.

With inherent spa-like features and luxury, wet rooms are desirable for anyone who loves a bathroom fit for respite and relaxation. The ticket to making a powerful wet room in an otherwise small square footage space? Impactful tile. Using pattern marble tiles on floors or statement tiles on the walls are a definitive solution to a standout bathroom design. 

Glass Grame Shower Enclosure with Bardiglio Penny Round & Carrara Dot Marble Mosaic Tile Floor

Our Bardiglio Penny Round & Carrara Dot Mosaic Tile adds a contemporary yet sophisticated floor design to this small wet room. Complemented by a dark gray marble subway tile and a sleek matte black frame glass door, the interior feels spacious in spite of its perimeter limitations. Plus, the touch of plant life gives it a biophilic approved appearance we love, too!

As you can see, having a small bathroom space isn’t a cause for concern; there are a myriad of ways to make the most of the square footage you have. By using strategically placed storage bins, expansive windows for natural light, and utilizing the right tiles for floors or walls, you’ll be able to make a stand-out space in no time! Be sure to sign up for our free newsletter and start saving on all tiles online so you can start your next project on the right foot.

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