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The best place to shop for Bathroom Tiles online! One of the most commonly tiled areas is by far the bathroom! Browse our selection by color, material, style, and size - don’t miss our favorite bathroom design inspiration in the gallery!

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Your choices are endless when it comes to shower tile designs! The hardest part is knowing how to choose the right design for you! Create luxurious walk-in shower designs with marble subway tiles in Calacatta Gold or classic Carrara - they pair beautifully with gold fixtures to create a beautiful and luxurious shower stall. Give your walk-in shower a beautiful finish by coordinating shower niche tile that makes the most of your space and storage and creates a beautiful focal point! Lastly, pick out moldings and trims that will ensure the best safety and enjoyment of your shower wall design.

You’ll also want to find the best shower floor tile! These designs are usually mosaic sheets, due to the grout lines that provide extra grip and slip resistance. Some of the most popular shower floor tiles are penny rounds, pebbles, or glass mosaic squares These designs are safe for wet floors and moisture-prone areas, and they’re easy to clean. Make sure to seal your grout to ensure your shower tile has the longest life possible! Find the best sealing options for your beautiful new bathroom tile at Tile Club.

The perfect bathroom vanity backsplash plays a big part in creating a focal point in your bathroom! Whether you have marble slab counters or a live edge wood vanity, you can find the perfect tile to complement the main detail in your master bathroom or small powder room. One of the best ways to give your space a boost is by increasing the natural light! Luminous bathroom walls like sea glass mosaic designs create a romantic glow and flattering light for your bathroom mirror.

White marble and Mother of Pearl are an essential element in luxury bathroom tile design, with glistening shell insets in glowing white Thassos marble for glamorous waterjet designs that sparkle under a crystal chandelier. These creative designs add an elevated detail to your space with a colorful bathtub tile surround. No need to worry when you splish splash while taking a bath! Another fabulous detail you can add to give your dressing room more personality? A tile rug! These tiled floor insets can really tie the room together.

Bathroom Floor Tiles 

The ideal bathroom flooring material offers slip resistance and can withstand moisture. The natural choice, of course, is tile! With the proper installation, grout, sealing, and maintenance, bathroom floor tiles are the best option for safety and longevity. You can find the perfect bathroom floor tile to suit any style.

Choose from wood look tiles for a Scandinavian bathroom tile design that includes matching natural wall tile options, or create a luxurious dressing room with large format marble floor tiles. Our whitewashed wood look tiles are a favorite for farmhouse bathroom tile floors that combine the country charm of wood grain with the scratch-resistance of porcelain tile. Unlike hardwood floors, these beautiful designs don’t suffer water damage, making them perfect for a rustic bathroom floor. Marble look porcelain tiles are a great option for stone slab walls and floors without the upkeep of natural stone. And, they have a great price point!

Getting Ready for a Bathroom Remodel

If you’re looking to take on a DIY bathroom tile remodel project, the solution for first-time tilers is a peel and stick bathroom tile installation! Choose from real marble floor tiles to vinyl peel and stick tiles, trendy picket patterns and stacked stone or metal designs. Our collection of stick-on sheets can create a beautiful bathroom wall design in an afternoon! 

Ideal bathroom tiles aren’t just for your home! Finding attractive, easy-to-clean, and long-wearing materials is key to creating a successful commercial bathroom. Our selection of commercial tiles are rated for high-traffic use so that you can create a hotel master bath that can stand up to regular cleaning and sanitizing. Design a restaurant bathroom that will ensure 5 stars on Yelp! Create the perfect ambiance for a wine bar, coffee shop, or other retail space! Keep your employees happy with clean and chic office bathroom tiles. Don’t forget to finish off your new bathroom with an elegant bullnose trim or molding! 

Bathroom Floor & Wall Tiles FAQ

Q: What kind of tile is best for a bathroom?

Natural stone tile is extremely durable and gives a high class touch to any surface thanks to its unique graining and patterns. Its hard-wearing surface can handle high-foot traffic and scratches. Natural stone tile should be sealed every six to twelve months to maintain its appearance. 

Ceramics resist moisture and won’t absorb water or stains, which means less buildup over time. Given the humidity and moisture in tile bathrooms, ceramic makes an ideal choice for low-maintenance floor and backsplash areas.

Porcelain tile is an excellent choice for hard-wearing, non-porous floors that can withstand high levels of humidity. Its stain and water-resistance makes it an ideal choice for busy households.

Glass and shell tiles are other non-absorptive materials that stand up to moisture, mold and mildew. Easy to wipe clean without regular upkeep, glass tile has excellent aesthetic advantages like reflecting light and adding depth to the surfaces. 

Q: What is the best bathroom tile color? 

Choosing a tile color for the bathroom is a matter of personal preference. You can style any color in your bathroom!

Neutral colors can create an atmosphere of serenity and relaxation while allowing you to play with colorful accents. Think white ceramic, beige marble, gray glass tiles - perfect for creating a blank canvas that contributes to a clean, fresh feeling. 

Darker colors create drama, instant coziness, and depth in small bathrooms with a touch of modern style. 

If you want a bathroom that's more energetic, then you might consider colorful tiles in bright oranges, emerald greens or lively pink and purple hues. 

To inject a bit of coastal charm into a bathroom space, blue tile is a classic choice. 

Nature-inspired colors, such as seafoam greens and wood-look tiles help enhance an organic vibe for a rustic-inspired bathroom and a lived-in, homey feel.

Q: What color tile is easiest to keep clean?

The color choice of your bathroom tiles make a difference in terms of how regularly you need to clean them. Light-colored tiles may show watermarks, dirt and debris more compared to tiles with darker colors. If you really want to go with light tones, you can opt for non-porous white tiles in ceramic, porcelain or glass that can easily be wiped clean and maintained.  

If you have children, pets, or an active lifestyle and want to extend the duration between cleanings, consider darker tiles or patterned tiles especially on the floors. Also, multi-colored or textured tiles tend to show less dirt in a bathroom too as opposed to solid colors. 

Finally, consider the color of your grout that fills the space between the tiles - bright white grout means you will clean it more often as it will go brown in time. Opt for silver, gray or off-white to better hide watermarks, soap buildup and stains.

Q: Should bathroom floor tiles be darker than the wall tiles?

Darker floor tiles have several advantages in a bathroom including less visible dirt, hair and water marks. They can also feel more low-maintenance, especially when paired with dark grout, for instance. Dark bathroom tiles add a sense of drama!

Lighter or neutral wall tiles make a bathroom feel airy and fresh, feel larger and cleaner. Rooms without enough natural light - like showers and small powder rooms - will instantly feel brighter. A light colored tile backsplash will also provide contrast to make dark bathroom floor tiles look their best.

Q: What is the size of regular bathroom tiles?

The longer dimensional lines of field tiles can increase the visual length of a bathroom to make a space feel more open and clean. Using large bathroom tiles on the floor or wall means fewer lines that break up the flow - great for a more streamlined look. Larger tiles also mean less time for cleaning the grout between tiles.

Small to medium tiles help improve the flow of small floor plans, and look great as backsplashes, shower niches or for adding borders. Small tiles also make a great choice for shower floors as they add more traction and slip-resistance. 

Finally, subway tiles ensure that your design remains timeless because of their simplicity and versatility in design and create opportunities for unique patterns you can create on your backsplashes and shower wall tiles.