From 1890 Federal Mansion to Modern Sanctuary with Mehak Jamil

The journey of transforming a historical structure into a modern-day family sanctuary is a narrative of resilience, love, and a profound connection to heritage. Mehak Jamil, a financial compliance attorney turned restoration enthusiast, opens the doors to her enchanting journey in the latest podcast episode, where she discusses the metamorphosis of an 1890 federal mansion into a home brimming with heart.


Mehak's tale begins with the serendipitous discovery of the mansion at an auction—a grand edifice whispering tales of its storied past. She recounts the colossal task of repurposing the space from a commercial law firm to a warm, inviting family residence. The journey is punctuated by the arrival of her second child and the onset of a global pandemic, which brings an unexpected backdrop to this life-changing endeavor.

 Watch the podcast with @Our1890Khantique's Mehak Jamil and Tile Club's podcast host, Lindsay Fluckiger

Restoring the historic mansion was not just about the bricks and mortar for Mehak; it was about embedding the essence of her family into the home. Every corner of the house is infused with intention, from the specially renovated fireplace, adorned with Tile Club's Buttons Porcelain Penny Round Tiles, to the spaces that stand as a testament to the family's South Asian roots and identity. The narrative moves beyond mere renovation to speak to the art of creating a sanctuary that resonates emotionally and culturally.

Throughout the episode, Mehak touches upon the therapeutic power of hands-on creativity, especially as she navigated the challenges of home renovations with a newborn and the surprise of a third pregnancy. She emphasizes the importance of imprinting a unique family mark upon the home, a process that proved cathartic amidst the chaos of the world outside.

The mansion's restoration journey serves as a beacon for cultural integration within historic preservation. Each room is designed not just for its functional living space but also to reflect the family's identity and heritage. This is poignantly highlighted as Mehak shares her insights on weaving her South Asian heritage with the Victorian grandeur of her Albany home.

The podcast episode offers pearls of wisdom on the art of renovation with intention. Mehak encourages listeners to honor their instincts and the stories they wish their homes to tell. The conversation provides valuable takeaways for anyone looking to embark on a similar journey, stressing the value of personal resonance over fleeting trends and the importance of creating a space that serves one's unique needs.

Mehak's story is not just a renovation narrative; it's an inspiration for those looking to honor the past while nurturing their future within the walls of their homes. Her enchanting journey invites us to look at our living spaces as more than just structures—they are the canvas for our life stories, waiting to be painted with the colors of our heritage, experiences, and dreams.

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