Geometric Bathroom Tiles and Styling Inspiration

Thinking about upgrading your bathroom? Tiles are a clever place to start!  Not only can you use tile designs to set the mood, but they can also unify the other design elements you choose, like the bathtub, fixture, mirrors, and vanity. Whether you love diamond patterns, honeycomb hexagons, a dramatic chevron design, or rectangular subway tiles - geometric bathroom tiles are beautifully versatile!

Why choose geometric tiles for your bathroom? The reason is simple: when you’re not loving subway tile but you’re too trendy for plain marble slabs, geometric tiles are a refreshing design element that never go out of style. 

Modern geometric shapes meet timeless elegance with a Calacatta hex design for a stunning white marble bathroom!

 Modern geometric shapes meet timeless elegance with a Calacatta hex design for a stunning white marble bathroom! 

If you’re stuck for inspiration, we’ve got the perfect solution! You can find the perfect tiles for your project by searching by shape to find hexagon, diamond, square, or oval tiles, or check out some of our favorite geometric bathroom designs!

Design ideas: Geometric bathroom tiles

Need a little convincing to consider these graphic design elements in your dream bathroom remodel? Our décor expert put together the most popular designs, giving you tons of geometric tile ideas for your bathroom!

Modern Design Ideas

Modern Blue and White Bathroom with a Geometric Mosaic Backsplash

Transform your basic bathroom with this hotel-inspired concept. With its icy blue color and eclectic appeal, this Thassos Octagon geometric marble tile features four hexagons around a central square, creating a flower-like design. 

You can even play on the geometry theme by adding other sharp angles like floating mini shelves to place toiletries or a funky bauhaus style mirror encased in chrome. To compliment this modern design theme, consider a black-and-white palette for the vanity counter and surrounding elements. 

Classic Marble Bathroom Decor

This silver etched hexagon tile combines a trendy grey color and subtle engraved details that add a hint of metallic sparkle gives your home a unique character.

Classic interior design elements like hexagon tile is always a safe bet for your bathroom wall or floor! This silver etched hexagon tile pattern is a timeless staple that will never lose its charm over the years. Combining a trendy grey color and subtle engraved details that add a hint of metallic sparkle gives your home a unique character.

Warm wooden tones for a farmhouse bathroom hexagon marble tile floor with slipper tub

Or you can opt for a warmer-toned design like this wooden beige Nova Hex tile. A white hexagon is bordered by six sand-tone tiles with a wood grain pattern, creating an artsy twist on a traditional mosaic. With its anti-slip finish, it’s perfect for bathroom floors! If you love farmhouse design, pairing this tile with a freestanding slipper tub, pastel curtains and white walls will create the perfect country bathroom while still adding a fresh geometric detail.

Glam Bathroom Style

Fit for a princess, give your bathroom the royal treatment by going glam! 

Modern Bathroom Vanity with a Diamond and Hexagon Marble Tile Pattern and Wood Counters

Dynamic and expressive, this Calacatta diamond tile offers a gorgeous fusion of gray veining through white marble. Constructed in an eye-catching diamond and hexagon configuration, this tile pattern beautifully blends modern design with a fanciful floral pattern. You can match it with a lavish marble vanity or create a fun contrast in texture with a wood counter surface. 

Vintage Bathroom Vanity Backsplash with 1920's Glam Style

Alternatively, this emerald weave glass tile is bursting with vintage elegance. The intricate pattern and glossy mosaic brings a diva finish to your bathroom walls! Pair it with other old-school glamorous details, like a light-up vanity mirror or an antique vanity table to play up this look. Indulge your princess dreams with crystal stoppers for your perfume bottles and display your prettiest skin products in style!

Coastal Design Elements

How about a bathroom with seaside vibes? For a breezy coastal ambiance, decorate your walls with a mosaic of blue tones, ranging from turquoise to azure.

Modern Coastal Bathroom Ideas with Blue and White Glass Hexagon Tiles

This blue and white glass hexagon tile is a splash of aquatic luxury! Consider using gold accents like a faucet and soap dispenser to enhance the theme— after all, you can’t go wrong with blue and gold together! For the final touch, you can decorate with some green plants for an open-air feel. Play with the latest trends in dried plants and preserved grasses - they’re low maintenance and add an organic element to the crisp patterns of the hexagon tile backsplash, while complementing the swirling blue shades in the glass.

Eco-friendly Home Ideas

Sustainable décor is all the rage right now, especially in minimalist homes. We love recommending eco-friendly building materials that are both stylish and offer a ‘green’ way to decorate your home.

Recycled Glass Leaf Mosaic Tile For a Modern Geometric Bathroom

To satisfy your eco-friendly priorities, recycled glass tile not only minimizes your waste output but it looks trendy too! Consider an abstract mosaic like the blue leaf recycled glass tile. With its tropical pattern, it brings a woodsy aesthetic that radiates warm, positive energy. Play off the patterned backsplash detail by keeping the rest of your bathroom décor minimalist - a white porcelain vessel sink and clean chrome faucet are the perfect accents to this look!

Luxury Meets Relaxation

Spa time anyone? Turn your bathroom into a special haven with mixed marble tiles

Interlocking Diamond Marble Tiles for a Patterned Vanity Backsplash with Geometric Details

Channeling a diamond plaid pattern, the Bardiglio and Carrara tile is fashionable and bold. You get a beautiful blend of subtle, multidimensional hues that range from warm earth tones to cool greys and ivories. You can easily coordinate these colors with other design features in your bathroom, like a modern dual vanity in white and earth tone towels that pick up the accent colors in the marble.

Modern Bathroom with Hexagon and Triangular Geo Backsplash Tile and a Natural Wood Vanity

Perhaps you prefer cool tones! This triangular hexagon tile features a frosty blend of Dolomite, Leyte Blue, and Thassos marble — a wintery color combo. Naturally, these tones contrast well with wood surfaces and cabinets, or harmonize with other white or grey surfaces and textures. 

Mid-century Modern 

Here’s a cool geometric bathroom tile idea: choose a design that goes outside the box  — literally!  By experimenting with shape and pattern, you can give your bathroom a more personal touch.

Modern Scandinavian Inspired Bathroom Countertop and Floor in Triangle Patterns

This triangular porcelain tile is a perfect example. Its abstract fractal look makes a playful statement, while the wood grain porcelain tile finish creates an organic feel. Since it’s a strong attention grabber, be sure to keep the other bathroom features plain, like white subway tile for the backsplash and minimalist sink basins.

Green and White Brick Wall Combining Glass and Marble

If you’re not one to play it safe, go with something even more daring! This green and white brick tile is a modernist’s dream, featuring a funky mix of white Carrara marble and emerald rectangles. It coordinates perfectly with a white vanity counter; by introducing other green elements like a soap dispenser and mat, you’ll ace the white-and-green color scheme!


Art Deco Design

Art deco design is made of symmetrical shapes and repeating patterns - making it perfect for geometric lovers! Adding Art Deco elements to your bathroom design can create the perfect space to lounge and unwind with a little smooth jazz while soaking in the tub!


This Calacatta Gold and Thassos mosaic tile has the kind of vintage flair that never goes out of style! The mixed marble tones and interlocking diamond shapes in a stunning feature wall add dimension and depth to your bathroom. Vertical wall sconces help illuminate the golden hues in the tile and make the white marble diamonds sparkle! For the surrounding space, consider inviting a variety of other textures like decorative stones, a fluffy mat and a plant stand.

How to design with geometric bathroom tiles -

Expressive and ornate, or simple and chic - geometric tiles are an ideal choice to step up your bathroom style! Although there are (technically) no design laws, there are some guidelines to get the best objective result when it comes to adding patterns to your bath design.  Let’s review some of the key factors to consider when selecting your tile! 

Where to tile?

Location matters. For both functional and aesthetic reasons, you need to examine the layout and dimensions of each area in your bathroom before you begin to tile. Factors like color, size, shape, and material all affect the overall outcome in terms of how well your tile choices compliment other existing features in your bathroom. 

These considerations are especially important with geometric tiles! Since they are more angular and eye-catching, you need to place them in a harmonious way within the space.

To help you along, we’ll review some common tile guidelines for each area of the bathroom.

Geometric Shower Tiles

The best tile for a shower is durable, water-resistant, and low-maintenance such as a ceramic or porcelain. What’s more, just because a material is suitable for the shower wall, doesn't mean it works for the floor — think anti-slip. The Moongrey Hexagon geometric glass tile, for instance, is too slippery for floors but can look stunning on the walls!

Blue and Gray Hexagon Glass Tile

Your next concern should be visual coordination! Let’s say your style is funky and you're using hexagons with colors that contrast or pop -  then the shower will be the focal point of your bathroom and you want to keep other elements more low key and minimal. Otherwise, too many competing colors and shapes everywhere can look chaotic.

Bathroom Floor Ideas

Follow the same rules for bathroom floor tile as when installing tile in the shower: choose material that’s easy to sanitize and maintain. The Nova Chevron Bardiglio geometric marble tile is a classic choice that’s both physically and visually practical. Marble tends to elevate the look of a master bath, whereas for a guest bath, porcelain is more affordable and offers great water resistance. 

In terms of design, bathroom floor tiles can be as wild as you’d like! If you go for a vivid optical pattern, we recommend keeping the rest of the look neutral to avoid over complicating the space. 

Accent your Bathroom Walls

Basic bathroom walls instantly look more lavish and upscale with geometric tiles. They add depth and drama to an otherwise plain drywall or quiet paint color!

Geometric glass tile is a popular choice, loved for its beautiful reflective look that can enhance natural light. As a plus, its texture is smooth and easy to maintain, unlike stone which is porous and can absorb moisture and bacteria more easily. Nevertheless, if you’re willing to invest the effort of upkeep, natural materials like granite and marble make a stunning choice. 

Interlocking Diamond Marble Wall Tile

How about accent tiles? They add dimension and movement throughout the bathroom walls. The Calacatta gold diamond mosaic tile can create a lovely accent, either in a color that compliments the surrounding space or offers an unexpected pop of color!

Are you ready to get daring with a dazzling geometric glass tile accent wall or are you keeping to a more neutral look with classic marble diamond designs? Whatever your preference might be, you’ll find lots of inspiration in our Bathroom Gallery!

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