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Get Celebrity Home Style with Tiles Inspired by the Stars

Who hasn’t fallen in love with a celebrity’s kitchen or bathroom vanity while creating their remodel vision board? With perfectly styled home tours in magazines and glimpses of their everyday lives on Instagram, it’s become easier than ever to see how stars live their lives - where they cook, relax, sleep, and get glam! We love these peeks into their exquisitely appointed homes as much as anyone, and we’re happy to report it’s a lot easier to recreate celebrity home style than you think - especially when it comes to tiles!

Get the Look: Hilary Duff's Feminine Chic Bathroom is a True Retreat

 From the kitchen where Martha Stewart masters the art of baking to Reese Witherspoon’s cozy cooking space, Kendall Jenner’s bathroom design flair and Hilary Duff’s cozy vanity, we’re sharing the easiest ways to recreate these enviable homes so you can feel like star every time you step inside!

Our Top Picks for Celebrity Homes with Style we'd Steal

It should come as no surprise that Reese Witherspoon’s house embraces classic Southern charm! Her kitchen is a clear reflection of that preference for timeless style with elements of her personal Southern Belle brand - she chose a white ceramic subway tile backsplash, as seen on her Instagram! Other shots of her house reflect the upscale whimsy that defines her style, reflecting the signature blue and white palette and magnolia-chic style of her Draper James line. She keeps things light and airy with a smoky blue paint for her lower cabinets and a crisp white on the upper shelves (check out our primer on White Kitchen Design for the perfect picks for crisp white paint to pair with your ceramic subway tile). Marble slab countertops, glass front cabinets, and glass drawer pulls complete the traditional home decor.

Whiskey in a Teacup in Reese Witherspoon's Kitchen

We’re 100% behind her decision to keep things classic in the kitchen, but having seen her predilection for blue and white patterns through the rest of her home, we think it would be a cinch to bring a little Legally Blonde or Sweet Home Alabama style with some of our patterned tiles!

That’s a killer combination for our Thassos Octagon With Azul Cielo Squares Marble Mosaic Tiles - Miss Reese herself has a stunning tile insert over her stove that would be a great place to add a pop of pattern if you want to keep the rest of the tiles crisp and clean! Waterfall Azul Cielo & Thassos Marble Mosaic Tile adds a little coastal style in the color scheme, perfect if you want to capture that Big Sur ‘Big Little Lies’ beachy style - without the domestic drama! Our top pick for a Reese Witherspoon-inspired kitchen would have to be Thassos Diagonal Square and Blue Celeste Marble Tile - a hint of color to offset the creamy white marble diamonds gives this look the perfect charming detail!

Our blue and white kitchen tile picks to get Reese Witherspoon’s style:

Blue and White Tile Picks for Reese Witherspoon's Kitchen Blue and White Tile Picks for Reese Witherspoon's Kitchen

David Harbour’s home style is just as charmingly rugged and disheveled as his now-iconic Stranger Things character. It’s not hard to picture Sheriff Hopp at home in this NYC loft. We love that he chose country elements, natural textures, and warm colors to make this urban space feel like home. The creamy white ceramic square backsplash tiles caught our eye, of course, especially paired with the original cabinetry in the kitchen.The off-white kitchen is a gorgeous blend with shades of natural wood, suede, terra cotta pots, and cane chairs - it’s at once masculine and inviting. His Nolita loft was formerly a wagon wheel factory and hadn’t been touched since the 70’s, giving him a lot of raw material to mold to his whims.

Get the look of David Harbour's Kitchen with Natural Tones and Textures

As cozy and charming as this open plan living and dining area is, we’re a little obsessed with the bold choices he made for the bathroom! Jewel toned blue skinny subway tiles paired with brass pipes create a totally unique look that suits his slightly off kilter leading man status. This space is absolutely dynamic, with dramatic color and metallic details creating one of our favorite trends.

Celebrity Home Style We'd Like to Steal: David Harbour's Blue and Brass Bathroom

Looking to bring this energy into your own home? We’d start with the rich cobalt blue of our Stardust Blue 2X8 Glass Mosaic Tile to bring that stunning pattern to your kitchen or bathroom walls! The poured glass adds depth to a traditional subway pattern, along with a hint of shimmer. For the classic ceramic lover, you can’t go wrong with Mallorca White ceramic square tiles  - their zellige finish adds an artisanal finish that instantly elevates your kitchen at a wallet-friendly price!

Nothing strange about these stunning tile picks to recreate David Harbour’s home!

How to Steal Jessica Alba's Kitchen Style
How to Steal David Harbour's Interior Style

Jessica Alba also chose zellige ceramic tiles for her stunning kitchen - the actress and Honest Co founder used the white square tiles as a light and airy counterpoint to her deep teal counters and black and gold range. She offset the bold colors in her kitchen with warm tones in the wood butcher block countertops and the veining in her stone island with the creamy white tiles - the effect is perfectly balanced and gives her room to play with fun decor details, like her vibrant pink centerpiece and minimalist chandelier!

Our Favorite Celebrity Home Style: Jessica Alba's Kitchen

Mandy Moore has graced this blog before, thanks to her embrace of the resurgent trend, terrazzo tile! She even incorporated into her living area with this patterned ledge to add a unique detail to her white ceramic hearth. The result, when paired with a zellige-style brick fireplace facing, is perfectly Palm Springs! 

Favorite Celebrity Home Style: Mandy Moore's Terrazzo Tiled Fireplace with Palm Springs Vibes

She added elements of pink velvet and gold to give her living room the perfect mid-century meets Hollywood Hills style, and each of those enviable pieces can easily be replicated! To get the look of her stunning fireplace focal point, we’d create a tiled surround in a natural ceramic tile, like Mallorca White 2.5” x 8” or even add a crackle finish with Chateau White 3” x 6” tile for a textural finish.

Capture Mandy Moore's interior style with these white tile picks for a fireplace facing!

How to Steal Jessica Alba's Kitchen Style Get Mandy Moore's Palm Springs Home style

Who wouldn’t love a peek inside Martha Stewart’s kitchen? Hearing that she designed a wainscot of vintage tiles to pair with her antique fishmonger’s table just sounds so perfectly Martha! Even if ‘wainscot’ and ‘fishmonger’ weren’t top of your dream kitchen wishlist, you can capture the cozy cottage elegance of this beautiful prep kitchen designed by the one and only domestic diva.

Martha Stewart's Kitchen Embraces French Country Style

We love the subtle elegance of the cloud gray ceramic subway tiles - the texture and dreamy color is a beautiful contrast to the warmth of her wood floors and prep counter areas, alongside a porcelain utility sink that brings a distinct Victorian charm.

Looking for the perfect shade of gray for your subway tile walls? Add gorgeous color and texture with the handcrafted ceramic look of our Mallorca Grey 2.5” x 8” tiles, or a crackle finish with our Chateau Tundra 3” x 6” ceramic tile!

Recreate Martha Stewart's kitchen with our gray ceramic tile picks - 

Recreate Martha Stewart's Kitchen to Cook like a Celebrity Recreate Martha Stewart's Kitchen to Cook like a Celebrity

Leave it to Gwyneth Paltrow to create a unique spin on a classic marble kitchen! Rather than a traditional range hood against the wall, her stove is centered in the room on a large island topped with a Calacatta Gold marble slab. She carried that marble elegance into the kitchen’s central feature - essentially a marble subway tile faced chimney that descends from the ceiling. She uses the same white and swirled gray marble tiles to cover the wall opposite, where her sink and cabinets add to the minimalist decor. 

Get the Look of Gwyneth Paltrow's Kitchen with Modern Marble Subway Tiles

If you’re loving this cool gray and white kitchen with the elegance of marble, you can’t go wrong with Italian marble subway tiles! The honed finish of these traditional 4” x 12” marble tiles  is a great way to capture the muted elegance of Gwyneth Paltrow’s kitchen style, with the 12” x 24” slab version creating those clean lines and seamless surfaces as a counterpoint.

Get the look of Gwyneth Paltrow's kitchen style with Calacatta Gold marble - 

Gwyneth Paltrow Used Calacatta Gold Marble for her NY Kitchen Gwyneth Paltrow Used Calacatta Gold Marble for her NY Kitchen

Hilary Duff treats her private bathroom suite like a true retreat - she admits that she’ll occasionally hide from her kids in her bathroom and play guitar! We’re sure a lot of parents can relate, but are they hiding in this blonde oak and lavender sanctuary? We love how she created a dressing room and lounge area alongside her amazing walk in shower and nickel slipper tub, but oh man, we hope those are porcelain wood look tile floors to keep bubble bath splashes from ruining the hardwood!

Hilary Duff's Feminine Vanity and Bathtub Lounge

She went rosy and sweet for her daughter’s bathroom with a pink ceramic tile in a vertical stack bond for the walls surrounding the bathtub - this is the perfect bathroom for a little one to grow into! Feminine, fun, and water-resistant - we’re completely on board!

Rosy Pink Ceramic Tiles for Hilary Duff's Daughter's Bathroom

To get the look of Hilary Duff’s bathroom style, we’d pick our La Riviera Rose pink ceramic tile for that perfectly blushing finish! It even pairs perfectly with our porcelain hardwood flooring alternative that is perfect for bathroom floors, Vancouver Blanco. All of the texture of gorgeous natural wood flooring, without the permeability!

Find the softer side of tile like Hilary Duff with these feminine wall and flooring picks!

Warm Wood Floor Planks in Porcelain Tile Hilary Duff's Bathroom Style is Warm and Feminine - and Totally Attainable

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, there’s no doubting the Kardashian and Jenner sisters have well-defined style (or at least the cash to hire expert designers). Kendall Jenner seems to have cultivated a warm interior style in her Hollywood Spanish meets Vintage Farmhouse home. 

Kendall Jenner Goes Glam with this Gold Bathtub and Marble Tiles

We’ve given her kudos for her affinity for bold style before, but here we’re especially impressed with how she brings it full circle with attainable elements. This gold tub is a major statement, to be sure, so she wisely paired it with an ivory hexagon floor tile, which is a more subtle and modern version of the traditional Spanish style: terracotta hexagon tile. For depth and color, she layers on an antique Mexican carpet, featuring golden earth tones that match the gold tub.  

Hexagon mosaic bathroom floor tiles are a great choice, as they’re a naturally slip resistant option where you tend to splish and splash in the tub. The gold bathtub may be designer, but you can feel like a supermodel with your own Calacatta Gold marble hexagon floor tiles, or add your own Mexican ranch spin with a wood grain porcelain hexagon tile

Live like a Kardashian with Kendall Jenner's bathroom style - 

How to Get Kendall Jenner's Home Decorating Style How to Get Kendall Jenner's Home Decorating Style

Nate Berkus is an interior design celebrity as far as we’re concerned, so replicating his home decor is basically going straight to the source! We love the sage hues, cool grays, and dramatic black details that make his LA home - which he shares with design and domestic partner, Jeremah Brent. 

Nate Berkus chose Black Marble for his LA Country Kitchen

The secret to Nate Berkus’  eye-catching backsplash? Nero Marquina marble! The Spanish-quarried black marble is dramatically enhanced with white veins, creating a bold finish! We’d replicate this look with a honed subway tile to play off the natural tones in the masculine country kitchen, or bring texture with a marble mosaic that makes an incredible impact with a small design. White grout lines add drama that echoes the veining in the stone, or black grout will create the look of a seamless marble slab backsplash.

Nate Berkus designed his LA kitchen with this luxe black marble tile:

Nate Berkus designed his LA Kitchen with Black Marble Nate Berkus designed his LA Kitchen with Black Marble

Celebrities: They’re just like us! The ever-popular white subway tile is a favorite among a lot of celebrities and their interior designers. In addition to Reese Witherspoon’s elegant kitchen above, these famous faces have also chosen to decorate their kitchens with chic white tiles.

Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent opted for a totally New York vibe for their Manhattan apartment (unlike their more laid back LA pad seen above). The dark gray grout they chose for their city-inspired subway tile backsplash plays off the black cabinets and refrigerator. They added warmth to the sunlight penthouse with a brass island to absorb and reflect light, along with wooden countertops. The result is a perfect homage to the classic look of Golden Age New York!

Black, Brass, and White Subway Tile in Nate Berkus' NY Kitchen

Julianne Hough’s home style is warm and friendly, but she added a little bit of edge to her blue and white kitchen with dark grout! The dark lines between white tiles adds definition to the classic running bond pattern, and allows the tiles to pop alongside the custom zinc range hood, copper dome lights, and blue shaker cabinets! The result is a French Country kitchen with a modern Hollywood twist and it’s refreshingly easy to recreate!

Get Julianne Hough's Kitchen Style with White Subway Tile and Dark Grout

Lauren Conrad went for a beveled white subway tile in her airy Beverly Hills kitchen - adding the deeper edge to her backsplash is a beautiful way to give her tiled wall depth and character, especially in an all-white kitchen. Floating shelves and a farm sink add to the cottage charm that she amplifies with vintage crockery and tin fruit signs!

Lauren Conrad Mastered the All-White Kitchen with Beveled Subway Tile

Get these chic celebrity kitchen style with our favorite white subway tile picks!

Celebrity Home Style: They Love White Subway Tile Celebrity Home Style: They Love White Subway Tile
Celebrity Home Style: They Love White Subway Tile Celebrity Home Style: They Love White Subway Tile

Which celebrity’s home style would you most love to steal for your own interior? Let us know in the comments and check out some of our favorite kitchen inspiration in the galleries!

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