Janelle Payne's Chic RV Makeover with Mint Palisades Picket Tiles

Welcome to the latest podcast episode from Tile Club, your ultimate source for all things tile and home renovations. We're thrilled to bring you an exciting collaboration featuring Janelle Payne, also known as Nailgun Nelly, a DIY expert and social media influencer who specializes in RV renovations. She recently incorporated Tile Club's stunning Mint Palisades Picket tile into her RV kitchen renovation, and the results are truly inspiring. Join us as we dive into Janelle's journey, her creative DIY approach, and the transformation of her RV kitchen with Tile Club's beautiful tile selection.

A DIY Journey and Love for RV Renovations

Janelle's passion for DIY projects started at a young age and continued as she and her husband embarked on various home improvement endeavors. Documenting their projects on social media, she discovered a growing interest from others who were captivated by her creativity. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Janelle and her husband, both nurses, saw an opportunity to transform an old trailer into a tiny home for traveling nurses. This project ignited her love for RV renovations, where she could unleash her creativity and take on unique challenges in compact spaces. Her RV renovations became a platform to express her creativity and try new things.

Want to see the behind the scenes of @nailgun_nelly's RV reno with our picket tiles? Click the picture above!

Balancing Motherhood and DIY

As a mother, Janelle actively involves her children in the renovation process. She believes in allowing kids to explore tools and materials, imparting valuable skills and fostering a sense of empowerment. She cherishes the precious moments of working on projects with her children and believes that involving them creates lasting memories. While it can be challenging at times, the joy of seeing her kids learn and participate outweighs any concerns. Janelle's tutorials and videos often feature her son, and they serve as an inspiration to other parents and DIY enthusiasts.

The RV Kitchen Renovation with Tile Club

It's hard to imagine just what this RV kitchen has in store when looking at the before photos! Read on to see the final reveal. We promise you'll be blown away!

Tile Club collaborated with Janelle on her recent RV kitchen renovation, where she incorporated our Mint Palisades Picket ceramic tile. She explains that the tile was a perfect fit for her RV, featuring a beautiful matte finish and a unique picket tile design. Since RVs require special considerations due to their mobility, she opted for an alternative installation method using adhesive backing and silicone caulking instead of mortar and grout. The result was a stunning kitchen space that exuded elegance and charm, perfectly complementing Janelle's vision!

Challenges and Considerations in RV Renovations

Renovating RVs comes with its own set of challenges and considerations. Janelle shares insights into the specific adaptations required when renovating an RV compared to a traditional home. Weight restrictions, understanding wall thickness and stud sizes, and accommodating for movement are essential factors to keep in mind. Janelle emphasizes the importance of trial and error, along with seeking knowledge from social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube, where a wealth of information is readily available from fellow renovators.

Want to see the process of installing REAL ceramic tiles in an RV? Click here to see exactly what went into the process.

Favorite RV Travels and Future Plans

Janelle recounts her favorite RV trip, a month-long journey through Northern Arizona and Southern Utah, visiting iconic destinations such as Zion National Park and the Grand Canyon. She highlights the comfort and memorable experiences she had, proving that RV travel can be an amazing adventure for families. Currently, her family plans to explore the local beaches on the central coast of California with her renovated RV, and she has her sights set on future trips to Northern California and Oregon.

Curious about the tile installation process? Janelle opted for adhesive and silicon caulk versus mortar and grout! Click on the picture above to see the process.

As a DIY enthusiast and social media influencer, Janelle encourages others to never give up on their passions. She advises aspiring DIYers to take it step by step and not be discouraged by initial setbacks. Janelle emphasizes that progress and learning take time, and with commitment and perseverance, great achievements can be accomplished. Her own journey, from nurse to DIYer, exemplifies the transformative power of pursuing one's passions.To hear more about Janelle's incredible journey and her collaboration with Tile Club, tune in to the full podcast episode. Discover valuable insights, expert advice, and inspiring anecdotes directly from Janelle herself. Don't miss out on the opportunity to be motivated and informed by this dynamic DIY enthusiast. Click here to listen to the podcast now and embark on your own DIY adventure!

Collaborator: Nailgun Nelly | Host: Lindsay Fluckiger

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