How to Prioritize Self Care at Home

Looking for a little peace and calm these days? Many of us are adapting to a new routine and putting our focus on self-care at home. Finding a little zen may take more creativity these days, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find ways to focus on mental, emotional, and physical health while we figure out where things go next!

Azul Cielo Thassos And Paper White Penny Rounds Marble Mosaic Tile Polished

We’re sharing some key tips to prioritize wellness and self-care to put it front and center while we work through this quarantine!

Plan a spa day at home!

Stress-management is more important now than ever, and it’s ok to take some time out for some pampering. Plan an afternoon to focus on a little grooming or beautifying to grab a glow where you can. It’s time to dip into that stockpile of face masks and try something new for your skin, or have an at-home manicure while binge watching the latest reality TV must-see on Netflix (then let us know what you’re watching in comments)! 

This is a great time to focus on refreshing your bathroom space to create the ideal atmosphere for your at-home spa! When it comes to creating a serene experience at home, Sea Glass tiles are one of our absolute favorites. The soothing colors and mosaic patterns are an ideal way to capture a little calm wherever you can! Mix in silver or pewter accents to play off the blend of blue and gray houses in the elegant glass, and add potted plants for just the right touch of greenery to finish your space.

We’ll even walk you through the process of re-tiling your bathroom step by step and make sure your new tile arrives in a hurry!

Ocean Glass Louvre Blue Mosaic Tile

Sea Glass Louvre Blue Mosaic Tile

If neutrals are more your style, the Nova Hex Wooden Beige Marble Tile blends natural texture with Wooden Grey marble for an rustic feel with a modern hexagon shape! Style your bathroom with organic cotton towels, marble and glass vessels, and a touch of marble to match the beautiful detailing on the walls or shower.

Focus on self care with a fresh new bathroom with Nova Hex Wooden Beige Marble Tile

Create a calming playlist

Distraction can be an essential tool to getting through these uncertain times, but it's easy to hit the wall with constant stimulation. This is especially important if you’re quarantining with others and need a little space. 

Instrumental music is a great option to create a zen-mindset and a sense of focus or calm, whether you’re trying to have a productive work-from-home day or just need a little peace in the middle of your busy day. Music without lyrics is a great way to improve focus and shut out ambient noise that might be pulling your attention away from the work at hand. 

Our Playlist recommendations - The Vitamin String quartet playlist on Pandora is filled with elegant and instrumental versions of well-known pop songs, making it a fun way to dive into classical music styles! This is a great option for parents to capture a little sanity while home-schooling as well. The music is kid friendly and there are even instrumental Disney stations if you want to mix up the repeat performances of ‘Let it Go’!

Calm Music Playlist Inspiration

Unwind with a calming playlist to capture that coffee shop feeling at home!

A great melody is like the perfect pattern - we’re in love with the soothing effect of our Crema Marfil Arabesque Tile With Dots for a mini-escape to Provence wherever you choose to put it!

Crema Marfil Arabesque Tile With Dots

Crema Marfil Arabesque Tile With Dots


Treat yourself!
Focusing on health is definitely important right now, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for a little treat. Taking time to create something delicious and decadent (with whatever you might have in the pantry or with a special order to give it a sense of occasion) is a great way to center and focus on something that brings you pleasure. Looking for a (relatively) healthy but still delicious treat? Disney recently shared the recipe for their famous Dole Whip for a delicious tropical treat! With only three ingredients, it’s fairly easy to source during a grocery store stock up run.

Indulge in a Luxurious Experience at home with Pearl Flower White Marble & Mother Of Pearl Waterjet Mosaic Tile for a glamorous kitchen

Pearl Flower White Marble & Mother Of Pearl Waterjet Mosaic Tile

If you’re indulging in a delicious pick-me-up, where better than in your upgraded kitchen? With our worlds shrinking to our homes these days, it is more important than ever to feel like your living area is your sanctuary. The kitchen is the heart of our space, and it has never needed a makeover quite like now! Time to browse for some new Kitchen Tiles for a refreshed backsplash!

Open and Modern Kitchen with an Octagon Marble Geometric Backsplash

Thassos Square And Carrara Octagon Marble Mosaic Tile

Keep moving! 

We’re all trying to balance out the ‘what day is it’ cocktails and extra snacking urges any way we can. It’s important for mental and physical health to keep from being too stationary while self-isolating, so this is a great way to round out your self-care routine alongside pampering and treating yourself! If you’re having trouble sticking to a routine, try setting a regular alarm to get up and move every few hours, or calendar a walk around the neighborhood (or your house) during your lunch time if you’re working from home.

If you need a good at-home way to keep your blood pumping, why not take on a home improvement project? You manage to check off two boxes at once with physical exercise and upgrading your environment with these home improvements to make while self-isolating!

Get some Exercise at Home while Self-Isolating

The best part is, you can combine almost all of these techniques at once! After a bit of exercise, put on some instrumental music and a good face mask, pour a glass of wine, and bask in the bliss of an at-home spa experience (especially in your serene new bathroom or freshly redone kitchen)! We’re sending best wishes for health and happiness to everyone working together to make it through this uncertain time!

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