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Author: Lindsay Fluckiger

It’s often said the kitchen is the heart of the home, and this past year has been no exception. It’s where you prepare meals, tackle homework, or maybe even set up your work-from-home office for the time being. More than just a place to put together a meal - it’s where we gather, even if it's just with our closest loved ones. Suffice it to say, your kitchen takes a beating. That’s why the top kitchen flooring ideas and designs focus just as much on style as they do durability to handle anything the next few years might throw our way!

Rustic Kitchen Floor Tiles for Farmhouse Design

2021 Kitchen Floor Tile Trends - Wood Look Porcelain for a Rustic Farmhouse KitchenThe natural tones in the reclaimed-wood look alike Tribeca Mixed Planks wall tile pairs beautifully with the distressed look of Tile Club’s Tribeca Blanco floor tile for a simple contemporary farmhouse kitchen we can all admire.

There’s no doubt wood flooring looks fantastic in kitchens, but if we’re looking at the benefits of hardwood floors, durability isn’t one of them. Given its soft nature, real hardwood floors are much more likely to showcase dents, pet claw marks, scratches and other damage. Wood is also a porous material, meaning wood floors can warp and swell from spills, splashes, and leaks that can be prevalent in your kitchen. If you’re looking for a wood flooring alternative that’s both durable and sustainable, then these wood alternative floor tiles in marble or porcelain have a lot to offer lovers of rustic interiors!

Can you believe its not hardwood? Kitchen floor tile alternatives for longer wear and style

This Hamptons kitchen design by David Netto illustrates perfectly how floor to ceiling tile is anything but monotonous. Achieve a similar look in your home with Vancouver Natural floor tile and Blue Deco Fan Glass Mosaic wall tile.

Today’s porcelain tile options do a great job of mimicking the look of real hardwood, so unless you’re looking at it with a magnifying glass, you really won’t be able to tell the difference. And since porcelain is the best tile for kitchen floors and high traffic areas, you’ll feel good knowing it’s in it for the long haul. Tile Club has wood-porcelain tiles in the tones for every style, from the ultra-contemporary to modern farmhouse.

This cozy interior uses wood look tiles to create a rustic design with longwearing floors!

The most popular flooring design right now is wide plank white oak floors - a gorgeous interior finish, but a pain to maintain! The solution? Capture that look in tile! Instead of fussing over scratches or having to refinish your hardwood floors every year, these beauties bring the welcoming comfort of wood without the fuss over keeping your Scandinavian interior perfectly pristine.

2021 Kitchen Floor Trends: the look of white oak chevron floors with a porcelain tile finishModern minimalist kitchen style gets a warm upgrade thanks to the white oak look of Olson Blanco porcelain floor tiles!

Go for Gray Interior Inspiration for your Kitchen Floors

While white kitchens were the must have for years, we predict that things will be in a gray area beyond! It still captures the light and bright essence of what makes the classic white cabinets and backsplash a kitchen classic, but with a more chic focus. 

2021 Kitchen Design Trends - Gray Kitchens are Making a Statement

My Domaine predicts that not only will we see lots of gray - and gray on gray - in updated kitchens, but that it will pair beautifully with other design elements that have already captured our hearts. White backsplash tile, marble countertops, and natural wood farm tables pair beautifully with gray hexagon floor tiles for this cozy cooking space!

Gray interiors are the perfect meeting point between cool neutrals and soothing interiors. With homes doubling as work, school, and play in the current and near future, we're seeing interior trends with a renewed focus on welcoming, cozy interiors. Gray is the perfect workhorse color to achieve this in your kitchen, adding a subtly moody color to balance out brighter accent pieces that can be updated at whim.

Rustic Wood Flooring with Porcelain Tiles for 2021 Kitchen Floor Trends

Kasai Fumo is a mist-gray wood textured porcelain that is the perfect canvas for any kitchen style! Pair with cabinet paint in rich colors, gold pendant lights, and jewel-toned glass mosaic backsplash tile for a cozy cottage inspired kitchen, or stick to black mid century furniture and tone-on-tone gray for a contemporary kitchen.

Natural Stones & Neutral Tones

2021 Kitchen Tile Floor Trends: Calacatta Gold Marble isn't Just for Counters

Natural stone like this gorgeous Calacatta Gold Hexagon stone tile features one-of-a-kind, naturally occurring veins and variations that add breathtaking character to your kitchen floors or backsplash, pairing well with rich cabinet colors and metal fixtures, another kitchen trend to expect.

Who doesn’t love a clean kitchen? These kitchen floor tile ideas and designs are all about a clean, fresh look that can hold its own. With natural stone, you can still get the fresh look of beautiful beige, gray and white kitchen floor tiles in shapes and variations that are anything but boring.

Kitchen Floor Design Trends for 2021: The Look of Dark Gray Slate in a Porcelain Tile

Stun in slate! This charming white kitchen by Murphy Design as seen on Hunker showcases the gorgeous moody gray tones that we predict will be all the rage - especially in this stunning pairing with white ceramic square backsplash tile! Get a similar look with Dover Gris porcelain floor tiles - they have the look of natural stone to add a slate effect without the fragility of the stone.

Porcelain tile kitchen floors can sometimes be slippery when wet. However, they are extremely durable and difficult to crack, making it one of our favorite design choices for kitchen backsplashes. Plus, they come in a variety of neutral tones that add that perfect finishing touch to your kitchen space, no matter your style.


Decorative Patterned Floor Designs

Trending for 2021 Kitchen Designs: Rustic Hexagon Floor Tiles

The Esagona Intarcio Silver floor tile delivers the perfect amount of wood grain texture in a honeycomb pattern to make any kitchen floor or backsplash pop.

Upcoming years welcome geometric kitchen floor tiles with open arms. One of our favorite kitchen floor tile trends has to be the hexagon floor tiles. Whether it’s with hexagonal marble mosaics or wood look tile, there’s no shortage of fun shapes to choose from. 

Modern Geometric Tile with Triangle Patterns - Trending for Floors and Walls

The textured porcelain Melange Blue tile delivers the very best geometric pattern for walls or floors, accenting a neutral chevron floor design for an overall modern yet whimsical design.

Okay, so maybe hexagons aren’t your thing. Not to worry! There are dozens of other geometric shapes to choose from, like the diamond tile, basket weave patterns and classic squares. And the best part? You can scale the intensity of the look based on materials, colors, shape and design application.

Geometric designs don’t have to feel ultramodern! It’s easy to add a creative flair to even the most traditional home, thanks to the timeless beauty of marble! From marble field tiles for a classic black and white checkerboard pattern to beautiful mosaic tiles to add a personal flair, these stunning natural stone flooring designs tie in beautifully with the veining in marble backsplash tiles and slab countertops to create a cohesive kitchen design.

Carrara Marble Hexagon Tile in Two Sizes Creates this Traditional Kitchen with a Statement Floor Design

Carrara marble hexagon floor tiles add gorgeous gray and white patterns to this classic kitchen! The Thassos white edge allows the pattern to stand out, while tying in to the white shaker cabinets and classic Farrow & Ball Hague Blue wall paint. Picking up the floor tile pattern in a smaller scale matching marble hexagon backsplash tile is a great way to unify the tiled areas!

Decorative Accent Details

2021 Kitchen Trends for Floors and Walls: Marble Encaustic Style Tiles in Glamorous Gray

Beautiful as both a kitchen backsplash and floor tile option, this Grey Sparkle Waterjet marble mosaic tile instantly captures the attention of anyone who walks into it. With the trend for minimalist kitchen design still on the rise, adding a patterned floor is a great way to bring style and personality to your interior.

If elegant kitchen floor tile is on the top of your kitchen renovation wish list, then mosaic tile is where you should look! Most often made from materials like marble, glass, ceramic, mother of pearl or metal, these designs offer no shortage of colors, patterns and materials for your kitchen backsplash and floor tiles.

Our tip to working with a patterned kitchen floor tile? Choose one unifying color in your kitchen - warm tones from a Calacatta Gold countertop, or the neutral hues in your ceramic backsplash tile - and make sure its the dominant color in the pattern. That creates a canvas for the accent colors to take center stage.

Decorative Kitchen Floor Tiles for an Eclectic Bohemian Home

If you favor more eclectic or bohemian style home decor, adding a patterned floor tile can give your room a fabulous pop of style!


No matter what your style, Tile Club has an extensive selection of gorgeous kitchen floor and wall tiles to help you create the best kitchen your home, and guests, have ever seen! If you need a little design assistance to help bring all of the elements together, feel free to email pictures of your fixtures, paint, finishes, and counters to our team for a design consultation!

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