Revamp your Home in the New Year - Tips for Every Interior Style

From the captivating floor that we walk on to the distinctive accents that leave a memorable impression, tiles deliver a customized look for every interior style. As we continue the excitement of a new year, this timeless and characterful surface finish can be used to transform the look of any design project.

Contemporary Living Room Design with Carrara Marble Chevron Fireplace Facing

Tiles are perhaps one of the best surface materials that can truly transform the look and feel of your home. Whether you desire a modern, contemporary, minimalist or everything in between, tiles easily find their spot in a range of design aesthetics. Here, our Metropolitan Chevron Marble Mosaic Tile infuses stylistic flair to the room’s fireplace surround and floor.

Below, we explore the many different ways to use tiles in various interior design settings; with options including glass, porcelain, ceramic, and marble.

  • Minimalist
  • When it comes to minimalist aesthetics, the name says it all: you want to keep things simple and restrained, so you can focus on surface quality or curated objects that make the biggest impact. What is the most effective technique to accomplish this? Keep your tile color and style selection to a minimum. While it may be tempting to go all out with lavishly embellished floors and walls, this will undoubtedly detract from a minimalist interior design approach. 

    Save On Gorgeous Tile With Tile Club
  • White tile in its simplest form
  • A pristine white surface shouts minimalist more than anything. However,  washed-out decor can make a setting appear monotonous and dull. White marble is a classic that never goes out of style. If you want to go for a light and airy design, white marble tiles are a brilliant option, offering understated yet sophisticated flair.

    What's more, veining that's often found on marble surfaces instantly deliver charming character to a clean, modern appearance. Bathrooms, entryways, and living rooms are the greatest places to introduce this timeless surface finish. It is a sure-fire way to beautifully tie your minimalist design scheme together, especially when paired with muted neutral furnishings and metal accessories like brass and rose gold.

    Black Wood Look Floor Tiles made of Porcelain

    Keep things simple and only highlight the room’s main features. We love how our Kasai Notte 10x60" Rectified Porcelain Tile provides a solid base for equally striking architectural elements. 

  • Wood-look tile with a narrow design
  • Desire something completely different? You may accomplish minimalist design in your interior environment with narrow wood look tiles, resulting in a finish that delivers visual appeal, depth, and dimension.

    You can count on large format wood look porcelain tiles to lend the impression of a larger, more expanded space. When you lay your tile flooring parallel to your walls, the space appears to be longer, which is ideal for hallways. When you place it perpendicularly, though, the space appears to be wider than it actually is.

    Kitchen Floor with Olson Gris Wood Look Porcelain Tiles in Gray

    Install Olson Gris Wood Look Porcelain tiles to give your space an organic, natural feel. The high-quality gray wood look porcelain tile is perfect for smaller areas that need a large appeal since it visually expands the room without being overwhelming or too flashy!

    To add the right amount of balance to minimalist interiors, choose a tile color that is more modest, such as light beige or light gray, and has a clean and natural finish. To bring more brightness to your design scheme, especially if your room is on the smaller scale, position your installation where there is enough natural light coming in in order to give the room a sense of more space. 

    Another simple design, this time with a twist… If you wish to add traditional decor elements into a minimalist home, narrow wood look floor tile is an excellent choice. Even best when paired with crisp white walls and muted neutral furnishings. Ideally, you may want to avoid matching any of the room's design elements to the color of the flooring, since this may make it appear overly heavy.

    Concrete floors are perfect for any room in your house. These durable, elegant and sleek surfaces not only look great but they're also easy to maintain! You can use them indoors or outdoors - even on stairs if you want an extra stylish touch. And when things get dirty? Simply washed away with soap water because concrete has a low lustre which means that spills don't stain easily. Photo via HGTV.com
  • On-trend concrete flooring
  • Concrete offers a simple touch that’s suited for minimalist interior design. Concrete flooring, on the other hand, is incredibly flexible due to its clean and modern appearance, making it the ideal backdrop for a variety of subdued colors.

    To counteract the coldness of concrete, simply use some warm-toned elements: wood, for example, always looks authentic and cozy. If you like the look of concrete, there are many gorgeous porcelain collections with an extremely realistic concrete effect. What’s truly special about concrete look porcelain tile is its incredible durability, low maintenance, and unlike a real concrete surface, it does not require any special treatment. 

  • Modern
  • Often confused with contemporary style, today’s modern design effortlessly creates a serene and soothing atmosphere. Aside from using natural materials, neutral or earthy colors, and eliminating unnecessary detailing, using modern floor tile designs for your project is the best way to achieve this clean aesthetic. Glass, porcelain, and marble are fantastic material options if you desire visual interest and movement without using bold colors. 

    Square Weave Calacatta Gold & Thassos Mosaic Tile bathroom floor

    Create a calm, modern aesthetic using our Square Weave Calacatta Gold + Thassos tile. Perfect for adding a bit of movement to your space without overwhelming the overall design.

  • Characterful gray concrete look
  • The use of concrete in residential design has altered in recent years, with concrete-look tiles being utilized in almost every room of the house. Other homeowners and designers still avoid concrete-look tiles because they have a flat and chilly feel to them. However, when paired with the right design elements and colors, concrete effect tile has a remarkable ability to serve as a neutral backdrop that is ideal for a visually appealing modern finish.

    You can't go wrong with neutral-toned base furnishings when using concrete-look tiles. Using the tiles in the bathroom, combined with gray vanity and cabinets, white bathtub, and silver light fixtures and accents, radiates true tranquility. Alternatively, you can pair concrete-look porcelain tiles with wooden cabinetry to further accentuate the warm, cozy effect of modern aesthetics. 

    Wallpaper inspired accent wall in a bathroom with porcelain tiles

    Who says modern spaces can’t have an element of intrigue? Decor Tropic Pearl Tile adds a warm touch even to a pared-back design theme. 

  • Sophisticated brown tile look
  • Modern floor tile designs are increasingly gravitating toward neutral colors like beige, brown, and cream. These hues are popular for a reason: they contribute to a brighter and relaxing atmosphere, while invoking a sense of spaciousness — all of which are important aspects of modern design.

    When using neutral tiles, you may want to introduce a pop of color with few soft furnishings. Introducing indoor plants also lends an organic touch to the scheme of things — and we love how they do not only beautify interior environments, but also improve air quality and health.

  • Dramatic black kitchen backsplash
  • Aside from aesthetics, a kitchen backsplash protects the wall from liquids such as oil splashes during cooking. If you're going to utilize a dark tile backsplash, make sure cabinetry and accessories are in complementary colors. Black goes well with both neutral and bold colors. 

    Varana Morengo Stone Look Black Porcelain Tile Bathroom Backsplash

    If you love the look of stone, you’ll definitely love this Varana Morengo Stone Look Black Porcelain Tile. It offers the authentic look of stone and the exceptional durability of porcelain. 

    Contemporary Design

    Commercial spaces, workspaces, and loft apartments all benefit from contemporary design. However, in recent years, contemporary tile designs have primarily been used to liven up residential interiors — whether it's the bathroom, living room, kitchen, or bedroom. Subtle sophistication, deliberate use of textures and neutral palettes, as well as clean lines are all hallmarks of contemporary design. It entails adopting features from a variety of interior design ideas in order to represent current trends.

  • Natural stone veined tile designs
  • For contemporary interiors, natural stone-veined tile designs are a must-have. Crafted from the exceptional durability and easy-to-maintain quality of porcelain, stone-look tiles are a favored surface finish. The admirable vein patterns evoke the subtle elegance of glossy marble while reflecting the shine of precious stone. 

    Calacatta Bluette And White Marble Mosaic Tile

    Our Calacatta Bluette And White Marble Stellar Diamond mosaic tile is an excellent way to incorporate natural stone into your kitchen design. The natural veining of this tile makes for a gorgeous display of variation and interest!

    Take inspiration from slightly moody or dramatic decor if you want a rich, contemporary bathroom setting. Dark natural stone tiles are a remarkable option for impressing any guest. Go for neutral colors and natural accents to truly convey a sophisticated mood. Use a cream-colored vanity, a brown wicker chair, and trendy plants in your bathroom. Consider having large windows to let in as much natural light as possible.

  • Speckled terrazzo-look walls
  • It's not surprising to see speckled surfaces in interiors these days, given the current revival of modernist design. Terrazzo-look tiles have a distinct appeal due to their resemblance to many colors scattered on a surface. They appear to be bits of a variety of materials, including glass, granite, marble, and quartz.

     Whatever look you're going for, you'll appreciate how terrazzo-look tile pairs perfectly with subtle neutral hues commonly found in modern interior design, making it a uniquely versatile surface finish for any room. 

    Black And White Terrazzo Tile
    With its trendy look and versatile style, terrazzo porcelain tile is a great choice for your outdoor space. This large-size hexagon tile is perfect for creating a unique flooring look that will elevate your patio or deck. Plus, it's easy to care for and durable enough to withstand even the harshest weather conditions. Give your outdoor living area a stylish makeover with this beautiful White And Black terrazzo hex tile!
  • Classic subway tiles
  • Subway tiles come in a wide range of colors, making them ideal for any space in your house. These tiles, which were first used in NYC subway systems, quickly gained appeal due to their clean appearance and glazed finish. What's more, there's no chance of subway tiles going out of style because of their incredible ability to create a warm atmosphere, and fit well with different other surface finishes.

    Use the tile in white if you want to go for a modest aesthetic that embraces classic style to the fullest. With large windows, striking artwork, and exquisite textures, these tiles stand out even more.

    Rustic Modern Bohemian Living Room with Textured Wooden Beige Honeycomb Hexagon Marble Mosaic Tiled Fireplace Surround

    Here, Textured Wooden Beige Honeycomb Hexagon Marble Mosaic Tile adds an element of intrigue to this neutral living room space, creating a cozy and bright modern farmhouse vibe. These hexagon tiles are perfect for both the floors and walls!

  • Modern Farmhouse
  • Rustic wood, metal, and stripped-down walls are the foundation of modern farmhouse design. This style works best with wood look tiling, especially when matched with neutral base furnishings. It's a straightforward yet captivating style that can be incorporated into almost any space.

  • Modern rustic wood tiles
  • The elegance of soft colors, cozy furnishings, and natural materials are celebrated in modern farmhouse decor. For a casual yet sophisticated look that wonderfully depicts easygoing contemporary living at its best, choose modern rustic wood tiles. Thereafter, introduce natural furnishings and accents into the scheme of things. Rattans, burlaps, woods, and bits of pebble stone colors are a great place to start. The emphasis with modern farmhouse style should be on bringing the outside in. This adaptable design scheme works in a variety of settings, including the bedroom, kitchen, and the living room.

    La Riviera Quetzal Ceramic Subway Tiles

    If you're a sucker for classics but desire a little twist, subway tiles in a herringbone pattern can transform your space in an instant. For a layout that’s contemporary yet striking, La Riviera Quetzal Ceramic Subway Tiles are sure to add graphic appeal. 

  • Glamorous Mother of Pearl tiles
  • Stunning Mother of Pearl Tiles, especially in white, deliver the all-cozy modern farmhouse design that dazzles with character. This delicate-looking tile will bring bright light to even the darkest interiors, providing a pleasant mood ideal for functional spaces such as bathrooms and kitchens. Weave in this exquisite backsplash tile and pair it with natural wood cabinets or more daring vivid hues like navy blue, forest green, or ruby red for an on-trend look. 

  • Herringbone pattern with subway tiles
  • The herringbone pattern is ideal for bringing interest and impact into a plain space that is otherwise uninteresting. The "V" pattern, commonly used on wood-look floors, easily draws the eye in and becomes the focal of the room. Furthermore, subway tiles in a herringbone pattern give an impression of a wider space. As a result, it is great for entryways, hallways, powder rooms, and kitchen pantries with limited space. You can also use herringbone tiles in glass finish for your kitchen backsplash or within your shower area to create a magnificent focal point.

    Wooden Grey Fan Marble Mosaic Tile Fireplace Surround for a Contemporary Living Room
    Create a coastal vibe in your home by infusing your space with colors that are reminiscent of the sea. Pair our Wooden Grey Fan Marble mosaic wood look tile with cool blues and greens for a seaside retreat!
  • Coastal
  • Coastal design is characterized by an abundance of natural materials, as well as decor pieces that emphasize laidback comfort and relaxation. However, don't assume that every coastal style is the same. Depending on the desired look, it can easily have contemporary or traditional influences as long as you maintain a simplistic finish with plenty of natural light and gentle tones inspired by the sea. 

  • Rejuvenating blue sea glass tiles
  • To create a soothing and relaxing coastal vibe, blue is always a fantastic idea!  Sea glass mosaic tiles can help you achieve the style you desire, whether it's a nautical with a dominating navy and white theme or a tone-on-tone look with lighter shades of blue. Infusing seaside charm can also be achieved by installing few glass tiles in a bold blue shade within a white tile shower pattern or spreading bits of them throughout a white floor design. 

    Sea Glass Louvre Blue Mosaic Bathroom Vanity Tile with Brass and Marble Details

    The charming blue variations of Sea Glass Louvre Blue Mosaic Tile makes it an elegant addition to a functional space like the bathroom. Teamed with neutrals and warm metal fittings, it becomes the focal point without overwhelming the space. 

  • Bring in the brights with pebble glass tiles 
  • Brightly colored pebble tile, in tones such as dazzling ocean blues, vivid yellows, or shades of sea green, create the sense of sun-kissed beaches and ocean breezes. If you're in for the look, you can craft your own private retreat with Tile Club's extensive collection of glass mosaic tiles

    In addition, glass tile lends a luminous quality that can create a lovely radiance, and using it in compact rooms adds a sense of spaciousness. White is a common base color for coastal interiors, and while all-white bathrooms and kitchens seem sleek and immaculate, they can feel sterile or stark. Opting for a glass wall tile is a brilliant way to help break up the monotony while maintaining a clean aesthetic. 

    Diamond grey glass pebble mosaic tile 1

  • Keep it classy with porcelain tile
  • For your coastal bathroom or kitchen, you can use a solid-colored porcelain tile. When it comes to color, sea greens and blues, crisp white, or sandy beige are an ideal pick. Weathered, whitewashed, or blonde wood cabinetry for bathrooms and kitchens are a fantastic choice for a laid-back coastal vibe — upholstered cotton linen and burlap, sheer white curtains, and natural fiber rugs all help give living rooms and bedrooms an organic, relaxed finish.

    Additional Design Ideas to Consider for a Trendy yet Timeless Look

  • Take in the splendor of the outdoors 
  • Incorporating elements of the outdoors isn't a new concept in home design. The "transterior" vibe has become more popular as many homeowners are looking to connect their interior environment to nature through biophilic design. Having large glass walls provides an intimate view of the landscape and makes your space feel open and airy.  Inside, make use of earthy neutrals, wood, stone, and organic fabrics in abundance to reflect the colors and textures that are often found in nature.

    • Capture wood's charming and authentic beauty

    Water and real wood are generally not a great combination in wet areas, but that's where wood look tiles come in. These tiles have grown to becoming a favored option for bathroom, kitchen, and laundry room floors, providing a hassle-free, durable, and sustainable alternative to genuine wood. 

    The abundance of texture and character is what makes wood effect tile a great choice for a range of interior design styles.  It has found a way to effortlessly capture the beauty and tactile feel of real timber, resulting in an authentic look that's sure to stand the test of time.

    Introducing black furnishings, accents, or a surface finish to a design scheme is a trick you can use for impact. Not much is needed for a dramatic result – but just the right amount of black can tie a scheme together beautifully and create an enveloping atmosphere. Our Decor Textures Black 11.8" X 47.3" Tile adds a punchy touch when used in repetition or paired with natural wood elements.

  • Embrace darker colors for an enveloping feel
  • Introducing black in interior design will be all the rage in 2022.  Modern black bathrooms, for example, emphasize the use of black as a strong and anchoring hue, but not as the only color. The addition of lighter hues softens black tiles, resulting in a more layered appearance that still maintains its dramatic edge. 

  • Layer different textures for depth and visual interest
  • Introducing different textures is important when designing a visual appealing space — this can mean using contrasting velvets, satins, metallics, and stones to create depth and dimension. Texture in design has expanded beyond soft furnishings as more designers move on to include wall and floor coverings — resulting in a surge for textured tiles.

    Dark and moody kitchen with bardiglio marble subway tile backsplash

    Dark and moody kitchens are a stunning way to create depth to your space. Pair dark painted cabinets with Bardiglio honed marble tiles to create a gorgeous statement kitchen backsplash.

    When applied to the walls of a flat and lifeless room, the textured surface found mostly on frosted tiles can help evoke a sense of visual weight. Additionally, textured tiles are ideal for crafting an accent wall or highlighting the room's architectural feature, where a particular section is intended to stand out or make a statement through contrast with the rest of the scheme.

    Tile club offers an extensive range of tiles; from porcelain and marble to glass and ceramic, perfect for a variety of interior design styles. Whether you’re looking for something subtle to incorporate into your modern design project or bold and eclectic to bring a bit of whimsy to a contemporary setting, we’ve got a tile to match your desired look!

    Be sure to sign up and save on tiles; we can't wait to help you with your upcoming design projects!

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